EB24 #3 Community - The lover concept, who's the EB24 Lover is? Why we change the boosting perspective and more...

We've always wanted to create a community and become more than a service that provides goods and services in LoL. We want to change everyone’s perspective towards the services we do offer, as well as the overall perception of the LoL community. Is it worth, why do we try? Consumers are impressed, so we are. We are doing that for you, living in a different country, probably as well on another continent, speaking in a different language, is that really matter? Shouldn’t we actually be more focused on who we are and why we play the games? Don’t destroy the community, let us operate.. we are here to unite!

We also want to change everyone's perspective. The community and the game provider needs to understand that the services we do offer are meeting market needs. We do actually fulfill our consumers needs and the market itself rewards this kind of services. We know that there's nothing wrong with meeting our community's requirements, because, just like any other skill, what we do is based on the dedication and time we put into it so we can evolve to what we are now.

  • Why create a community? And why on Discord?

We know there is also a hateful meaning when talking about “community”, for example, we know the League of Legends community can be very toxic and hateful. We know it also happens on some Discord servers but we also believe that our Discord server is the right place to connect everyone. Why Discord exactly? Because Discord is more complex and more direct when it comes to creating a “gaming” community compared with other social media. Discord gives you the option to stay anonymous and in the same time able to share your gaming experience with other fellow players, talk with them on chat or with microphone, listen to music together, participate in events, it gives you so many options! It's also connected with a lot of games and even has its own store for games so it's totally the right place for us to group our community!

  • What makes EB24 Discord different from others?

We don't like hateful/toxic environments and also everyone can participate, staff will reach you anytime you want, we want to talk with you because we're all a community and we all like League! Our server is now a Nitro server and so we have done a lot of changes on our discord server such as:

- We changed our Discord server name [1],

Illustration [1]: Image of the new name.

- We changed our entrance channel so now you'll have our MEE6 bot greeting you! [2]

Illustration [2]: Image of the entrance channel.

- We've made some updates on our welcome channel so you don't lose track of all the changes. [3]

Illustration [3]: Image of the welcome channel.

- We created the EB24Lover rank (we will be talking about it in a moment). [4]

Illustration [4]: Image of the eb24lovers channel.

- We have also created the Nitro Boosters rank (will also be explained in a moment). [5]

Illustration [5]: Image of the nitro-boosters channel.

- We also added a channel where you can talk about the community games and the achievements when playing with us. [6]

Illustration [6]: Image from one of the fun sessions.

- Now you will have a new channel on the marketplace section that will display only the hottest deals from EB24 accounts and from EB24 Verified Sellers so if you are looking for an account, you can check those with discounts first. [7]

Illustration [7]: Image of the marketplace-hotdeals channel.

- With a growing community, we also have new community admins that will be helping us guiding all our community along with the staff. You can also reach them any time since they are always online on the EB24 channels chatting and having fun! [8]

  • EB24Lover? How can I be an EB24Lover?

To be an EB24Lover it's simple. All you need to do is login into our Discord server from your account on our website.

  • And how about Nitro Boosters? Can I be one? What do I get?

Yes, you do. To become a Nitro Booster you'll have to pay for Nitro on Discord (Here's how you can do it: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028038352-Server-Boosting) and you'll be able to get rewards from us. The rewards are:

- An EB24 unranked account with a personalized name,

- An EB24Lovers GIF avatar for you to use on our discord server. [8]

Illustration [8]: EB24Lovers GIF image.

We are very happy with the results so far and having a lot of fun with our small (but still growing) community! We also want to update you that this discord server can also be used to talk about boosting in case you need anything, any type of assistance with your order or any doubt, you can always reach the staff to help you out! We are also present on other social media that I am sure you'll love to follow and get more exclusive content, exclusive discounts, and concepts! Check below:

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