EB24 Academy #6 – There are three key hints to mention here. Obey the EB24 Summoner Code, follow the status of the Booster/Coach, and take advantage of the poking function.

In this article, we will discuss three main features that require attention in order to have a successful service which are; EB24 Summoner Code, the status of your purchase, and the Poke feature. Please continue reading to know more details about these features.


The purpose of the EB24 Summoner Code

The EB24 Summoner Code is a quick reminder of the most important rules to have when using one of our services. The EB24 Summoner Code is the same for both customer and booster/coach and the code is very simple! [1]

[1] EB24 Summoner Code Demonstration


The Status of a Purchase

From the time of your purchase until the end of the service, the status of the purchase may undergo a few changes. [2] When you first purchase, your status will read;

  • Waiting for a booster/coach
  • Your order is in progress
  • Your order is paused
  • Your order is complete

[2] Status of your purchase demonstration


An extra notification will appear when issues such as you requesting a new booster, or a booster abandoning your order, that will change the status to “Waiting for another booster.”

The Wonderful Poke Feature

The poke feature is an efficient method of notification when buying a Boosting or Coaching service. This feature allows you to send a notification to your booster/coach that you are online and want to proceed with your purchase. [3]

[3] Demonstration of the notification sent to the booster/coach


With this feature, the booster can see that you’re online and ready to play, or communicate, even when they’re not on the website themselves.  Don’t hesitate to use this each time you’re online and you need to get in touch with your booster/coach.

EB24 Team