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League of Legends Challenges Boosting Service

The newest edition to the League of Legends gaming universe is Challenges. It’s also the newest boosting and coaching service provided by Eloboost24. If you’re looking to take on Challenges to accomplish more than the average player, then our team’s boosting services may be the answer for you.

About Challenges by League of Legends

What are League of Legends Challenges? LoL’s Challenges allow players to achieve unique objectives and enhance the customization opportunities of their profiles. Marked as Challenge Points, a player completes a series of tasks while playing the game. These Challenge Points accumulate from finishing individual objectives on a Challenge Card. These are added up as contributors to your Crystal rank and Challenge-group Capstones.

Challenge Cards build up to a group’s Capstone Challenge. The only way to fully master a Capstone Challenge is to complete all the other challenges within the group. Once the Challenge Points, Capstones, and Categories are added up together, you earn your Crystal rank.

These Challenges have five categories;

  • Collection: Collect cosmetics and engaging with loot.

  • Expertise: Skillfully outmatching your opponents.

  • Imagination: Focuses on game modes and innovative plays.

  • Teamwork & Strategy: Focused on teamplay tactics.

  • Veterancy: Focuses on lifetime stats.

There’s also Legacy, a category that focuses on season-based accomplishments and previous achievements that can no longer be obtained. However, they don’t contribute to your overall Challenge and it won’t level up as a category.

The way Challenge works is by its Token. This is a unique icon that represents a challenge and its current rank. Tokens are at the center of each Challenge Card and are listed by name and what it needs for completion. You can equip up to three tokens, which are displayed on your profile and in the Lobby and Loading screens.

League of Legends: Challenges Boosting Benefits

As a service, Eloboost24 can help you achieve your League of Legends Challenge goals. Their expert team works with you to build those Challenge Points and Capstones as you strive towards specific goals. Maybe these goals include earning Titles, a special name earned by leveling certain challenges to specific tiers. These can be chosen between any of the titles you’ve unlocked.

Maybe you’re striving for either the Master or Grandmaster tier levels. To rank in Grandmaster, you need to be in the top twenty-five percent of players who’ve also achieved this coveted LoL threshold. Maybe you wish to reach Challenger, which features the top five percent of players in the game.

What the EB24 team helps you accomplish with its boosting service is to do more than just achieve your goals. It will help you better understand how LoL’s Challenge works.

Eloboost24’s LoL Challenges Services

LoL Challenges Boosting Breakdown

The breakdown of Eloboost24’s boosting services features the following;

  • Conquerer’s Path: Decimator, Double Decimation, Pentakiller, Bloodthirsty

  • Mastermind’s Route: All-Seeing, Guardian Angel, Flawless, Overwhelming Presence

  • Lone Warrior’s Journey: Solo Carry, Unkillable Demon King, Untouchable, Player Diff

  • Hero’s Odyssey: Wonder Child, Prodigy, Legendary Legend, Lightning Round

  • Unity’s Challenge: Party Crasher, Guardian, Aram Eradication, Lightning Round

Let’s look further into what Eloboost24’s boosting services can do for you. There are misconceptions that it’s a form of cheating. In reality, nothing can be further from the truth. We’re here to debunk the myths about boosting and expose the truth.

Exposing Truths About Boosting

As a service, boosting in games like LoL, including its Challenges feature, shares the same common traits as one motorist helping another motorist get out of a stranded situation. Instead of using cables that go from one vehicle to another to give it the jumpstart it needs, boosters in the gaming industry play the games they were tasked to complete. Contrary to certain beliefs, boosting is not a form of cheating.

The difference between boosting and cheating is like night and day. What cheaters do is exploit whatever weaknesses they can find in a game for their benefit. They do this at the expense of the developers who put the game together, as well as the players. Cheaters are like car thieves. They seize whatever they can get their hands on and destroy it. For them, it’s fun to expose their weaknesses and see how far they can go before getting caught.

As for boosters, instead of exploiting a game’s weakness, they learn how to use its platform legitimately. This means they learn how to adapt according to the game’s mechanics by exercising sound strategy that works. These strategies include understanding how to play like a real champion without resorting to cheating whatsoever.

Now, does this mean boosters are performing a cheat by helping a player go from ordinary to extraordinary? The answer to that question is no, it does not. Boosters offer players an opportunity to better understand the game so they can enjoy it more. Eloboost24’s team also understands there’s more to life than just gaming.

