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League of Legends Challenges Boosting Service

The newest edition to the League of Legends gaming universe is Challenges. It’s also the newest boosting and coaching service provided by Eloboost24. If you’re looking to take on Challenges to accomplish more than the average player, then our team’s boosting services may be the answer for you.

About Challenges by League of Legends

What are League of Legends Challenges? LoL’s Challenges allow players to achieve unique objectives and enhance the customization opportunities of their profiles. Marked as Challenge Points, a player completes a series of tasks while playing the game. These Challenge Points accumulate from finishing individual objectives on a Challenge Card. These are added up as contributors to your Crystal rank and Challenge-group Capstones.

Challenge Cards build up to a group’s Capstone Challenge. The only way to fully master a Capstone Challenge is to complete all the other challenges within the group. Once the Challenge Points, Capstones, and Categories are added up together, you earn your Crystal rank.

These Challenges have five categories;

  • Collection: Collect cosmetics and engaging with loot.

  • Expertise: Skillfully outmatching your opponents.

  • Imagination: Focuses on game modes and innovative plays.

  • Teamwork & Strategy: Focused on teamplay tactics.

  • Veterancy: Focuses on lifetime stats.

There’s also Legacy, a category that focuses on season-based accomplishments and previous achievements that can no longer be obtained. However, they don’t contribute to your overall Challenge and it won’t level up as a category.

The way Challenge works is by its Token. This is a unique icon that represents a challenge and its current rank. Tokens are at the center of each Challenge Card and are listed by name and what it needs for completion. You can equip up to three tokens, which are displayed on your profile and in the Lobby and Loading screens.

League of Legends: Challenges Boosting Benefits

As a service, Eloboost24 can help you achieve your League of Legends Challenge goals. Their expert team works with you to build those Challenge Points and Capstones as you strive towards specific goals. Maybe these goals include earning Titles, a special name earned by leveling certain challenges to specific tiers. These can be chosen between any of the titles you’ve unlocked.

Maybe you’re striving for either the Master or Grandmaster tier levels. To rank in Grandmaster, you need to be in the top twenty-five percent of players who’ve also achieved this coveted LoL threshold. Maybe you wish to reach Challenger, which features the top five percent of players in the game.

What the EB24 team helps you accomplish with its boosting service is to do more than just achieve your goals. It will help you better understand how LoL’s Challenge works.

Eloboost24’s LoL Challenges Services

LoL Challenges Boosting Breakdown

The breakdown of Eloboost24’s boosting services features the following;

  • Conquerer’s Path: Decimator, Double Decimation, Pentakiller, Bloodthirsty

  • Mastermind’s Route: All-Seeing, Guardian Angel, Flawless, Overwhelming Presence

  • Lone Warrior’s Journey: Solo Carry, Unkillable Demon King, Untouchable, Player Diff

  • Hero’s Odyssey: Wonder Child, Prodigy, Legendary Legend, Lightning Round

  • Unity’s Challenge: Party Crasher, Guardian, Aram Eradication, Lightning Round

Let’s look further into what Eloboost24’s boosting services can do for you. There are misconceptions that it’s a form of cheating. In reality, nothing can be further from the truth. We’re here to debunk the myths about boosting and expose the truth.

Exposing Truths About Boosting

As a service, boosting in games like LoL, including its Challenges feature, shares the same common traits as one motorist helping another motorist get out of a stranded situation. Instead of using cables that go from one vehicle to another to give it the jumpstart it needs, boosters in the gaming industry play the games they were tasked to complete. Contrary to certain beliefs, boosting is not a form of cheating.

The difference between boosting and cheating is like night and day. What cheaters do is exploit whatever weaknesses they can find in a game for their benefit. They do this at the expense of the developers who put the game together, as well as the players. Cheaters are like car thieves. They seize whatever they can get their hands on and destroy it. For them, it’s fun to expose their weaknesses and see how far they can go before getting caught.

As for boosters, instead of exploiting a game’s weakness, they learn how to use its platform legitimately. This means they learn how to adapt according to the game’s mechanics by exercising sound strategy that works. These strategies include understanding how to play like a real champion without resorting to cheating whatsoever.

Now, does this mean boosters are performing a cheat by helping a player go from ordinary to extraordinary? The answer to that question is no, it does not. Boosters offer players an opportunity to better understand the game so they can enjoy it more. Eloboost24’s team also understands there’s more to life than just gaming.

