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EB24Picks - What are the best champions to Elo boost? - Part 2

    Continuing the saga for the best picks to elo boost, suggested by our boosters, last week we had a good outcome with the feedback from our community and didn't want to let you down so we bring you part 2! Eloboost24 gathered more than 200 votes and the final decision for today's pick was hard but here we are.

    Today's pick is a champion that is mainly an AD Carry but to elo boost, our boosters suggest that this champion has to be played as a jungler to have more impact and make the game easier to win. If you're thinking on a stinky rat then you're right, today we will be talking about Twitch jungle.

    To start, Twitch isn't that hard to see what his skills do and how to use them. On Twitch, you should always level up first your E so it is easier for you to do your starting jungle camp, and don't forget to kite it so you don't lose too much health. You should follow the skill order below as Twitch jungle.

Illustration 1: Skill order

    The route for Twitch jungle is simple but it can vary in many factors like on the enemy comp or even your own team comp. The route that is always the same is that Twitch always starts Red buff but you can follow 3 different routes depending on which side of the map you are and depending on your team comp.

First Route: (best option if you start on the blue side of the map and don't have much cc on bot lane)

Red Buff > gank mid level 2 (upgrade your Q on level 2 and use it on the bush that is near your red buff and near to drake or herald, depending on your side of the map) > ward the enemy's Red Buff > scuttle that is near herald > if the enemy jungler is doing red, invade him if not go to your Blue Buff > gank the best lane near your blue (mid/top)

Second Route: (best if you are on the blue side of the map and have bot lane with a lot of cc otherwise, not recommended)

Red buff > gank bot level 2 > scuttle near drake > gank mid > ward your blue side of the map > do your Blue Buff and the camps near it

Third Route: (best if you're on the red side of the map and got help from your top laner doing red)

Red Buff > Blue Buff > Gromp > gank bot lane from your turret

    With all these routes and ganks, by now you should be already ahead and with a few kills and so you need to know what to build. As always you should start with Hunter's Machete and a Refillable Potion. The build itself may vary depending on the enemy's team comp, but the best build is:

Start with Hunter's Machete with a Refillable Potion > Skirmisher's Sabre with Enchantment: Bloodrazor > Berserker's Greaves > Runaan's Hurricane > Blade of the Ruined King > Infinity Edge > Guardian Angel/Staatik Shiv/Mercurial Scimitar, etc.

    In teamfights, you should wait for the enemies to use their hard Crowd Control abilities so you can engage with your Ultimate with no fear of getting focused and killed instantly, as you are squishy and don't have have any mobility besides your Q (stealth). Also, Twitch is weak against early game junglers like Elise or Lee Sin, so avoid dueling them 1v1 early on if they are full HP, wait for your level 6 or your items powerspike.

    And here comes the end. On this blog post, we've learned a lot of things about our favorite rat from League of Legends: the best build, the best route and what you should do to have the most impact in the game! But don't worry because if this is the Part 2, it can only mean that there will be a Part 3 which will be coming next week so stay tuned and don't forget to hide from this rat before he kills you! Also, if you would like to have
a Twitch main to do your boost, you can always select your order and specify it to be done with Twitch only, to do that you just need to go here