Boosters Are Helpers, Not Cheaters

Sometimes, competitive players don’t have as much time on their hands as they’d like to play games like LoL and maintain a decent ranking in the top leaderboards. In a way, sometimes boosters behave like substitutes for the most competitive players in the game who need to take a break for whatever reason. Is this considered cheating?

Again, the answer to that is no because the game isn’t being exploited for its weaknesses. All a booster is doing here is lending a helping hand and nothing more. It’s no different than two people sharing the same console where one can play during the daytime and the other plays at night. Both play the same character as one account but do so without resorting to hacks and other dubious methods.

Boosters also help stuck players become unstuck. They offer a service that helps players do more than just boost their performance in a game as competitive as League of Legends, including its Challenges mode. Boosters also boost a player’s enjoyment of such games by helping them better understand how to legitimately play like a champion. If anything, boosters also boost a game’s overall enjoyment for all players involved as they strive for a winning environment that everybody can benefit from.

Eloboost24’s LoL Challenge

By tapping into the Eloboost24 roster of professional boosters and coaches for games like LoL and its Challenges features, you’re also tapping into unlocking your full potential as a winning player. While there are many boosting services for players to choose from, EB24’s reputation speaks for itself on review sites such as Trustpilot. There’s a decade’s worth of positive reviews shared by previous and current clients who’ve used our services.

We offer Challenge Boosting for the following Challenges:

- Decimator
"Get 2 Pentakills in a single game"
Requires 1 token only.

- The Disrespect
"Do at least 2000 damage and destroy the enemy nexus while outnumbered by enemy champions"
Requires 1 token only.

- ARAM Eradication
"Get Pentakills in ARAM"
Requires 1 token only.

- Solo Carry
"Deal 40% or more of your team's damage to champions in ARAM"
Requires 1 token only.

- Unkillable Demon King
"Win games without dying and at least 30% kill participation"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Untouchable/Can't Touch This
"Win ARAM games without being killed by an enemy champion (you can still be executed)"
Requires 2 tokens.

- Double Decimation
"Get two Pentakills in a single ARAM game"
Requires 1 token only.

"Get Pentakills"
Requires 2 tokens.

- All-seeing
"Have over 2 vision score per minute"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Guardian Angel/That Was Close
"Save an ally with a heal or shield"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Flawless/Flawless Victory
"Win Perfect Games, where the opposite team gets no kills, no dragons, no Rift Heralds or Barons, and destroys no turrets"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Player Diff
"Win games queues as Fill, where you play the position you filled into"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Party Crasher/Fashionably Late
"Get takedowns after teleporting into a fight involving 4 or more champions"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Bloodthirsty
"Get First Bloods"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Overwhelming Presence
"As a laner, in a single game, get kills before 10 minutes outside your lane (anyone but your lane opponent)
Requires multiple tokens.

- Legendary Legend
"Become Legendary (8-0 kill streak)"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Prodigy
"Become Legendary (8-0 kill streak) within 15 minutes"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Lightning Round

"Win ARAM games before 13 minutes have passed"
Requires multiple tokens.

- ARAM Legend
"Go Legendary (8-0 kill streak) in ARAM games"
Requires multiple tokens.

Eloboost24’s LoL challenge for you is to do your homework. Check out the reviews before you move forward with a boosting service of any kind. Even contact us to ask questions should you have any.


League of Legends Challenges Boosting Service
EB24 is having a contest! Check the rewards!

EB24 is having a contest! Check the rewards!

Eloboost24 is not only a boosting company that provides boosting services but also a company who likes to interact and create a community with everyone! And so this time we want to make something different that everyone can be able to enjoy and get a reward!

Do you like contests? Then we have one for you! That's right, Eloboost24 is having a contest and you can join! The rules are very simple!

  • What can I do to participate?

To participate and get your entry marked on the contest you need to do 2 things:

1 – Follow Eloboost24 on Instagram (follow here) and like the contest image (here),

2 – Comment on the contest image replying to the following questions:

- In which server do you play on?

- What is your favorite champion?

  • What is the reward?

The reward for the winner of the contest will vary depending on the server he plays on but here are the prizes you will be able to get!

- EUW: Free Elo Boost with an equivalent of 30 EUR,

- NA: Free Elo Boost with an equivalent of 30 USD,

- OCE: Free Elo Boost with an equivalent of 30 USD.