Boosters Are Helpers, Not Cheaters

Sometimes, competitive players don’t have as much time on their hands as they’d like to play games like LoL and maintain a decent ranking in the top leaderboards. In a way, sometimes boosters behave like substitutes for the most competitive players in the game who need to take a break for whatever reason. Is this considered cheating?

Again, the answer to that is no because the game isn’t being exploited for its weaknesses. All a booster is doing here is lending a helping hand and nothing more. It’s no different than two people sharing the same console where one can play during the daytime and the other plays at night. Both play the same character as one account but do so without resorting to hacks and other dubious methods.

Boosters also help stuck players become unstuck. They offer a service that helps players do more than just boost their performance in a game as competitive as League of Legends, including its Challenges mode. Boosters also boost a player’s enjoyment of such games by helping them better understand how to legitimately play like a champion. If anything, boosters also boost a game’s overall enjoyment for all players involved as they strive for a winning environment that everybody can benefit from.

Eloboost24’s LoL Challenge

By tapping into the Eloboost24 roster of professional boosters and coaches for games like LoL and its Challenges features, you’re also tapping into unlocking your full potential as a winning player. While there are many boosting services for players to choose from, EB24’s reputation speaks for itself on review sites such as Trustpilot. There’s a decade’s worth of positive reviews shared by previous and current clients who’ve used our services.

We offer Challenge Boosting for the following Challenges:

- Decimator
"Get 2 Pentakills in a single game"
Requires 1 token only.

- The Disrespect
"Do at least 2000 damage and destroy the enemy nexus while outnumbered by enemy champions"
Requires 1 token only.

- ARAM Eradication
"Get Pentakills in ARAM"
Requires 1 token only.

- Solo Carry
"Deal 40% or more of your team's damage to champions in ARAM"
Requires 1 token only.

- Unkillable Demon King
"Win games without dying and at least 30% kill participation"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Untouchable/Can't Touch This
"Win ARAM games without being killed by an enemy champion (you can still be executed)"
Requires 2 tokens.

- Double Decimation
"Get two Pentakills in a single ARAM game"
Requires 1 token only.

"Get Pentakills"
Requires 2 tokens.

- All-seeing
"Have over 2 vision score per minute"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Guardian Angel/That Was Close
"Save an ally with a heal or shield"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Flawless/Flawless Victory
"Win Perfect Games, where the opposite team gets no kills, no dragons, no Rift Heralds or Barons, and destroys no turrets"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Player Diff
"Win games queues as Fill, where you play the position you filled into"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Party Crasher/Fashionably Late
"Get takedowns after teleporting into a fight involving 4 or more champions"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Bloodthirsty
"Get First Bloods"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Overwhelming Presence
"As a laner, in a single game, get kills before 10 minutes outside your lane (anyone but your lane opponent)
Requires multiple tokens.

- Legendary Legend
"Become Legendary (8-0 kill streak)"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Prodigy
"Become Legendary (8-0 kill streak) within 15 minutes"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Lightning Round

"Win ARAM games before 13 minutes have passed"
Requires multiple tokens.

- ARAM Legend
"Go Legendary (8-0 kill streak) in ARAM games"
Requires multiple tokens.

Eloboost24’s LoL challenge for you is to do your homework. Check out the reviews before you move forward with a boosting service of any kind. Even contact us to ask questions should you have any.


League of Legends Challenges Boosting Service
League of Legends Patch 13.21
League of Legends

League of Legends Patch 13.21

Riot Games recently made significant changes to League of Legends with the release of Patch 13.21 These changes include adjustments to champion abilities, item reworks, and gameplay balance. As a booster for Eloboost24 and a player with extensive experience in the game, I'm excited to share my thoughts on these changes and how they impact the gameplay experience.

Here we are with small changes.



To summarize, they say don't play lethality, Caitlyn, play with critical build. So, she brought a different gameplay style and could work in some compositions. There is also the thing that, no matter how much they nerfed lethality, the critical build also got nerfed because Caitlyn’s base skills got nerfed. Still playable but not strong anymore.


I think it was a balanced nerf. When Briar got ahead, he became a champion who could be focused by 2-3 enemy champions and still not get killed. They prevented this. But overall briar is getting too much nerf in the last 4-5 patches in a row. So we might slowly say goodbye to Briar.



Here we come to the most powerful toplaner. First, they nerfed it, then they buffed it again and nerfed it again. Overall, they couldn't balance the champion. Now we see another buff. And this champion is going to be broken again for sure. I prefer you to play K’Sante. Doesn't matter if you are gold/plat or even higher elo.


