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EB24 About Teamfight Tactics - Patch 13.5 Analysis by ZeulEnache

If you’re a fan of Teamfight Tactics, you’re probably excited about the latest changes that have been made to the game. In this article, we’ll discuss the recent updates implemented in Teamfight Tactics and how they will impact the gameplay experience. As a TFT booster for Eloboost24, I have a lot of experience with the game, and I’m excited to share my thoughts on these changes with you.

Riot Games recently made significant changes to Teamfight Tactics with the release of Patch 13.5. These changes include adjustments to rerolls, hero augments, and some comps changes. A blog post about these changes was written by me, ZeulEnache, one of the best boosters inside of EB24 company.

If you’re a Teamfight Tactics player, you’re probably aware of the recent changes that have been made to the game. These changes have significantly impacted the gameplay experience, and in this article, we’ll take a closer look at them. As a booster for Eloboost24, I have been keeping a close eye on these changes and their effects on the game. Join me as we explore the latest updates and how they have affected the world of Teamfight Tactics.

This patch has implemented a long-awaited big change in the items and gold distribution in the PvE rounds. The main game developer, Mortdog, said this change will impact in a positive way the overall pacing of the game and will balance the gaps between the different drops the players get.  This is to make the game fairer and less RNG based.

To prepare before the next set 8.5 that’s already on PBE, and will come on the live server, some major changes were implemented to the way the augments are tailored to your board and the champions and augments you already have, to make it more likely for you to get hero augments that you desire or that synergize with the composition you want to run.

Those so-called “quality of life” changes have the objective to make the game more enjoyable and also less frustrating for the players.  It will also reduce the occurrence of really unlucky scenarios.

A big trait balance that comes into this patch is the one for brawlers. Even if it doesn’t look like much, combining it with the multiple Jax buffs in the previous 3 patches will make the man without a real weapon an unstoppable force again!

The composition you want to play Jax is very straightforward. You run all the big beefy boys together and by the power of friendship, along with the help of the banana star-caller Soraka to lead them, they become even more ferocious!

Even though Jax is your main carry, you also want some tank and support frontline items, like Ionic Spark for magic resist reduction and Sunfire Cape for anti-heal. Redemption is another really good item that gives healing that scales with a percent of max hp and makes the affected champions receive reduced AoE damage.

For Jax, you need the following combination of items: Attack speed item+Healing item+Damage item.

So, something like RFC/Guinsoo+Hand of Justice/Gunblade/Bloodthirster+Jeweled Gauntlet/Rabadon/Giant Slayer should do the job! Another important thing is to try to upgrade Jax and maybe even Riven to 3 stars.  This is so they become even more powerful! A brawler heart or emblem will make a considerable difference, allowing you to run the strong power spike of 8 brawlers!

Soraka is there for Admin and heart. After you itemize your Jax and your Riven you can throw any leftover AP items on her. 

4 A.D.M.I.N.S. Soraka

A comp that has been plaguing the high elo in the previous week and is also spreading in all the lobbies is this Soraka board with 4 Admins. 

This change to the trait was initially overlooked by the majority of the players.  This was because running 4 Admins requires you to run two really bad units, namely Camille and Blitzcrank. However, with the right combination of Admin Effects and this amplifier buff Soraka or LeBlanc can be enabled to become 1v9 machines! The best variations of Admins to run effects on ally death or any Admin your units to stack bonus HP and become very tanky! (For example, “Admins gain 20 mana/20 AP every time an ally dies.)

You want the standard utility Sunfire Cape + Ionic Spark on the frontline and some good Mana+Damage items on Soraka, as the ones shown above. With the change implemented to the set of Jeweled Gauntlet and Infinity Edge, you can run any of them instead of the other. The only difference is that one gives some extra AP and the other gives AD.  But, both of them will your champion’s ability to crit!

Anima Squad Miss Fortune

My last comp recommendation for this patch will be Anima Squads with the bunny girl Miss Fortune as your main damage dealer and star!

This composition is really strong but requires you to have Anima Squads from an early game so you can stack HP on them over the rounds by killing enemy units. So at the point you get the MF online and have at least 2 items for her she will have a bunch of extra hp so she won’t be such an easy target for the enemies that target her.

As in any AP comp, the standard utility items on your main tank can be either Riven or Ekko. Miss Fortune is not very picky about items, she only wants a Shojin to make her cast her ability faster in a fight and give her the chance to cast even a second time. The other 2 items can be any combination of damage AP items, and also Gunblade is good to heal herself up and help her teammates survive more! 

If you have the chance to pick an Anima Squad emblem or maybe even Anima heart from augment don’t hesitate and click on it, because the possibility to run 7 Anima Squads and see them in action is unpassable!

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