EB24 Tips #4 - How you should select a Coach to your Service? Elite Coach, Recruiter - How to use functionality of the service

Throughout our EB24 Tips saga, we've been teaching you a lot of things, from adjusting your settings in-game to how to use our schedule bar when purchasing a duo boosting service or coaching. Today the saga continues and we'll taunt you everything about our coaching services so you can make a good purchase that will make you improve on League of Legends. So let's get started!

  • How do I know which coaching session is the best for me?

You can look around on our coaching tab and check the prices by yourself if you already know exactly what do you want and need. But for those who are still confused or don't know what to choose, you can ask help on our Live chat and you will receive help from an EB24 recruiter, they are from our management and will listen to all your requirements and needs and will then provide you the best option(s) so you can get the best coaching session possible!

  • What is I know already what I want and need help deciding which coach select?

If you want to select a specific coach, you need to make a small research on our boosters tab because our boosters are also coaches. [1] So, what exactly you need to do is simple, once you are on the list, you should use our filter box [2] and select the rank you want the coach to be and also the rank you want to learn, this way you will see a list of all the boosters that main the role you asked and are the rank you selected. If you also want to get one of the most active coaches, you can also select on the section where it says “Special” and select the option “Elite Coach”. [3]

Illustration [1]: Boosters tab on the Homepage.

Illustration [2]: Filter box on the boosters tab.

Illustration [2]: List filtered with Rank Challenger, role Jungler and special Elite Coach.

Once you see the list updated, you should look up into the booster's main champions, so you know which one has the same or the similar champion pool as you have, they will most likely be the best for your coach since they are also main of your champion pool.

  • What is an Elite Coach?

An Elite Coach is the booster that provides a lot of coaching sessions and has the best results/reviews. This means this booster is already experienced in teaching and coaching!

  • I already saw which coach I want, how do I assign my session to him?

You have 2 ways to assign your session to your desired coach:

- ask directly on the live chat to get your coaching assigned to the specific coach after you make your purchase,

- assign directly to him after you make your purchase, on the option to select a booster.

  • How do I communicate with my coach?

As always, you should first register on our website before making your purchase and even if you didn't register, you will receive the login information for a guest account created by the system once you purchase your session. You need to reach your dashboard and on the coaching tab, you will have there a direct chat with your coach.

  • Where do I schedule with my coach?

You schedule with your coach on your dashboard, below the direct chat with him, you have there the schedule bar where you can schedule and set a time where you and the coach can start the session!

Hope you enjoyed another EB24Tips and that you've learned how you can get your coaching session andfulfilll all your wishes. As always, you can reach us everywhere, we are online 24/7 on our live chat and you still have all of our social media to reach us! Make sure to follow us on: