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Boosting EB24 Academy FAQs

EB24 Academy #1 – How to purchase a Boosting/Coaching service?

Eloboost24 is a trusted platform, providing in-game services such as Boosting or Coaching and virtual products that rely on account trading. In this post, we are going to introduce you to how to customize and purchase a service that meets your expectations. 

Where can you find the Boosting/Coaching services? 

The homepage intuitively allows you to enter the service pages by clicking the Boosting or Coaching button or alternatively hoovering the Boosting/Coaching section in the menu. [1]

[1] Homepage, how to enter the Boosting or Coaching section.

What is the scope of the Boosting and Coaching services?

A. Boosting

As far as the Boosting services are concerned, we must emphasize that boosting options are wide. You can find the list of the available services by hovering the mouse on the menu or alternatively by entering the section. [2]

[2] Menu, the Boosting services.

The most common options are: 

  • Solo Boosting - called League Boosting in LoL & TFT, while Rank Boosting in Valorant
  • Duo Boosting – distinguishing two options, a regular (basic) and the premium version with the elements of Coaching service.

Worth to mention: If you haven’t found anything interesting, please be informed that services such as Clash Boost, Level-up Boost and Win Boosting in the high-elo can be purchased only by Discord or Live Chat on the website.

B. Coaching

The Coaching service has been unified; therefore, no matter which game, the customer can choose among two service options: Regular and Elite Coaching services. With the elite coaching services, you receive access to the most experienced coaches. Speaking in a simple term, the most skilled and knowledgeable Coaches, often with a pro-scene background. 

Live tracker. A tool allowing you to better assess the capacity of the service.

In order to provide you with the service with the highest standards, we’ve designed a tool that measures the current excess capacity of the service. To put it simply, how many boosters are online, waiting to pick up an order. [3]

[3] Live tracker on the website.


How can you customize the service? 

Regardless of the basic option of the service, you can customize the order by adding the following extra option: [4]

  • Summoner spells (applicable to LoL)
  • Specifying roles (applicable to LoL)
  • Choosing agents (applicable to Valorant)
  • Choosing champion (applicable to LoL)
  • Streaming games (applicable to LoL, TFT, and Valorant)

[4] Personalizing the service.

  You can choose to not customize your order at any time but if you want to learn more about the champions that you play, we recommend customizing your order to it so you can watch replays later and learn more about your favorite role or champion/agent!

Purchasing as a guest, Google, and Facebook. How to simplify the purchasing process?

Eloboost24 allows you smoothly authenticate and complete the purchasing process. Besides the regular registration process, you can register on the website by using Google or Facebook account. [5]

[5] Signing up through Google or Facebook.

If you are afraid of using Google, Facebook or simply prefer to spend your time in a different way than by filling the registration form, we encourage you to purchase a service as a guest. [6] If you decided to buy with the guest option, you have to click continue as a guest button, next enter your email in the pop-up. [7]

[6] Purchasing as a guest

[7] Purchasing as a guest – entering an email address

Eloboost24 Team.