  • When will the winner be announced?

We will announce the lucky winner on Wednesday (12:00 CET time), the winner will be announced on a post and also will be messaged privately so we can help him get his reward!

It's Friday so you need to hurry up because there is not much time left! We wish you the best luck!


EB24Tips #2 - Is playing with a premade better? Will it make you improve
League of Legends

EB24Tips #2 - Is playing with a premade better? Will it make you improve

    EB24Tips has been very attractive for those who want to improve, not only their pc efficiency, what specs and settings to disable or enable but to also the in-game strategies and factors that can get you climbing the ladder way faster!

    This week, we will talk about a different subject from last week, not related to any settings nor pc efficiency but about communication and strategy! We will talk about going duo, with only one friend for soloq or a couple of them for flex queue, will it affect your in-game performance? Will it make you win more games? If yes, why and how does it affect it? Let's do it in parts and talk about the main advantages you have when going with a premade:

  • Communication

Communication is the key for everything and by going with a premade, whether a friend or just a random that you just got to know in one of your games that played very well with you, it is always an advantage towards the enemy team and why? Because you can be more coordinative and speak on discord or skype and shot call your plays way more easily!

  • Strategy

By going with a premade, you can build a strategy before the game starts and either pick champions that have the best synergy or are the best together and play around your picks and calls. This way you can get a much higher chance of winning if you get a plan on how to play the game, for example, going the special strategy of Lulu Mid and Twitch Jungle, you secure a lot of advantages because you have a very strong strategy that can win you the game just by making it way easier to get a snowball on the early game! With a premade, you can go for crazy picks and still win because you picked your best champions and you know you can count on your premade to help you out getting that win in less time than going solo! Or for example, going mid or top with a premade that plays jungler? You will have a tent on your lane for sure because your premade will surely try to snowball you first than any other lane!

  • Probability of Trolls

When going premade, the chances of having more afk's or trolls are bigger on the opposite team because you and your premade are 2 which makes it 1 less player afk or troll than in a solo game because you know that your friend will not afk or troll your game which makes the opposite team have a bigger chance to have a troll of afk. Playing with another person always helps because by being both people winning and helping each other, even if the rest of the team is having a bad time, most of the games you can pull out a come back and win and it won't make them go afk or troll since there is still hope for a victory at the end of the game.

  • Synergy

The synergy between you and your premade are bigger due to being together and already know each other play style and you can always help each other. By having a high synergy, it can lead to more safety and trust in game so you know when your premade shot-calls a play, you can back it up and he will not let you down and you can go for a kill or an objective being stronger together than when going on a solo game and one of your teammates shot calls something and then lets you die because it was a bad idea or he just didn't want to help you and let you die. By having synergy with your premade, these things don't happen and if you die, your friend will kill the opponent and taking the objective both shot-called making it worth dying for!

    Always to communicate and get the best out of the games because you have way more advantages than the enemy team and it can make you win way more games, not only in quantity but in time too, in less time you can win one game with a premade than going alone for a game! So the question is: Going duo, is it better? The answer is YES. With the right tools and right premade, you can win way more games than going solo, you just need to help each other and focus on communicating because the odds are already on your side, you just need to play with them and get your juicy “Victory” screen at the end of the game.

    This was it for this week for the EB24Tips but don't worry, we will be back next week and in case you want to learn more about how to improve or even test it yourself by going with a premade, you can always purchase a Duo Boosting service and join one of our boosters to help you see how much easier it is to go duo with someone and climb faster! If you prefer to just learn or have more questions about this subject or any other subject related to league or boosting, you can always reach us on our Live Chat or Discord Server and now you can also interact with us on our Facebook Group, we are there to talk about everything you want related to League more than related to Boosting, check the Group here.


EB24Tips #1 - How should you adjust your LoL in-game settings to have the maximum efficiency?
League of Legends

EB24Tips #1 - How should you adjust your LoL in-game settings to have the maximum efficiency?

    EB24Picks was a great saga and we saw tons of results from the community and a lot of interaction with it! We saw there was a lot of demands in getting help on how to improve the gameplay and knowledge of the game and so, Eloboost24 decided to create a new saga, but this time more focused on League of Legends itself and optimization of client, in-game and also more pointed to the Macro, which is the main knowledge and the mechanical side of League of Legends!

