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How to sell League of Legends account?

Eloboost24 is a professional League of Legends accounts marketplace. Create the offer & select desired type of sale. EB24 will optimize your offer and finalize the sale.

EB24 Lover 2.0: Purchase a Rank Boosting with at least two divisions, and get 1 win free of charge.
The promotion will be applied automatically, no further actions are required.
Applicable to: Rank/Division boost below Master (LoL, TFT), Immortal (Valorant). The offer is limited:
Company accounts: Fresh unranked accounts with +50k Blue essence
and 14 days warranty with instant delivery EU West, EUNE, NA, OCE

1. Create an offer

  • Select desired account
  • Evaluate market pricing

2. Select desired sell type

Regular sale
  • Fill the account details
  • Fill the account credentials
  • Fill the email details
  • Choose the images
  • Accept TOS & Seller Agreement
Comfort sale
  • Fill the account credentials
  • Fill the email details
  • Accept TOS & Seller Agreement

3. Become verified seller

  • Complete 25 transactions
  • Receive Verified Seller label
  • Gain customer credibility

4. EB24 review the offer

Approval or Disapproval

5. Finalizing sale

  • Receiving sale confirmation
  • Chat with Buyer

6. Fill withdraw information

  • Bank Transfer
  • Skrill
  • Webmoney
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal (after prior approval)

7. Redeem marketplace balance

Frozen account balance
  • Amount of money that is frozen for 7 days after the transaction completion
Sold account balance
  • The amount of money that is available in the wallet. Marketplace payments will be distributed every Thursday.