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Boosting Tips: How to Play with Valorant Offline Mode

While there may be no official method to appear offline on Valorant at this time doesn’t mean you can’t arrange this for yourself with this, as well as any other Riot Games titles currently available on the internet.  There are third-party apps that can help solve this problem, as well as command prompts.  In both cases, these would have to be performed while running the computer in administrator mode.  So, if you want to know how to play Valorant in offline mode, here are the two best ways you can go about it;

  1. Command Prompts

  2. Deceive’s App

Why Go Offline?

If you’d rather play Valorant in peace, appearing offline is the only way you’ll be able to go about it.  If you want your friends to leave you alone as you carry out tasks you’d rather take care of yourself, appearing offline without having to explain yourself to them is the way to go.  Also, by appearing offline, you won’t be so easily distracted by conversation as nobody will bother you.

Also, by appearing offline, while your Elo booster is busy processing your order, your friends won’t notice what’s going on.  This keeps your account safe and it allows the service you asked for to be carried out without complications.

Offline Method: Command Prompts

Make sure your firewall is turned on should you exercise the command prompts method to appear offline in Valorant.  You will also need to open the Riot launcher, select your server, then log in.  Once logged in, open the Command Prompt (CMD) by pressing Start in Windows and searching for CMD.

Copy this code;

[ALL SERVERS]-> netsh advirewall firewall add rule name=”lolchat” dire=out remoteport=5223 protocol=TCP action=block

Paste that code to your CMD and press Enter.

You should be able to run Valorant in offmode in this manner.  If it doesn’t work, shut the game down and relaunch.

To get back to online mode, repeat the steps but replace the code with netsh advirewall firewall delete rule name=”lolchat”

Offline Method: Deceive’s App

Deceive is a third-party app program that Riot Games has seen as a safe alternative to access their games online games as a separate client.  Bear in mind, it may only be safe for now.  Riot Games can easily regard Deceive as unsafe should there be enough reason for them to go there.

It’s been used for other games belonging to Riot such as League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra.  History has proven this is a reliable app that doesn’t compromise your game files.  This is why Riot Games has so far regarded Deceive as a safe app to use as it doesn’t violate any of their current terms of service regulations.

However, in order for Deceive’s app to function properly as you play Valorant, make sure you keep it updated.  Each time Riot Games updates Valorant, it will cause a kink in Deceive’s app until it does the same to keep pace.  Also, when accessing Valorant in offline mode through this method, you have to go through Deceive’s client, not Valorant’s.

If you wish to download and install Deceive, here is the link for it;

Again, whether it’s via Deceive or the command prompts, do this while running in Administrator mode.  It won’t work otherwise.