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EB24 About League of Legends - Tier List for Patch 13.5 Analysis by Vysdow

League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that is constantly being updated with new champions, skins, and game-changing patches. The recent patch 13.5 has made some significant changes to the game, including item adjustments, champion buffs and nerfs, and a brand new Yuumi rework. As a result, the tier list for the current meta has shifted just a little bit. This article will provide an overview of the few top champions in each role.

Top Lane

In the top lane, we did not see many changes to this patch except for a pretty decent Gangplank nerf.  This should tone his presence on the top lane a bit. There were also buffs to Tryndamere and Aatrox which aren’t meaningful. Overall, the meta on the top lane stays the same with bruisers being the most dominant there.

Champions in the S Tier remain formidable and can easily carry games when skillfully played, particularly Camille. Her performance shines when facing tanks or bruisers, thanks in part to the continued potency of Divine Sunderer. She can also become a major threat to the enemy AD Carry in later stages of the game.

Moving down to the A Tier, we find more specialized choices like Kled, Wukong, and Gragas who can still be highly effective. Kled is a top lane force to be reckoned with in the hands of a skilled player as his ultimate can provide valuable mobility and ganking opportunities for his team. Gragas, on the other hand, provide a lot of durability and utility.

If you enjoy playing tanks and want to have some impact on the game, I suggest you stick to champions like Shen, Ornn, and Gragas as they all seem decent in this meta.


The jungle has seen some changes in Patch 13.5. There is no direct change to any jungler except for a Rammus nerf. There are changes targeted towards nerfing spam-ganking junglers and buffing full clear junglers like Graves and Shyvana by increasing the gold gained from killing jungle monsters and decreasing the ability to sap exp from laners in the early/mid game.

With those changes in mind, I don't think the meta will shift too much. However, this might be a potential buff to Evelynn and other farming junglers. I don’t think it will push spam-ganking champions like Jarvan or Maokai out of the meta.

Mid Lane

Mid lane didn’t see a lot of changes to this patch but there were a few. Aurelion Sol received a long-awaited nerf, which still isn’t enough to push him out of the meta. The small base stat and Q damage nerf will make him slightly weaker, but he’s still overpowered.

AP Twitch mid received quite a nerf making his E deal way less damage later in the game. Now the 30% less AP ratio on fully stacked E is quite the game changer and will most likely leave AP Twitch back to being just a cheese pick.

On the other hand, Rumble might see a rise in popularity due to his huge magic resist shred buff. This makes him more effective in mid-lane, especially vs tanky champions.

Annie still shines in the mid-lane with her Molten Shield being busted in trades, especially with the buffed Tibbers also applying the Molten Shield damage.

AD Carry

In the AD Carry role, the GOD tier mostly remains the same. Xayah received some nerfs but they’re not significant.  She will still be a strong pick. Draven might be a little weaker because longer-range carries are in the meta.  However, I still assume he will be one of the best champions to play while climbing on a solo queue.

Jinx has received some small buffs in 13.5, making her a little more versatile with her SMD Rocket being able to steal epic monsters once again. Her Zap! (W) also has a better slow effect, helping her chase down enemies. The attack speed growth is also helpful, especially in mid-game.

Zeri and Samira both remain strong in the current meta. Zeri is more late-game oriented while Samira has more of a mid-game stomp approach. Both are decent picks if you look to carry the game on your own.

In the A Tier, I’ve listed the carries that I consider very solid and good in the current meta. You can play those champions if you want to climb the ladder. Take Sivir with a little grain of salt, though. She might be more of a team-oriented pick.


Thresh has consistently been a top pick for support champions in League of Legends. He can control the battlefield with his Death Sentence (Q), Flay (E), and The Box (R) abilities. He spiked in popularity due to the latest buffs while Enchanter supports received significant nerfs. He is one of the strongest and most skillful supports in the entire game right now.

Yuumi has received a long-awaited rework on all of her abilities. Judging by the changes and her current spike in winrate, she should be in a decent spot on the bot lane right now. Her heal on the ultimate ability paired with her shield lets her protect her allies well.

Rakan remains one of the best picks in the support role for now. His ability to engage and disengage while protecting allies remains unmatched and he is for sure in the GOD tier with Thresh.

Ashe received some small nerfs for the support role making her just a little bit weaker. 20 seconds on her rank 1 ultimate should tone her down a bit, giving her less global pressure with Enchanted Crystal Arrow.


Patch 13.5 didn’t change a lot in the League of Legends meta. The biggest change seems to be the Yuumi rework. Whether it will leave her overpowered or weak remains to be seen.

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