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EB24 About Valorant - Patch 6.03 Analysis by Sixer

If you’re a fan of Valorant, you’re probably excited about the latest changes that have been made to the game. In this article, we’ll discuss the recent updates that have been implemented in Valorant and how they will impact the gameplay experience. As a booster for eloboost24, I have a lot of experience with the game, and I’m excited to share my thoughts on these changes with you.

Riot Games recently made significant changes to Valorant with the release of Patch 6.03. These changes include adjustments to agent balance changes, map bug fixes, and gameplay updates. A blog post about these changes was written by me, Sixer, one of the best boosters inside of EB24 company.

If you’re a Valorant player, you’re probably aware of the recent changes that have been made to the game. These changes have had a significant impact on the gameplay experience, and in this article, we’ll take a closer look at them. As a booster for eloboost24, I have been keeping a close eye on these changes and their effects on the game. Join me as we explore the latest updates and how they have affected the world of Valorant.

Let's kick this off with the balance changes.

Balance Changes

First of all, we are going to talk about Raze, an agent that has been popular since the release of the game, she received a nerf that might be a game-changer and kill her play rate.

The boom bot, being one of the most powerful parts of Raze’s kit has its duration halved now which will completely change all the Raze boom bot lineups and pathing of Raze. 

Another agent that has been hit by the nerf hammer is Killjoy. After the Chamber nerfs we have seen the popularity of Killjoy going up by a lot and she has taken the spot as the king of the Sentinels, so of course Riot decided to nerf her.

The turret’s health being decreased brings in a whole more than most people think. Now the killjoy turret can be broken by another Killjoy swarm grenade which opens a lot of new opportunities. This also will help a lot on the pistol rounds where the turret would act as a 6th man gunning down everybody.

Gameplay system updates

Modes Updates

Riot kind of bamboozled us with the earlier post of Swiftplay ending in January but seems like we will have the mode on for longer, which is good news for everybody since it has seen a lot of popularity lately.

Bug Fixes

Last what we are going to talk about is the bug fixes.

What I want to put my attention on are the hair height fixes. I cannot be the only one who has been shooting at a Sage ponytail and wondering where my bullets have been going and I’m very glad this is not a part of the game anymore.


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