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League of Legends Challenges Boosting Service

The newest edition to the League of Legends gaming universe is Challenges. It’s also the newest boosting and coaching service provided by Eloboost24. If you’re looking to take on Challenges to accomplish more than the average player, then our team’s boosting services may be the answer for you.

About Challenges by League of Legends

What are League of Legends Challenges? LoL’s Challenges allow players to achieve unique objectives and enhance the customization opportunities of their profiles. Marked as Challenge Points, a player completes a series of tasks while playing the game. These Challenge Points accumulate from finishing individual objectives on a Challenge Card. These are added up as contributors to your Crystal rank and Challenge-group Capstones.

Challenge Cards build up to a group’s Capstone Challenge. The only way to fully master a Capstone Challenge is to complete all the other challenges within the group. Once the Challenge Points, Capstones, and Categories are added up together, you earn your Crystal rank.

These Challenges have five categories;

  • Collection: Collect cosmetics and engaging with loot.

  • Expertise: Skillfully outmatching your opponents.

  • Imagination: Focuses on game modes and innovative plays.

  • Teamwork & Strategy: Focused on teamplay tactics.

  • Veterancy: Focuses on lifetime stats.

There’s also Legacy, a category that focuses on season-based accomplishments and previous achievements that can no longer be obtained. However, they don’t contribute to your overall Challenge and it won’t level up as a category.

The way Challenge works is by its Token. This is a unique icon that represents a challenge and its current rank. Tokens are at the center of each Challenge Card and are listed by name and what it needs for completion. You can equip up to three tokens, which are displayed on your profile and in the Lobby and Loading screens.

League of Legends: Challenges Boosting Benefits

As a service, Eloboost24 can help you achieve your League of Legends Challenge goals. Their expert team works with you to build those Challenge Points and Capstones as you strive towards specific goals. Maybe these goals include earning Titles, a special name earned by leveling certain challenges to specific tiers. These can be chosen between any of the titles you’ve unlocked.

Maybe you’re striving for either the Master or Grandmaster tier levels. To rank in Grandmaster, you need to be in the top twenty-five percent of players who’ve also achieved this coveted LoL threshold. Maybe you wish to reach Challenger, which features the top five percent of players in the game.

What the EB24 team helps you accomplish with its boosting service is to do more than just achieve your goals. It will help you better understand how LoL’s Challenge works.

Eloboost24’s LoL Challenges Services

LoL Challenges Boosting Breakdown

The breakdown of Eloboost24’s boosting services features the following;

  • Conquerer’s Path: Decimator, Double Decimation, Pentakiller, Bloodthirsty

  • Mastermind’s Route: All-Seeing, Guardian Angel, Flawless, Overwhelming Presence

  • Lone Warrior’s Journey: Solo Carry, Unkillable Demon King, Untouchable, Player Diff

  • Hero’s Odyssey: Wonder Child, Prodigy, Legendary Legend, Lightning Round

  • Unity’s Challenge: Party Crasher, Guardian, Aram Eradication, Lightning Round

Let’s look further into what Eloboost24’s boosting services can do for you. There are misconceptions that it’s a form of cheating. In reality, nothing can be further from the truth. We’re here to debunk the myths about boosting and expose the truth.

Exposing Truths About Boosting

As a service, boosting in games like LoL, including its Challenges feature, shares the same common traits as one motorist helping another motorist get out of a stranded situation. Instead of using cables that go from one vehicle to another to give it the jumpstart it needs, boosters in the gaming industry play the games they were tasked to complete. Contrary to certain beliefs, boosting is not a form of cheating.

The difference between boosting and cheating is like night and day. What cheaters do is exploit whatever weaknesses they can find in a game for their benefit. They do this at the expense of the developers who put the game together, as well as the players. Cheaters are like car thieves. They seize whatever they can get their hands on and destroy it. For them, it’s fun to expose their weaknesses and see how far they can go before getting caught.

As for boosters, instead of exploiting a game’s weakness, they learn how to use its platform legitimately. This means they learn how to adapt according to the game’s mechanics by exercising sound strategy that works. These strategies include understanding how to play like a real champion without resorting to cheating whatsoever.