    On this first part of this educational saga, we will be talking about which settings are the best for you to use in-game! This way you can be playing with the most optimized settings and that might even help you on your gameplay overall making you play better and winning more games!

    Of course, a few of our tips you may not like or don't identify since it all can be personal preference but we should tell you these tips are all from our boosting team and a lot of the boosters can approve that these tips helped them improve on League of Legends. 

  • Keep the mouse speed on 50

By being on the default 50, this feature creates more consistency with the windows mouse speed itself and doesn't conflict with your mouse software driver (in case you use one).

  • Disable the mouse acceleration on your Windows

Disabling this feature makes you get a more precise aim and helps you landing skill shots way better. To Disable this feature you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1
Go theControl Panel and select the option called “Mouse”

Step 3
Click on the“Pointer Options” tab in the Mouse Properties window.

Step 4
Uncheck the box next to the “Enhance pointer precision” option.

Step 5
Click "Apply", then "OK" and you're done!

  • Change the minimap scale to 100 (max.)

By changing this and maximizing its size, you are able to see the minimap better and that can help you spot the enemy team faster and not die to ganks or invades. To change this setting you need to go in a custom game and go to the “Interface” tab on the options box and below the “Chat scale” you have the “minimap scale”, change it to the maximum which is 100 and click “Okay”.

  • Minimize your HUD scale to 0 or somewhere between 0 and 25

By minimizing the HUD scale, you are able to see more of the map and, even though it can seem minimal, it can make a huge difference since it doesn't take that much space on your screen and it doesn't distract you that much for being so big. To change the HUD scale, you need to go to the same tab where it's displayed the minimap scale and it's the first option on the list.

  • Turn off the Music Volume

This can be a bit preferential in case you like the background music but many times, the music volume can distract you especially when there are special events or you have for example a DJ Sona on your team and you can hear the music. This option is more for those who want to focus more on the game.

  • Minimize the Chat scale

By making the chat smaller, it makes you pay less attention to it, which most of the times it's a good thing, so keep the chat scale between 0 to 20. The chat only helps you if the team isn't toxic or even saying something useless. But of course, when a player is flaming you or flaming a teammate you should always mute them right away because the act of reading what they say, can and will affect you especially if it's something about or for you. The mute button is always helpful in these situations. The Chat scale can also be changed on the “Interface” tab as I referred above. 

  • Disable the option “Show Summoner Names”

This feature can be a distraction in some cases since it always appears on top of the champions and imagine, that the opponent or an ally has a funny name, you will probably get distracted with it and not focus as much as you could if this option was turned off. To disable it, you need to go to the “Interface” tab and scroll a bit down and on the section of “Health and Resource Bars” you can disable it, it's the first option on the right.

  • Disable the HUD animations

This option can also be a distraction with all those movements and animations all so shiny and pretty. It can make you lose time watching to it, especially if you have a big HUD scale. To disable this option, it's below the “Show Summoner Names” option that was mentioned above.

  • Enable the “Show timestamps”

This option is very helpful in case you want to check the time that an ally pinged missing or the opponent did drake, you can check the time in-game when that the event happened. For example, you are playing jungle and your bot lane had a fight where the opponent AD Carry used Flash and your Support pings the enemy's flash a few seconds after he uses it, this way you can see approximately when will the AD Carry of the enemy team will have his flash up again and you can play around that and gank bot a lot during that period. To enable this option, you need to go to the “Interface” tab and scroll down until the bottom of the list and on the section “Chat” it's the first option on your left, you should enable it. 

  • Set the “Frame Rate Cap” option to “Uncapped”

The Frame Rate Cap is the amount of FPS you have in-game, it's recommended to use this option on “Uncapped” so you have the most FPS in-game possible, in case you have a computer that has some lag while running League, it will make you have the most FPS that your computer can handle. To modify this setting you need to go to the “Video” tab and scroll until the bottom and the on the last section called “Advanced” you will have the wanted option to change your Frame Rate.

  • Disable the “Anti-Aliasing” and “Wait for Vertical Sync”

By having these options enabled, you will have increased input lag in-game which can make you react a bit slower. It's recommended to disable both these options to minimize the input lag and make you have more responsive gameplay. Both of these options are below the “Frame Rate Cap” option that was referred above. 

