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EB24Marketplace - How can you buy an account on our website?

    With the popularity and hype that is behind League of Legends, the attraction and player base is still increasing and so many people decide to buy accounts instead of leveling them up by themselves or grinding them until a certain rank. Or maybe because buying an account with a lot of skins is cheaper than buying the skins one by one. Many reasons and many accounts that are bought and sold each year. Eloboost24 felt a necessity to prepare a specific blog post to those who want to sell an account, which was posted a few days ago, but this time we will also prepare a guide to how can you buy accounts from our Marketplace so you can get your desired account for a lower price!

    The graphic below is showing how the process is done in a shorter way but don't worry because we will also explain everything, step by step, on how to purchase an account on our Marketplace. [1]

Illustration 1: Small graphic of the process to buy an account

    Looks simple, right? And it actually is that simple! Here's the full guide on how to purchase an account:

1.  If you want to see our list of accounts, you first need to get to the list itself! To do that, you have 2 ways to get there. The first one is by going directly from the homepage and clicking on the "Selling Accounts" tab. [2] The second one is by going through your dashboard, you have there the "Marketplace" tab, by clicking on it, you will be able to see a button saying "Buy Account" and it will redirect you to our selling account's list too! [3]

Illustration 2: "Selling Accounts" tab on the Homepage

Illustration 3: "Marketplace" tab on the dashboard - Buy account button

2. Once you are on the selling accounts page, you will see a lot of accounts, from NA to EUW, from Unranked to Master. All account for all tastes and budgets! To find the account you are looking for more easily, you can use our filter box on the top of the page and select everything you want, from server, rank and even price budget! [4]

Illustration 4: Filter box on the "Selling Accounts" tab

2.1. In case you are looking for an Eloboost24 account, you can also look up for only those by selecting "Yes" on the filter box. [5] All Eloboost24 accounts have a small violet label saying "Eloboost24" so it makes it easy to identify them when scrolling down as well. [6]

Illustration 5: Option to search for Eloboost24 account's on the filter box

Illustration 6: Eloboost24 labeled accounts

3. In case you need help choosing an account or knowing how to buy, you can always contact us on our Discord server or on our 24/7 Live Chat. We are always online to help you and reply to any question that you may have. [7]

Illustration 7: Discord and Live Chat pop-up

4. When you find an account that you like and want to buy, you should register on our website before purchasing it otherwise you won't be able to make the purchase. Once you've created the account and have purchased the account, you will be able to see the credentials in 2 places: on your e-mail [8] and on your dashboard, at the "Marketplace" tab. On your dashboard, you should always contact the seller directly on the direct chat presented on your dashboard, at the "Marketplace" tab. [9] If you need any type of help towards the account you just bought, you should contact the seller but in case he doesn't reply, you can contact us and we will help you also.

Illustration 8: Example of e-mail for the purchased account

Illustration 9: Credentials of the account on the dashboard 

5. Last but not least, you should be aware of our warranty period for each account you purchase. The standard warranty for each account is 15 days. In case you purchased an account that has our Eloboost24 label on it, you will have a longer warranty period of 30 days instead of 15. All these regulations are on our Terms of Service where you can check here. [10]

Illustration 10: Terms of Services regarding the warranty period

    Only 5 steps and you have a great account for the lowest prices! I told you it was simple! Buying an account was never this easy... Make sure to follow all these steps carefully and you stay tuned for more guides - tips - informative blog posts from us! Because there's a lot more to come!