Now, does this mean boosters are performing a cheat by helping a player go from ordinary to extraordinary? The answer to that question is no, it does not. Boosters offer players an opportunity to better understand the game so they can enjoy it more. Eloboost24’s team also understands there’s more to life than just gaming.

Boosters Are Helpers, Not Cheaters

Sometimes, competitive players don’t have as much time on their hands as they’d like to play games like LoL and maintain a decent ranking in the top leaderboards. In a way, sometimes boosters behave like substitutes for the most competitive players in the game who need to take a break for whatever reason. Is this considered cheating?

Again, the answer to that is no because the game isn’t being exploited for its weaknesses. All a booster is doing here is lending a helping hand and nothing more. It’s no different than two people sharing the same console where one can play during the daytime and the other plays at night. Both play the same character as one account but do so without resorting to hacks and other dubious methods.

Boosters also help stuck players become unstuck. They offer a service that helps players do more than just boost their performance in a game as competitive as League of Legends, including its Challenges mode. Boosters also boost a player’s enjoyment of such games by helping them better understand how to legitimately play like a champion. If anything, boosters also boost a game’s overall enjoyment for all players involved as they strive for a winning environment that everybody can benefit from.

Eloboost24’s LoL Challenge

By tapping into the Eloboost24 roster of professional boosters and coaches for games like LoL and its Challenges features, you’re also tapping into unlocking your full potential as a winning player. While there are many boosting services for players to choose from, EB24’s reputation speaks for itself on review sites such as Trustpilot. There’s a decade’s worth of positive reviews shared by previous and current clients who’ve used our services.

We offer Challenge Boosting for the following Challenges:

- Decimator
"Get 2 Pentakills in a single game"
Requires 1 token only.

- The Disrespect
"Do at least 2000 damage and destroy the enemy nexus while outnumbered by enemy champions"
Requires 1 token only.

- ARAM Eradication
"Get Pentakills in ARAM"
Requires 1 token only.

- Solo Carry
"Deal 40% or more of your team's damage to champions in ARAM"
Requires 1 token only.

- Unkillable Demon King
"Win games without dying and at least 30% kill participation"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Untouchable/Can't Touch This
"Win ARAM games without being killed by an enemy champion (you can still be executed)"
Requires 2 tokens.

- Double Decimation
"Get two Pentakills in a single ARAM game"
Requires 1 token only.

"Get Pentakills"
Requires 2 tokens.

- All-seeing
"Have over 2 vision score per minute"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Guardian Angel/That Was Close
"Save an ally with a heal or shield"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Flawless/Flawless Victory
"Win Perfect Games, where the opposite team gets no kills, no dragons, no Rift Heralds or Barons, and destroys no turrets"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Player Diff
"Win games queues as Fill, where you play the position you filled into"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Party Crasher/Fashionably Late
"Get takedowns after teleporting into a fight involving 4 or more champions"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Bloodthirsty
"Get First Bloods"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Overwhelming Presence
"As a laner, in a single game, get kills before 10 minutes outside your lane (anyone but your lane opponent)
Requires multiple tokens.

- Legendary Legend
"Become Legendary (8-0 kill streak)"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Prodigy
"Become Legendary (8-0 kill streak) within 15 minutes"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Lightning Round

"Win ARAM games before 13 minutes have passed"
Requires multiple tokens.

- ARAM Legend
"Go Legendary (8-0 kill streak) in ARAM games"
Requires multiple tokens.

Eloboost24’s LoL challenge for you is to do your homework. Check out the reviews before you move forward with a boosting service of any kind. Even contact us to ask questions should you have any.


League of Legends Challenges Boosting Service
EB24Picks - The Best Unusual Duo Bot lane combinations - Part 5
League of Legends

EB24Picks - The Best Unusual Duo Bot lane combinations - Part 5

    The picks will continue its saga until the end! EB24Picks is back and we know you loved it so here's another one for the collection! This week we won't be doing the same as the other EB24Picks parts.

    This week we will talk about some unusual bot lane combinations that work pretty well. We will explain why it is good and why do they synergize so well. Also we'll have a small surprise and talk about the new champion, Yuumi and her main characteristics and let you know who are the best and worst AD Carries who can join the bot lane with Yuumi, so stay tuned!

