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Community Updates

Eloboоst24 now has a Facebook Group!

    Eloboost24 is expanding its way to create the biggest community possible! We lose what we do and love our customers and boosters and so we would like to introduce you to our Facebook Group!

    This Facebook Group won't be only for boosting related events and posts but about League of Legends content mostly! We want to interact with everyone and know your opinion on multiple subjects, from patch notes to competitions like MSI or Worlds! This group has multiple functionalities such as:

  • Patch Notes

We want to discuss the patch notes each time something new comes out! We want to talk about new strategic builds or champions that got buffed or nerfed. Tell us your opinion about it and find the best solution for your main that got nerfed but there are a few items that might help him still be strong or help you find new runes for your main role, we want to know your opinion about everything and of course, about the new skins too!

  • Professional Competitions

We want to talk about who will win the MSI or Worlds this year, who do you think it's the best team or who's your favorite? Who do you think it's the best pro player or who's having the best performance so far? We like to see the different opinions and likes from everyone and compare it, we might even do some kind of event with it, who knows?

  • Boosting related questions

Of course, even talking about all League of Legends related things, you can always ask us any question you would like about our services, we will assist you and provide you the best solution! You can even discuss changes you would like to see on the website, such as something on the dashboard you would like to change or have it on a certain way or add a new language to the website, we are always opened to new ideas and updates on how to improve!

  • Events related to the website (Promotions, offers, etc.)

Of course, you will be updated of all events and promotions we will have just like on our Facebook Page, we want to keep you updated of everything so you can always grab our latest promotions or events!

  • Communication

This Group will also make it easier for you to reach us and let us know what you need, we can provide you more information about your order or about an issue you are having with your order or any payment method. It can also be used to let us know questions and be closer to us like we want to be closer to you! Ask us anything and we will make sure to hear from you and reply to you!

  • Update of issues

As I said, we want to keep you updated of anything so any time the website is down or we need to warn you about any type of bug or issue that needs to be fixed or has been fixed already, you will also be updated on the Group, this way you don't need to worry of why something happens or why the website is down, we will let you know right away!

  • Funny posts

League isn't League without some memes! We will post and you can post too! Memes you find around on the internet and want to share because that happens to everyone and it's so funny or even a crazy skilled play you did, we are excited to see too! Anything funny or skilled that you want to share with us, we will see and let you know our opinion and of course, you will also hear the opinion of all of the other members from the group that will cheer you up as well! We are a big community so let's treat us all right and have fun!

    The Group will have these main reasons and factors in mind so you can have fun, be professional and also discuss anything you want! Eloboost24 is very excited to see what will come from our big community and also cheer you up every time you pass by! You can also follow us on our Facebook page or on our Discord Server, we have everything for you to always be in touch with us and there are no excuses!