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Community Updates

The contest is over and we already know who won!

Eloboost24 worked hard to make this contest happen and we are very excited to announce that the contest is over and we already have the winners of it! We are very happy that we are ablçe to interact and create these contests and make our community even bigger! Our main goal is to make everyone happy and enjoy our presence!

We also have a small surprise... We know there can only be 3 winners but since we had so many participants and everyone was so hyped and excited that we will also give 2 extra prizes to the 4th and 5th people, the rewards will be a Free Elo Boost with an equivalent of 15 EUR or USD depending on the server of the participants! Very cool right? So let's now announce who are winners for the main contest!

1st Place - theonlysolution (EUW)

2nd Place – ian_van_trigt (NA)

3rd Place - loladri22 (OCE)

Now for the smaller contest for the prize of a Free Elo Boost with an equivalent of 15 EUR/USD, the winners are:

4th Place - jirallxd (LAN)

5th Place - marco86_official (EUW)

Congratulations to everyone! We're sad that we can't reward all the participants but we are very happy with our first contest and we promise you to come back with more contests in the future so stay tuned! Make sure to follow us on Instagram, like our Facebook page and join our Discord Server to be always updated on new activities with us!