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What are Nerd Hunters?

So, who are nerd hunters? Where do they come from? What are they all about? I hear something about nerd boxes and the nerd marketplace. What’s this about a nerd community?

These are great questions.  Now it’s time for the answers.

#1 - Who are nerd hunters?

  • Nerd hunters are members of the nerdosian community who hunt for goods and services like any other person but with their own unique sense of style. Is this a bad thing? No, it’s a “nerd” thing and we’re proud of it.

#2 - Where do we come from?

  • Nerd hunters come from Nerdosia, a special planet that can only be seen by true Nerdosians. You become one by getting your hands on the Nerd Lens. By wearing the Nerd Lens, you get to see what the common eye can’t.

#3 - What Are nerd boxes?

  • Nerd Boxes is a package that’s purchased with goodies inside.  Those goodies include apparel, gaming stuff, figurines, and board game stuff.  You know, the kind of stuff we “nerdy types” usually go for.

#4 - What’s the nerd marketplace?

  • The nerd marketplace is where Nerdosians go shopping. Otherwise known as “The Mall” among the Nerdosian Community, it’s a place you go to buy some stuff you want to either bring home with you or send to someone as a gift.

#5 - What’s a Nerd Community?

  • Nerds who flock together tend to stick together. The Nerdosian Community serves as an outlet where like-minded people come together and share ideas, stories, and whatever else comes to mind.  It’s our own social media platform that thrives on the diversity of the community by members from all over the world.  Communities are what bring neighbors from afar together as if we’re sharing the exact same room.

So, do these answer your questions? If you’d like to learn more, there is such a thing called “contact us,” you know. Try that and we’ll do the best we can to fill in the blanks.