Valorant Boosting: Is it allowed?

Boosting, Riot Games, and Valorant

So, the question of the day asks if Valorant boosting is allowed.  Can you get banned for boosting by Riot Games?

Truth About Boosting

First off, boosting in video games has become so commonplace that many do assume that it is allowed.  The truth of the matter is that most online gaming companies do see it as a bannable offense.  However, the odds of getting banned for boosting are extremely low.

Yes, there are potential risks of losing your account when using a boosting service but your fate literally depends on the level of professionalism of the booster involved, as well as your own personal conduct as a player.  When utmost discretion is used by both parties involved, the risks involved are minimal.

What Makes Boosting Bannable

According to Riot Games, its Terms of Service statement makes it clear a player caught boosting can be banned from their gaming platforms, including Valorant.  Interestingly enough, it’s not the act of boosting itself that’s the issue.  The real issue is about account sharing.

At the moment, there is a debate about boosters that’s placed Riot Games in a position where they’re not fond of boosters.  The reason for this is because of the general belief boosting is equivalent to cheating.  Opinions have it boosting gives a player an unfair advantage.

Truth About Valorant and Riot Games

What’s overlooked with that line of thinking is the matchmaking formula Riot Games currently uses has given some players cause to rely on boosters, to begin with.  The AFKs, trolls, and other problems in Riot’s matchmaking system have been frustrating for the average player.  This gives them cause to find alternative solutions to climb the ranks.

And this is where boosting services come in.  Because of Riot’s flawed matchmaking system, it pushes frustrated players to somehow overcome this obstacle.  Boosting services have proven to be an affordable practice that makes the gaming experience on platforms like Valorant more enjoyable.

Currently, Riot Games looks at boosting as a disruptive action that allows players with a lower Elo rating to compete against players that seem to have a better skill set.  However, the relevancy behind its argument doesn’t look at the bigger picture.

Truth About Elo Boosting

Boosting through low Elo is cheap and simple because the booster outclasses the opponents in skill easily.  This means the booster doesn’t need to spend a long period of time boosting the Elo.  This practice isn’t nearly as disruptive as Riot Games wants to believe.

In truth, by the time the booster has reached a level where they have to play more games to win, this indicates they’ve come across players that are more closely matched.  It now takes longer to climb the ladder,  therefore implicating these players are not disrupted by the booster.

Out of all the bans Riot Games has done, the only players that have been affected are those who’ve kept a high profile.  These include famous streamers, professional players, and staff.  Those bans came about due to toxic behavior that had a negative impact on Valorant, as well as the rest of the games featured on Riot’s roster.

Truth About Valorant Boosting

When boosting in Valorant, the risk of getting banned is virtually nonexistent, especially when teaming up with a quality booster.  When players have a lower Elo rating, Riot Games usually couldn’t care less about them.  They’re more interested in going after accounts that have bigger profiles.

However, should it happen Riot Games gives you a flag for whatever reason, the booster will have your back with a secure VPN.  The best in the business will also offer to play in offline mode.  This makes it harder for Riot to track your account.  This strategy also prevents your friends from seeing what’s going on.  You don’t really want them to know you’ve recruited a booster, do you?

In the End

As far as Riot Games is concerned, unless you’ve made a public spectacle of yourself that compromises the environmental integrity of games like Valorant, they’re honestly not going to care about you.  With the help of a quality booster, you stand to have a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience.  The key is to not brag about it like an online personality as this will directly impact Riot as a company, as well as Valorant as a game.  The bottom line is to play smart and stay out of the limelight.