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EB24Tips #2 - Is playing with a premade better? Will it make you improve

    EB24Tips has been very attractive for those who want to improve, not only their pc efficiency, what specs and settings to disable or enable but to also the in-game strategies and factors that can get you climbing the ladder way faster!

    This week, we will talk about a different subject from last week, not related to any settings nor pc efficiency but about communication and strategy! We will talk about going duo, with only one friend for soloq or a couple of them for flex queue, will it affect your in-game performance? Will it make you win more games? If yes, why and how does it affect it? Let's do it in parts and talk about the main advantages you have when going with a premade:

  • Communication

Communication is the key for everything and by going with a premade, whether a friend or just a random that you just got to know in one of your games that played very well with you, it is always an advantage towards the enemy team and why? Because you can be more coordinative and speak on discord or skype and shot call your plays way more easily!

  • Strategy

By going with a premade, you can build a strategy before the game starts and either pick champions that have the best synergy or are the best together and play around your picks and calls. This way you can get a much higher chance of winning if you get a plan on how to play the game, for example, going the special strategy of Lulu Mid and Twitch Jungle, you secure a lot of advantages because you have a very strong strategy that can win you the game just by making it way easier to get a snowball on the early game! With a premade, you can go for crazy picks and still win because you picked your best champions and you know you can count on your premade to help you out getting that win in less time than going solo! Or for example, going mid or top with a premade that plays jungler? You will have a tent on your lane for sure because your premade will surely try to snowball you first than any other lane!

  • Probability of Trolls

When going premade, the chances of having more afk's or trolls are bigger on the opposite team because you and your premade are 2 which makes it 1 less player afk or troll than in a solo game because you know that your friend will not afk or troll your game which makes the opposite team have a bigger chance to have a troll of afk. Playing with another person always helps because by being both people winning and helping each other, even if the rest of the team is having a bad time, most of the games you can pull out a come back and win and it won't make them go afk or troll since there is still hope for a victory at the end of the game.

  • Synergy

The synergy between you and your premade are bigger due to being together and already know each other play style and you can always help each other. By having a high synergy, it can lead to more safety and trust in game so you know when your premade shot-calls a play, you can back it up and he will not let you down and you can go for a kill or an objective being stronger together than when going on a solo game and one of your teammates shot calls something and then lets you die because it was a bad idea or he just didn't want to help you and let you die. By having synergy with your premade, these things don't happen and if you die, your friend will kill the opponent and taking the objective both shot-called making it worth dying for!

    Always to communicate and get the best out of the games because you have way more advantages than the enemy team and it can make you win way more games, not only in quantity but in time too, in less time you can win one game with a premade than going alone for a game! So the question is: Going duo, is it better? The answer is YES. With the right tools and right premade, you can win way more games than going solo, you just need to help each other and focus on communicating because the odds are already on your side, you just need to play with them and get your juicy “Victory” screen at the end of the game.

    This was it for this week for the EB24Tips but don't worry, we will be back next week and in case you want to learn more about how to improve or even test it yourself by going with a premade, you can always purchase a Duo Boosting service and join one of our boosters to help you see how much easier it is to go duo with someone and climb faster! If you prefer to just learn or have more questions about this subject or any other subject related to league or boosting, you can always reach us on our Live Chat or Discord Server and now you can also interact with us on our Facebook Group, we are there to talk about everything you want related to League more than related to Boosting, check the Group here.