Is League of Legends the best MOBA

The MOBA genre is very popular nowadays and it has been like that for a very long time. And as a result, there are lots of cool games in the genre that have tens of thousands or sometimes even millions of players. League of Legends is definitely one of the most popular titles in this group. But is it the best one out there? Let’s find out through a series of points!

Player base

When it comes to the player base, League of Legends is certainly the first in any MOBA list. It has 60+ million players per month. As a result, it’s very easy to find games to play at any given hour during the day or night. That alone means it’s a game you can play competitively and just enjoy your time with it.


There are more than 130 champions in League of Legends, and new ones are added all the time. So it’s always great to come back and improve your skills with a champion or maybe try out new champions. Either way you are bound to have a great time with it, and that’s exactly what you want to consider in this regard.


Although it has one of the largest player base out there, unfortunately, the League of Legends community can be a bit negative or even toxic at times, given its extremely competitive nature. You will find some friendly people, but unless you are playing with your friends in a team, it can be a bit tricky to find good teammates.

While on this subject, you should know that League of Legends takes toxicity very seriously, and you can get reported and/or suspended/banned for some of the most random statements and remarks, granted of course, they aren't actually negative or toxic. In such cases, you can always seek out the help of a service that can help you recover your account if it's been banned from LoL.


The game map is great and it offers a lot of ways for you to explore new options. The challenge with League of Legends is that it always pushes the boundaries and it can have a rather difficult gameplay most of the time. That doesn’t mean it’s the toughest MOBA out there. But it can be very hard and it certainly takes a bit of getting used to.


Just like any other game, League of Legends has its fair share of bugs, although, the developers did a very good job at ironing those out. Overall, it’s really nice to see new updates and new content being added to the game at quite an often pace.

Ranked mode

The ranked gameplay is actually quite solid in League of Legends. It does a very good job at ranking you adequately and you are bound to reach a great rank if your gameplay improves. It’s a fair ranking system and one of the best for this type of games, however, in the event of you wanting to take a shortcut once you’re familiar with the game, you can always try getting a LoL boost.

All in all, I think it's safe to say that League of Legends is the best MOBA game. Despite its competition being very good and following it close, League of Legends is definitely here to stay, and it showed that throughout the many similar genre releases that were meant to surpass it.

However, some of League's constant improvement can also be attributed to its competitors, as the more competition there is, the better League becomes in terms of quality of life changes, updates and champions.

Lastly, whether it’s the best for you or not, that all comes down to personal preference, but you need to at least try it and see for yourself!


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