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Everything you need to know about League of Legends Mastery

Welcome to the Masteries in League of Legends - What You Need to Know guideline. The purpose of this guide is to help players unlock their potential to achieve a desired mastery level while playing LoL. This guide will factor in what players need to learn when it comes to their progression in the quest to achieve champion mastery

In League of Legends, a champion mastery keeps track of a player's progression of a particular champion. This focus is poured into the champion's experience levels, familiarity, and skill. Your quest to achieve the highest level in League of Legends masteries will take you as high as mastery level 7.

You and your champion start with zero mastery points. This will change as you win games and earn champion points. These are then applied to your champion's level as you work on ranking it up to new tier-based LoL mastery levels.

To rank up, you need to craft a Mastery Badge from the following list of items; Blue Essence, Hextech Crafting, and Mastery tokens. How fast you collect these, as well as champion points, will depend on how well you perform in the games you've played.

League of Legend Masteries: What You Need to Know

After completing every game, players will be graded according to their performance. Those grades are: S+, S, S-, A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, and D-.

When starting with your chosen champion, you start at ground zero. This will change once you start playing League of Legends as you will get a certain amount of points based on whatever grade you earn after finishing a match. Naturally, the better your performance is, the better grade the character will get.

It's even better when you have a premade party as you will have more members to work with. Team performance will give your designated LoL champion a higher percentage of mastery points. Ranking up from level 0 to 5 is a relatively easy task to accomplish, as long as you stick with the same character.

Each time your champion's mastery level increases, you will receive a different design on your badge. Once you've hit mastery level 5, playing LoL starts to become more interesting.

As soon as your champion has earned enough League of Legends mastery points to reach level 5, you will need to exercise a solid strategy to advance to mastery levels 6 and 7. The more familiar you are with your champion and its skills and abilities, the easier it will be for you to take advantage of the game's progression system and earn the League's highest mastery.

Masteries League of Legends: Achieving Champion Mastery Levels

First, you will observe your champion's mastery level and CP (champion points) each time you access your profile. From here, you see your champion and its icon. If you have three or more, the top 3 will appear.

You will also learn what your mastery level LoL score is based on the sum of all levels for your unlocked champions. From here, find out which character is the closest to a summoner mastery level. On average, it takes players about fifteen to thirty games to level through the first five League of Legends mastery levels.

Level 4 is the highest unlock mastery level for free week champions. To continue reaching for the highest mastery league score, you need to own your champion. This was described by Riot Games as part of its policy.

Mastery Level League of Legends: The Road to Level 7 Mastery

According to the mastery points LoL setup, the best grade your specific champion can hope for is S+. This isn't easy to get, as this is only rewarded to champions who have dominated the competition during in-game matches.

Ideally, every champion should strive for either Grade S or S-, especially after reaching level 5 mastery. This is important if you wish to upgrade your champion to level 6. You need at least two S- grades to rank up from levels 5 to 6.

After achieving champion mastery 6, it will need at least three S or S+ grades to move up to level 7 mastery. This is the highest LoL level after earning enough LoL mastery points to reach this plateau. However, as important as the S grades are, so is the need to have enough Blue Essence for a champion's ability to proceed to mastery 6 and 7.

Mastery League of Legends: Blue Essence - Champion Points (CP)

To unlock champions as high as League of Legends mastery 7, you need Blue Essence to unlock the mastery system leading to level 6 and 7 masteries in LoL. As soon as you reach summoner level 5, this is where you unlock a champion mastery. However, to earn these you need to play in normal/ranked games in Summoner's Rift and ARAM.

The climb to Masteries LoL level 5 starts with the collection of champion points. You accrue these after completing a game with a particular champion. This can be influenced by team performance as well as your performance as a player.

Champion points are earned for completing a game with a particular champion. Earning CP will allow you to gain Mastery Levels (up to level 5) with that champion and earn rewards as you progress. Points are based on your performance, your team's performance, the length of the game, win vs. loss, and a few other factors.

You can see how much CP you earn at the end of each game. When competing as a team with other players in a match, the bigger the premade team is the better. This leads to a better bonus and better loot.