    So let's get started, as we all know, on the past seasons there were a few changes on the bot lane and the AD Carries were weak for a while. Even though they are better now, there's still a lot of new combinations that are being played on the bot lane that actually work pretty well such as:

  • Sona + Taric

This combination was even played on professional competitions like MSI and had both good and bad results, but for soloQ this combination has a really good win rate.

This strategy is very strong because of all the sustain that both champions have and the tremendous CC chain they have together and even without an AD Carry, they can scale so well and have so much peel during team fights that the enemy won't have a chance. Sona builds AP items such as Lich Bane and Seraphs Embrace, she deals so much damage and stays unkillable with Taric protecting her with his Ultimate and shields/heals.

  • Lux + Xerath

This combination is great for your opponents to be under turret because Xerath and Lux have a really good range on their abilities with a lot of poke pressure. Of course, they synergize even better because of their slows and stuns. If one of them hits their CC, the other can just follow up and keep the CC chain, get a kill or more out of a fight. During the mid game, you can't push against them because they have a lot of wave clear and won't give you a chance to even group as a team and push a turret.

  • Mordekaiser + Engage Support

Mordekaiser is extremely good with engage champions such as Blitz, Thresh or Nautilus. The best of this combo is the burst damage they have together. What you need to do is wait until you have level 3 and all-in the enemy with your enormous damage! The fact that he can use his ultimate on drakes helps a lot because it's like extra heralds that he can have and it helps pushing a lot of turrets and have a lot of pressure on the map. This strategy is awesome for early game plays and to end the game fast!

    All these great combinations have such a great synergy because of sustain or poke or even because of the pressure they have on the early game! All these combinations are very good and have great win rates since they are so broken, try for yourself and you'll see!

    Now it's time for our surprise so let's talk about Yuumi, the Magical Cat! As you have probably seen in-game, she is a really supportive champion that can be very helpful since she can heal, stun with her ultimate and slow the enemy! But Yuumi can't be played with any AD Carry since she is a very specific champion and has a specific kit that is only good for champions that can stand on their own, since she can just use her W on the AD Carry and she doesn't auto, she can only use her Q which does damage but not as much as having one Lux or Sona support. The best champions to join bot lane with Yuumi are champions like Tristana or Ezreal that can sustain themselves with jumps and have a way to farm from a far distance. Yuumi isn't good with champions like Ashe or Varus or even Kalista because they have a lot of CC but they don't actually have much damage to be able to take care of the lane when Yuumi is just attached to them. Yuumi is a champion that compliments the AD Carry so that's why she is best with AD's that are already good by themselves.

    And this is it for this week's EB24Picks! We hope you liked it, we love you all and we want to appreciate all the support and love from you towards our work! And don't forget: in case you want to learn more about any of these combinations or more about Yuumi, you can always purchase a coaching session and you will get all the tips and tricks of any of these combinations! If you prefer to simply get to play with a booster and try one of these strategies you can also buy a duo boosting service and we will pair you with the best boosters that do these strategies!


Eloboost24 and MSI - The results of Group Stage and predictions for Semi-Finals/Finals

Eloboost24 and MSI - The results of Group Stage and predictions for Semi-Finals/Finals

    As you know Eloboost24 is a boosting company of League of Legends and so League always has competitions and tournaments for those who are really really good and have on the top of the ladder every season.

    On this blog post, we will talk about the MSI, the Mid-Season Invitational tournament, this tournament is the second biggest aside from the World Championship which is the main one that happens at the end of each season.

    On the MSI of this year, the Group Stage had the following teams, the respective region they are from and the results:

  • Invictus Gaming (China): 9W - 1L

  • SK Telecom T1 (South Korea): 7W – 3L

  • G2 Esports (Europe): 5W – 5L

  • Team Liquid (North America): 4W – 6L

  • Flash Wolves (Taiwan): 2W – 7L

  • Phong Vũ Buffalo (Vietnam): 2W – 8L

    This season the event was very exciting, Invictus Gaming won the World Championship last season and the performance this season is still on point! SKT is right behind and a lot of fans are expecting this year to see SKT on the World Championship against Invictus, fingers are crossed that it becomes a reality because these two teams are the strongest so far but who knows what the season will bring us!