    Some of these tips, as we referred, can be changed and set differently as personal preference but with all the explanations below, you should evaluate what do you value more, if you prefer to focus more or to have less Lag in-game, you should follow certain options and follow the steps to enable or disable them. By using most or all of these tips, there will be an improvement for sure.

    Of course, if you want to learn more and get more tips and tricks but now more specifically to your gameplay, then the best choice to buy a Duo boosting service, preferentially the premium package since it includes elements of coaching and tips and tricks! But if your wish is to learn more about your main role and more steps to improve as a player, you should consider buying a coaching session for your main role, you will get all the information needed to climb the ladder and be a better player! In case of any problem or need for assistance, you should always contact our staff on the Live Chat or on our Discord Server, we are online 24/7 to help you on any situation, feel free to contact us at any time!


EB24Picks - What are the best champions to Elo boost? - Part 4
League of Legends

EB24Picks - What are the best champions to Elo boost? - Part 4

    EB24Picks became more popular as long as each part was being released and we know that we said that Part 3 was the final one but since we had so much demand and enthusiasm with all the parts, we've decided to create the part 4 which is really the last part of this saga! We've had Kha'Zix, Twitch, and Jax and now we have a female character that is played on the mid lane, she was reworked a few months ago. She's an assassin with very sharp knives... Do you know who it is? It's Katarina! This final week of EB24Picks will end with Katarina, the sinister blade.

     Katarina's win rate isn't the best at the moment but she is considered an S+ on the tier list for the best mid lane at the moment. She is in a pretty good spot now and of course, if you are good with her and know her combos and potential, you can totally have a lot of impacts and climb the ladder extremely fast. The best ability to level up at level 1 is Q to poke and try to farm with a bit of range in case you are vs a ranged opponent. You should follow the skill order below. [1]

Illustration [1]: Skill order

     As Katarina, the best starting items is a Long Sword and 3 Health Potions so this way you have some sustain and can start building your first item which is Hextech Gunblade. A few players prefer to start with Dark Seal too instead of the Long Sword, it's a matter of preference, even though Long Sword is the most popular starting build and the most efficient in case you want to have more impact in the early game and in lane. The build that is more efficient if you use Electrocute on Katarina is:

Hextech Gunblade > Sorcerer's Shoes > Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff > Zhonyas

    But this order can be changed depending on the enemy's team, for example, in case they have a lot of CC, maybe the best choice is to do Zhonyas earlier in the game and not as the last item or if they don't have that much regeneration, maybe do Void or Rabandon's before Morello. As we know, Katarina can't handle CC so the best way to win a team fight is to wait for the opposite team to use all their abilities that might cancel your ultimate or stun you for a long period of time and then engage when they have used everything on your team.

 Since she is such a strong champion, there's a high chance that you, as Katarina on mid, will be camped a lot by the enemy's jungler so you don't get fed and don't have any impact in the game so what you should always do is try to push as fast as possible and try to roam to the lane that is being pushed more so you can get a few kills and start having more impact in the game. Once you start having 2-3 kills, there's when the snowball starts and you have way more pressure and impact in the game when you can simply roam to top or bot or even help your jungler in case he invades the enemy's jungler. 

     When fighting, you should always remember to use your Hextech Gunblade's active which so they get even more damage from the active and are slowed so you can ulti on them and they can't run away that easily in case they can't CC you. You should always try to auto between your abilities so you can maximize even more the damage you're doing. Katarina is on her spike in the mid-game, because even if you perhaps got ganked and fell behind, you only need a team fight that is well oriented and gives you a few kills to start snowballing.

     And here's the end of the full saga of EB24Picks, let's recap: Katarina is the best in the mid game and needs to always wait for all CC to be used to engage into the enemy team. You should roam as much as possible to try and get pressure on the map since you'll most probably get camped in the lane. You can't forget to use your Hextech and to be aware of their team's CC. Want to learn even more and become the best Katarina in your region? You can buy some hours of coaching and we will grant you a great coach that will help you how to be a true Katarina main, if want to buy coaching for only Katarina, you need to select her on the specific champions. To buy coaching you need to click here! Or perhaps you want to duo boost and need a mid laner booster to help you get on your desired rank? You can buy your duo boost here and then contact us on our live chat or on our Discord server and we will provide you the best Katarina main we have in our boosting team to help you reach the top of the ladder!