After earning enough league mastery points to reach level 5, you need Blue Essence to unlock rewards. Those rewards will lead to Lol Masteries 6 after spending 2,450 Blue Essence. After that, you'll need to earn and spend 2,950 Blue Essence to achieve level 7 as the highest mastery in League.

LoL Summoner Mastery Grade

Upon the completion of each game, you can view your summoner's stats by hovering over the champion mastery point score bar. You'll see an overview of the grade it earned based on its performance. These grades reveal your champion's playstyle.

According to the patch history regarding League masteries, the grading system was a new way for players to enjoy one of Riot's most popular online games.  Just like champion points, grades are based on a percentage system as it evaluates every player before sending them to the post-game lobby.

Champion Mastery Points - Summoner Game Modes

Starting at mastery level 4, champions will begin getting rewards such as an announcement banner, a mastery badge emote, and a loading screen border.  The badges allow players to have their champions show off in-game while loading screens reveal a banner next to your champion's splash. Meanwhile, the announcement banners reveal whenever you or a player on your team has killed an opponent. It also reveals whoever performed the kill is playing a champion that's ranked at level 4 or higher.

Level 5 is the highest in LoL for players to utilize champion mastery in all matchmaking queues with Summoner's Rift normal mode, ranked mode, ARAM, and all rotating game modes. After this, earning Blue Essence tokens takes place in Summoner's Rift normal/ranked games and ARAM.

Patch History Notes

When it comes to online gaming, especially in a massive multiplayer format, there is a constant need to do server and system updates. The changes for respective games like LoL can range from minor to major. Gaming giants like Riot Games keep fueling the fandom, but they may also need to find ways to win over a new audience.

Whenever playing a title as popular as League of Legends, competition to be the best will be very high. There is also a high risk of cheaters and hackers who continue to exploit games like these to their advantage. Their dedication to being the best is just as tenacious as honest gamers who relish the grind in their quest to earn the highest mastery score LoL has to offer.

Each time Riot Games announces a patch of any kind, even minor ones, players have to adapt. These changes can include different levels of power for each champion affected, as well as spell effects, champion shards, and tier levels. It's not uncommon to equip a new champion and start the process of scaling it up so it can become eligible enough to get the highest mastery LoL has to offer.

Rank Up - Unlock Champion Status

For beginners, the best method to achieve the highest mastery points in League of Legends is to choose a champion and run it to earn at least three mastery levels. The champion mastery system grades and scores every champion based on how the player chooses to play it. As soon as your first champion reaches either level three or four, take the time to invest in a second one and follow the same procedure.

There are over 150 options available for players to puzzle their ideal champion together. To get your hands on the ideal champion, learn the core mechanics of the game first. Basic training will help you familiarize yourself with the game before deciding what role works best for you.

If you're a beginner, Garen would probably be your best champion going into the top lane. While there, champions are isolated on their own. Garen excels as a self-sufficient option who has a solid resistance and healing score that will help you outlast the opposition. Garen is a big, tough guy and is outsized only by his sword. He is a well-balanced champion who is just as strong on offense as he is on defense.

Ideally, you want two champions and for them to be different from each other. This way, whenever Riot Games makes updates, you have a choice between either champion you want to continue running with. This serves as your insurance policy if an update messes with one of your summoners, reducing its ability to improve or get champion status.

Unlock Champion Mastery in LoL

The highest mastery points LoL offers aren't an achievement players earn overnight. It takes time, diligence, and training. That's why there are boosters and coaches in place to help improve a player's gaming experience with titles such as League of Legends.

When your best attempt to figure out how to play like a champion doesn't seem to be good enough, don't be shy to reach out to gamers who are more experienced with League than you. Unlike cheaters and hackers, boosters and coaches choose not to exploit the game for nefarious purposes. Their love for the game encourages them to help other players realize their full potential with at least one of the champions they have chosen for themselves. Boosters can also help with Teamfight Tactics boosting, LOL ranked placement as well as LOL account boost. You can also ask for the Valorant game booster level.