    The Group Stage ended up with the results stated above and now the semifinals will take place which will take place on 17 and 18 May 2019, in Taipei, Taiwan. The teams that will head to the semi-finals are Invictus Gaming, SK Telecom T1, G2 Esports, and Team Liquid. The winners of each match will face each other in the finals on 19 May 2019. Here are the matchups for the semi-finals:

  • Invictus Gaming vs Team Liquid (17 May 2019)

  • SK Telecom T1 vs G2 Esports (18 May 2019)

    What are the predictions for these semi-finals? A few experts have a bet on Invictus winning vs Team Liquid and SKT winning vs G2 Esports on the best of 5 but these are just predictions. As I said, these 2 teams are the best now so the predictions might be correct at this point!

    But who will win? That is a different story... In fact, it's a really hard question but Eloboost24 is betting on Invictus winning the best of 5 with 3-2, even though we wouldn't be surprised if SKT wins the tournament! Only the time can say who will win! But our predictions are said and we trust them, would you say the same?

    MSI is one of the best tournaments but not as good as our promotions! Stay tuned for tomorrow because we will bring MSI into our website and you know what will come with it?  That's right! A promotion! So keep yourself updated and don't lose this amazing promotion tomorrow! But as always you can get any
type of service from us and be served from a booster on a professional level as well! And also, if you want to discuss more about the MSI, make sure to join our Facebook Group and leave a like on our Facebook Page, join us and we can discuss everything with you!


The contest is over and we already know who won!
Eloboоst24 now has a Facebook Group!

Eloboоst24 now has a Facebook Group!

    Eloboost24 is expanding its way to create the biggest community possible! We lose what we do and love our customers and boosters and so we would like to introduce you to our Facebook Group!

    This Facebook Group won't be only for boosting related events and posts but about League of Legends content mostly! We want to interact with everyone and know your opinion on multiple subjects, from patch notes to competitions like MSI or Worlds! This group has multiple functionalities such as:

  • Patch Notes

We want to discuss the patch notes each time something new comes out! We want to talk about new strategic builds or champions that got buffed or nerfed. Tell us your opinion about it and find the best solution for your main that got nerfed but there are a few items that might help him still be strong or help you find new runes for your main role, we want to know your opinion about everything and of course, about the new skins too!

  • Professional Competitions

We want to talk about who will win the MSI or Worlds this year, who do you think it's the best team or who's your favorite? Who do you think it's the best pro player or who's having the best performance so far? We like to see the different opinions and likes from everyone and compare it, we might even do some kind of event with it, who knows?

  • Boosting related questions

Of course, even talking about all League of Legends related things, you can always ask us any question you would like about our services, we will assist you and provide you the best solution! You can even discuss changes you would like to see on the website, such as something on the dashboard you would like to change or have it on a certain way or add a new language to the website, we are always opened to new ideas and updates on how to improve!

  • Events related to the website (Promotions, offers, etc.)

Of course, you will be updated of all events and promotions we will have just like on our Facebook Page, we want to keep you updated of everything so you can always grab our latest promotions or events!

  • Communication

This Group will also make it easier for you to reach us and let us know what you need, we can provide you more information about your order or about an issue you are having with your order or any payment method. It can also be used to let us know questions and be closer to us like we want to be closer to you! Ask us anything and we will make sure to hear from you and reply to you!

  • Update of issues

As I said, we want to keep you updated of anything so any time the website is down or we need to warn you about any type of bug or issue that needs to be fixed or has been fixed already, you will also be updated on the Group, this way you don't need to worry of why something happens or why the website is down, we will let you know right away!

  • Funny posts

League isn't League without some memes! We will post and you can post too! Memes you find around on the internet and want to share because that happens to everyone and it's so funny or even a crazy skilled play you did, we are excited to see too! Anything funny or skilled that you want to share with us, we will see and let you know our opinion and of course, you will also hear the opinion of all of the other members from the group that will cheer you up as well! We are a big community so let's treat us all right and have fun!

    The Group will have these main reasons and factors in mind so you can have fun, be professional and also discuss anything you want! Eloboost24 is very excited to see what will come from our big community and also cheer you up every time you pass by! You can also follow us on our Facebook page or on our Discord Server, we have everything for you to always be in touch with us and there are no excuses!