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How should you select a booster for your service

    By being an old company with a lot of years and experience, the sense of organization and efficiency needs to always be on point and so, we always feel that need to organize everything and simplify everything making it more understandable at a first glance. We've always had questioned “Which one is the best booster? Which one should I select? Which one is a main AD Carry? I'm main Support!” and we thought that we need to simplify everything again and help our customers decide which booster is the best for their service. Most of these questions come from customers that want to buy a duo boosting service and let me give you a quick introduction to our duo boosting service to help you select the best Elo booster for your needs.

  • What is a Duo boosting?

Duo Boosting is when you, the customer, play on your own account and one of our boosters will go duo with you and help you get to your desired rank/division.

  • We have 2 Duo boosting services: Regular and Premium. What is the difference?

Regular Duo Boosting includes voice communication, a room on our discord server and of course you will get an experienced booster.

Premium Duo Boosting includes the same option as the Regular Duo Boosting but has additional tips from the booster and elements of coaching, which means you will get a bit of a coach from the booster that is with you.

With this small explanation of what consists our Duo Boosting services, let's head to what is really important which is how do you select a booster that is good and the best according to your needs.

Let's start from the beginning, as it was explained, on Duo boosting voice communication is the key for our Duo boosting services and so, you will most likely prefer a booster that speaks the same language as you, right? And with that said, there is a way for you to see which booster(s) speak the same language as you and even also check his main roles.

  • How can I find out what languages do my booster speaks?

It's simple, you need to head to our booster's list and use our filter box to select your language, and once it is selected, you will see that the list will be updated to the boosters that only have the flag of your country, which means they speak the same language as you.

  • What do I do to know which one is better for me?

After you have the list updated to the boosters that speak the same language as you, you will probably want someone that doesn't main the same role as you, am I right? That can also be filtered on our filter box so when you select, for example, AD Carry and German, all our boosters that speak German and are main AD Carry will update and this way you can see which one fits you the most, the list will probably be reduced to only a few boosters so it will be much easier to choose.

  • What if after all my filtrations, I still want a Challenger booster?

In our filter box, you can also see the filter by “League” which means you can also select it and choose “Challenger” and the list will be updated again with only Challenger Ad Carry main that speak German.

  • But how do I know which role should I search for my booster to play?

It can be simply clarified, for example, you're a Mid or Top main? Then maybe the best choice would be Jungler. Same applies for the inverse, if you are a Jungler main, maybe a Mid or Top booster, would fulfill your order with the best performance since you can gank and compliment better as a duo premade. If you are a Support or AD Carry main, probably the best is select a booster that complements the duo bot lane premade, so if you are an AD Carry main, search for a Support main booster and vice-versa.

    In summary, searching for a booster that speaks the same language as you, is very important and is the main factor for a boost to go awesomely well, but of course there are other factors that we need to take in consideration when searching for a duo boost partner so it can only complement and make your experience with our services even better. Remember, better communication means better plays which means better performance and it can only mean that you will have the best experience ever!