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Implementation of new languages to the website

Implementation of new languages to the website

Eloboost24 is an Elo Boosting website that has been on the Boosting market for more than 5 years. As an old company, we have been adapting to the new changes each season of League of Legends, towards the design and the minimalism and understanding of the customer towards our website and system of boosting. 

With the increased popularity and impact to customers, we have decided to adapt our website once again towards our customer's satisfaction and understanding, since we know many customers don't talk English as a main language and sometimes have a big time understanding and talking English. To fix this necessity we now have our website translated in a few languages already.

  • What languages were implemented? 

So far we only implemented a few, such as German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Greek and Russian. We know it is not much, but it has helped many customers that speak the languages above and if the necessity comes back, we will surely implement more languages if possible. 

  • What is the main idea for this implementation?

As I have referred, it all surged from a necessity to help customers that have more difficulty talking and understanding English. This way, the website will adapt to the native language of the customer and it will be easier for him to understand our content and services. 

This way when searching for an Elo Boosting website that speaks nor have the website translated to your language, the customer will be finding ours and that will be much better for him/her to locate us and see what we sell and how we sell. This feature, of course, that has been leaving great feedback from the customers since we see an improved understanding of our website and having a better experience by using their native language on the website. 

In summary, we have been adapting throughout these years for a better environment and understanding of our features and services to our customers have the best experience with us and can see that we care and worry about their needs. And with all the caring and worrying we have decided to implement new languages to our website, maybe in the future, we will be adding more languages.