How to boost your FPS in League of Legends

So, you want to know how to boost your League of Legends FPS and performance?  In order to boost your League of Legends FPS, you need to make sure your drivers are up to date  Also, make a point to set the task as a high priority one from your computer’s Task Manager.  There are also game booster software programs you can access before thinking about your personal computer’s performance issues.


Check Your PC

There is a software program called AVG Driver Updater that’s really good at keeping your drivers up to date and running at optimal performance.  This will also help keep you safe from common computer errors and hardware failures.  Make sure to check all your drivers with these three steps:

  1. Download a driver software program like AVG Driver Updater.

  2. Click on Start Scan so it can locate all the drivers that are experiencing problems.

  3. Click on Update Drivers so you can get new versions to put an end to system malfunctions.


Why FPS Boosters

Although League of Legends may not be the most intense game when it comes to tapping into your PC’s resources, if your graphics card is outdated or you have an older system, you are likely to experience low frame rates while playing the game.  Despite this, you can still boost your LoL FPS.

There’s also the possibility your PC really is capable of running LoL without issues but you’re still experiencing a lower than the desired framerate while playing the game.  If this is the case, odds are it’s either a hardware or software issue.


How to Deal with LoL Lag

First off, what causes LoL lag is the different actions the players exercise, as well as the responsiveness of the game server.  Because the game server isn’t able to react instantly in the situation, even if you were the player to fire the first shot, it’s possible your opponent will be able to take the initial shot and win the game.  Get it?

Unfortunately, ping spikes are commonplace in League of Legends, which causes lag.  Ping is a measure of latency or the time it takes for a signal to travel from its source to your computer, then back.  When it comes to gaming, the lower the ping score is the better as this means there are not so many lag issues.

This is because ping is concerned with how quickly one device can acquire data from another server and return it.  The less amount of time it takes to do this, the lower the ping will be.  The game will also play faster.  Should one have a poor internet connection in cloud-based games like LoL, the ping will increase.  It’s also affected by the volume of data a network is jostling, as well as the number of people connected to the same network.


Identifying Problems

Sometimes, the problem is a partially broken system.  Should this be the case, consider installing a repair tool like Tweaking.  This is an excellent site that offers different links to determine what you need for your machine so you can identify what the problem is and fix it.

It’s also possible the problem could be related to the game setup.  When the PC settings aren’t optimized or have hardware requirements that are insufficient, there will be issues such as low frame rates.  This is not uncommon.

Also, take into consideration the overall performance of your computer.  You can do this by viewing the Task Manager as this will have all the information you need to filter through.


How to Boost LoL FPS

#1 - First, disable full-screen optimizations.  Do this by right-clicking on your League of Legends application, then choosing Properties.

#2 - Select the Compatibility tab and check the Disable full-screen optimizations option.

#3 - Open Task Manager.  You do this by holding CTRL+SHIFT+ESC together.

#4 - Locate the League of Legends task under the Details tab.  Right click directly on it and hover over Set priority and choose High.

#5 - Update your drivers by first opening Settings and going to Windows Update.  Choose Advanced Options.

#6 - Click on Optional Updates and you’ll be shown all the available driver updates you need to install.  Just click the Download and Install button after checking all the boxes next to the updates.

#7 - If you’re playing using old hardware, you’ll need to lower the graphical settings in LoL’s graphics menu.  This may help increase the frame rate.  If this doesn’t seem to do the trick, you may also have to reduce the game’s resolution as your system’s GPU will have an easier time dealing with lower resolution frames.

#8 - Cleaning out your temp files will also help LoL’s FPS.  Simply open the Windows search function and type %temp% inside it.  This will take you to the Temp folder.  From there, select all the files and delete them.  Should you encounter files that refuse to be deleted, skip them.


Going Third Party

If updating your drivers manually each time you encounter issues regarding them, you can always go the third-party route that does this for you.  The most common Windows-related errors and bugs are usually caused by aged or incompatible drivers.  Failing to have a decent system that keeps your PC up to date can lead to performance issues over time.  The best way to avoid such issues is to have a tool handy to help keep your PC in tip-top shape.