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EB24 about Valorant #2 - Introducing Valorant Boosting

VALORANT has already launched this month and we are already working on getting all the new sections ready for you! EB24 is working hard on this new project and we would like to announce to you that VALORANT Boosting is coming soon! Don’t worry, we will give you all the details below.


  • ·        What will EB24 provide about VALORANT Boosting?

EB24 will have multiple VALORANT Boosting services! The services are:


1. Rank Boosting:

VALORANT Ranked Boosting is very simple to understand. You pay to get your account from a specific tier to another one and we will do it!

There are 2 types of services for this VALORANT Boosting option: Solo Boosting and Duo Boosting.

If you select for a Solo Boosting, you’ll have to give your account info and a booster will log in on your account and get to the tier you paid for. In case you selected Duo Boosting, aside from the Coaching element that Duo Boosting includes, you will be able to schedule and play with the booster to get to your desired tier!


2. Placements Matches:

Placement Matches are the first 5 ranked games you do on your account. As Ranked VALORANT Boosting, you will be able to select for Solo Boosting or Duo Boosting.

On the VALORANT Placement Boosting, we guarantee 4 wins out of 5 games or 70%-win rate if you purchase less than 4 games! In case we provide a lower win rate, we will compensate you. The compensations will vary on the case:

- If you purchase 5 games and we perform lower than 4 wins out of it, we will give you one free division,

- If you purchased 4 or fewer matches, we will compensate you with the same amount of losses that the booster did as win boosting games. For example, if he lost 2 out of 4 games, he will give you 2 wins as compensation.


3. Win Boosting:

When you buy a Win Boosting service, you pay for a certain number of wins and we will provide those.

This VALORANT Boosting option is very straightforward: If the booster loses any game, he has to provide you an extra win.


4. Unrated Matches:

Unrated Matches can be used also for Spike Rush, the new game mode, and you pay for a number of games. Pay attention that, the number of games doesn’t mean that all the games you pay for will be wins. If you pay for 5 games, the booster will play 5 games, not looking at the win rate even though he will play to win all the 5 games you paid for. You can use this service to boost your VALORANT Battle Pass or simply to have some fun with a booster, in case you purchase for the Duo Boosting type of service.


  • ·         “Can I test it before buying?”

Yes! You’ll be able to claim a FREE match of VALORANT Boosting to test our services and see for yourself that you can be part of our community and get the best of both worlds, a great community, and professional service! Don’t waste more time and claim your FREE Match of VALORANT Boosting!


  • ·         How to apply to be VALORANT Booster?

For those who want a job as VALORANT Booster, we’re recruiting! You can apply on our website (CLICK HERE!). Be ready to be evaluated and tested at all levels of professionalism and gameplay! We will only accept those who prove to be worth working on our Boosting team. Apply now and prove yourself!


  • ·         Why should you buy VALORANT Boosting from EB24?

As you saw above and already all over our website, we work with professionals and we are very strict with our rules and services. We want to always provide the best service and let you know that you are part of our Family, the EB24 Family! We are a community that helps each other and wants to create a greater good for the Gaming community. We are very friendly and all our regular customers and new-comers also appreciate the sympathy and the caring that we provide, aside from the skill and the time we take to get our services done. We want to create a community and service that is recognized for its skill, loving, caring, and speed.

As a caring community, we have a Discord Server! You can join (CLICK HERE TO JOIN!) and share what you love and your opinion on VALORANT or even League of Legends and TFT if you’re also a fan of it! We’re always opened to new ideas and suggestions, wanting to have good conversations, and having a good time!


  • ·         Learn more about the game!

We know VALORANT is still new and many of you don’t know exactly everything about the game and that is why we’ve created a blog post introducing VALORANT! You have everything about the game, its agents, and their abilities! Make sure you check it out first so you learn more about the game! GO HERE to find the blog post!