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If you’re a fan of League of Legends, you’re probably excited about the latest changes that have been made to the game. In this article, we’ll discuss the recent updates implemented in League of Legends and how they will impact the gameplay experience. As a booster for Eloboost24, I have a lot of experience with the game. I’m excited to share my thoughts on these changes with you.

Riot Games recently made significant changes to League of Legends with the release of Patch 13.3. These changes include adjustments to champion abilities, item reworks, and gameplay balance. A blog post about these changes was written by me, Tinyy, one of the best boosters inside of EB24 company.

If you’re a League of Legends player, you’re probably aware of the recent changes that have been made to the game. These changes have significantly impacted the gameplay experience, and in this article, we’ll take a closer look at them. As a pro player who is boosting League of Legends accounts for Eloboost24, I have been keeping a close eye on these changes and their effects on the game. Join me as we explore the latest updates and how they have affected the world of League of Legends.


Yes, unfortunately, this little kitty is very strong again.  I can assure you that after the changes you see above, Yuumi will get nerfed at least 3 times.  I don't understand what Riot Games really wants to do sometimes.  Yuumi is by far the most hated champion in the game as we even saw this in the surveys.  But, they're still trying their best to get it into the meta.  Anyway, we love this game and sometimes we have to put up with it.

After these changes, Yuumi can both heal and shield. They are a very dangerous duo. Also, they now grant armor to the person she's on while her ult is active.  This potentially increases the travel with both ADC and other carries. So, old Yuumi is back and is even stronger than before.

Gameplay for the lane phase is still the same.  You just have to play a few games and get used to it.  Because now her Q suddenly accelerates and you can control the direction of your ult with the mouse.  I recommend you at least play a game so you can better understand what it can do when you come across it.


Precisely what RIOT meant here.  Don’t play Ashe as support.

I think she got nerfed as ADC indirectly because her W's and R's got nerfed.  So, I don't think extending Q by 2 seconds will change anything.  Non-mobile ADCs need more buff to play.


With these changes, Azir's Tower is now much stronger and now it can detonate the passives of items like Liandry or Luden's when it hits you.  I don't think the gameplay has really changed.  Maybe because of the W change that is now preferable in Nashor’s Tooth.

Let’s head into BUFFS


Pretty good buffs.  Changes in Kennen are not that important.  So why did I put Kennen here?  Because I wanted you to exercise some imagination with me.  Imagine if the buff that came to E came to jungle camps as well.  All of a sudden, the Kennen jungle sprang up.  He has crowd control, fast-range shutdown, and AOE damage.  Perfect jungler in my opinion.  But, unfortunately, nothing like this came.


New Annie.  The Q spell they changed is almost the same as Annie’s Q spell.  Now she can clear minions a little faster. This will make it easier to roam by prioritizing mid-lane. So it's a nice buff.


Pantheon meta.  Really good buffs that make Pantheon strong right now.  The good news is that it can now play anywhere.  So if you see support, mid-lane, jungle, and top lane Pantheon don't be surprised.

Honestly, I even considered not writing the NERFS because they're all very minor changes. I don't think it's going to affect anything.


A very small nerf.  Might be a little more difficult in the lane phase.  It's a nerf for Yorick players who want to play full attack power. However, I don't think it will affect the off-tank Yorick that much.


Still strong still playable.  If you are ad main definitely keep playing Xayah.

Jungle Adjustments

It is possible to enter the opposing jungle again.  This means a lot of champions are buffed automatically (Nidalee, Kindred, Lee...).  At the same time, the champions who wanted to fully clear got buffed as well.  So now we can say that the aggressive junglers are a little stronger.  Normally, Nidalee would get buffed. At first, I didn’t understand why until I realized the buff came indirectly.


Plated Steelcaps

This one is pretty big.  You may not have understood the details after reading the description.  Let me enlighten you here.  Before, this buff was only able to reduce the damage of straight auto hits.  Now it also reduces the skills that are made with straight auto hits or counted as an auto hits shot.

For example: Ezreal Q, Nasus Q ,Gwen Q, Warwick R, Irelia Q…

This item will be so much more meta now.

Upcoming Skins &  Chromas


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