EB24 Community #8 - The Structure of the Lovers Community

With more than 20500 members, our community continues growing like there's no tomorrow. We've created a lot of features and places where you can reach us and share this experience with us! With so many places to go, we decided to help you out and describe to you what you can see and check on each place marked with the EB24 footprint.

On our Instagram, you can find a lot of concepts and contests, here's exactly what you can find:

- Contests,

- Instaboosts,

- Skill order,

- Clown Fiesta,

- Marketplace expert,

- Rebus day,

- Unknown Concept.

All these concepts are visual graphics and interactive images for contests, you can learn a lot with all these concepts and become a better playing while also joining contests and gaining great prizes! [1]

Illustration [1]: Instagram page

On Twitter, the concepts are similar to Instagram, here's exactly what you can find there:

- Contests,

- Skill order,

- Rebus day,

- Unknown Concept.

For those who don't have Instagram but would also like to join our contests, you can also do it through our Twitter and don't worry, you won't be left alone! [2]

Illustration [2]: Twitter profile

On the Facebook page, you can also join us and see all the concepts also displayed on our Instagram and Twitter. [3] On our Facebook Group, you can create posts about doubts or any type of assistance you need from us, it can be related with Boosting or League of Legends in general, we'll be ready to reply and help you right away! [4]

Illustration [3]: Facebook page

Illustration [4]: Facebook group page

On our blog section, you can find a lot of useful posts, related with League such as EB24 Picks and EB24 Booster's Thoughts, they are related with League and the best champions and best meta at the time! There's also a lot of posts related to how to use our website and new features properly! [5]

Illustration [5]: Blog post section

On our Youtube channel, that is now being developed and growing slowing but stead;  you can find a new concept: Booster Presentation.  It's only one for now but we're developing more ideas and concepts to create more useful content for you to use on your daily basis when playing league and using our website! [6]

Illustration [6]: Youtube channel

The most used is Discord since it's the best platform to communicate and play at the same time, we use it constantly, all day, you can find a lot of features there, such as:

- Giveaways,

- DJ's spot,

- Community Events,

- Community game sessions,

- Marketplace Expert,

- Marketplace Calculator,

- Marketplace ranks,

- Patch Notes,

- Nitro lover,

- EB24 Lovers,

- Boosters roles,

- Management ranks,

- Customers ranks.

We know, it's a big list... We'll help you understand each concept below and what do they mean.

        1. Giveaways:

As the name says, here you can find multiple giveaways done from time to time with multiple prizes, from EB24 accounts to Spotify accounts! Always be aware of them and you might be one of the winners! [7]

Illustration [7]: Giveaway channel

        2. DJ's spot:

You will have a place where you lounge and place your music, you can chill there while playing your favorite games! [8]

Illustration [8]: DJ channel

        3. Community Event + Community game sessions

Through our server, you can find, promotions, sessions organized by the management so boosters, customers and also staff can join together and play a few custom games or TFT games as well!

        4. Marketplace Expert + Marketplace Calculator + Marketplace ranks

On this channel, you will find a lot of hot deals accounts that are being added by our Verified Sellers and Users. For those who don't know, Verified Seller are users and/or boosters, that have been selling a lot of accounts through our marketplace and have great reviews and reputation as sellers! You can also find the pricing channel, which is a channel where you can ask for an opinion about your account's price in case you don't really know its value, we can help! [9]

Illustration [9]: Marketplace channel

        5. Patch Notes

This one is obvious, we have this channel were we post the newest patch notes and have a discussion about it with the community, so if you have something to say about those buffs on Akali, now it's your time! [10]

Illustration [10]: Patch notes channel

        6. Nitro Lover + EB24 Lover

Nitro Lover are those who support our Discord server and in exchange receive an individual EB24 Lover logo and also an EB24 smurf account with your own personalized name on it! [11]And EB24Lover is an individual that wants to share and be part of our community and have access to the "welove-weshare" channel! Both are amazing and you should be part of both! [12]

Illustration [11]: EB24 Nitro Lover list

Illustration [12]: welove-weshare channel

        7. Boosters roles

Each booster have a Feature role, a skill role and a location role. There's also a few ones that have 2 specific roles that are related with job application process which are Trial Booster and Voucher Booster. Below you can find what each role means:

  • Feature roles:

- VIP Booster,

- Loyalty Booster,

- Streamers.

  • Skill roles:

- Challenger,

- Grandmaster,

- Master,

- Diamond.

  • Location roles:

Here will be displayed the country where the booster is from.

        8. Management ranks

You can reach our management at any time, you can contact:

- CEO & Founder,

- Administrator,

- Staff.

           9. Customers ranks

You can become a Big Hakuna! Big Hakuna are our loyal customers that have been with us for a long time! You can also be one if you join us and use our services!

There's a lot of ways to get to us, we hope you enjoyed! We'll be leaving you the links below to all our social media in case you didn't find on our post! Enjoy and we hope to see you on the Rift!