This is a minor buff. I don't think it will bring Hecarim back into the meta. I think he is a powerful champion for lower ELO but I don't recommend playing him if you are in Emerald or higher league.


Leblanc has been receiving buffs for 2 patches and the buffs she has received are not to be underestimated. I think she entered the game as AP Leblanc. Ad Leblanc had already received a lot of nerfs in the previous patches.


They want to get Morgana into the jungle. It has been receiving buffs for 3 consecutive patches and is playable (for the jungle). It will be easier to climb with champions requiring fewer mechanics, especially in low Elo. That's why I recommend you to play with this champion until you become emerald or the champion gets nerfed.


First Strike

I still think it is a good and affordable rune because there is no alternative. Maybe Dark Harvest can be taken as an alternative, but it got nerfed in the last patch, so I don't think anything will change.

Phase Rush

Since all the other runes were nerfed, I think this one was squeezed in. Because it is not a very preferred rune and it was taken specifically in some matches.

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

League of Legends continues to evolve with upcoming skins and chromas, providing visual variety and customization options for players to enjoy. Stay tuned for the latest releases to enhance your in-game experience.

A blog post about these changes was written by me, Tinyy, one of the best elo boosters from EB24.

League of Legends has recently undergone significant changes that have affected the gameplay experience. If you're struggling to improve your skills or reach your desired rank, consider the services offered by Eloboost24. We help with boosting LOL accounts, so you can easily increase your in-game ranking, mastery level in LOL, and skills while enjoying a safe and satisfying gaming experience. We've received over 5,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot, and our service is trusted by players worldwide. Click on the links below to learn more about our Lol Boosting services:


League of Legends Patch 13.20
League of Legends

League of Legends Patch 13.20

Riot Games recently made significant changes to League of Legends with the release of Patch 13.20 These changes include adjustments to champion abilities, item reworks, and gameplay balance. As a booster for Eloboost24 and a player with extensive experience in the game, I'm excited to share my thoughts on these changes and how they impact the gameplay experience.



He was a champion we saw in high elo recently. But I don't think we'll see much after these nerfs. Especially the damage reduction rate in his E skill is very high. Belveth was a champion who liked to get inside, and what allowed him to get inside was his E skill. But after this Nerfs he is going to get much more damage from the enemy and that will cost him to tank less overall. Still might be playable but not strong anymore.


I interpreted the only useful aspect of this weakening as Renekton being played more. Because in the professional arena, you cannot blindly choose a Quinn, or similarly, Quinn cannot be played as a marksman. For this reason, we were only seeing Quinn played with cleanse against Renekton. But I don't think we will see much after this nerf.



In the previous patch notes, Galio received some buffs, but I said it would not be enough. And it seems to have happened. But the part I don't understand is that the 13.19 patch will be played in worlds and the buff that Galio currently receives does not mean anything for worlds. That's why it's a good buff for Solo Q and I recommend you to play it.


It's a nice buff. I think she's become strong enough to re-enter the meta. Especially considering that almost all the other ADCs have been nerfed. It doesn't look bad. Her only problem might be Caitlyn because she can cause trouble in the planning phase and she's not a champion who can get ahead of Caitlyn in the late game. But strong now and playable.


Morgana has received nice buffs in terms of playing Jungle. I don't think it will make much difference in terms of support or mid. It is also true that she can be strong against some champions. Especially against Maokai and Sejuani.As a side note, I would like to say this. Morgana is a simple character to play and if you are new to the game or you are not playing at high levels, I recommend you to play it. She is a very comfortable champion when it comes to getting objective and killing jungle camps.



To summarize, what happens is, K'sante is now a more tanky champion and does less damage. And I think we can count this as a nerf. Because even when you get a lead, the things you can do will be limited. But in the old K'sante, when you got a lead, you had a chance to win the game on your own.


Blighting Jewel

It's a nice buff. It seems to have become the 2nd item that can be taken when the opposing team has too much magic resistance.

Duskblade of Draktharr

It has received a lot of nerfs in a row for a few patches. I think it should not be taken.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

I can say that this is the best item to get instead of Draktharr right now. It's a nice buff and it got a buff in the previous patch.


I would like to comment as follows. The Jungle role is becoming a role that can be played more and more easily. The simplest example of this is that even jungle camps are not citeable anymore. At the same time, the jungle is now a slightly weaker role. After the nerfs to dragons and pets. But I would also like to add that now when you fall behind in the jungle, it will be more difficult to catch the opposing jungle exp. Because they reduced these rates. So, even if you are a better jungle player and your team makes a mistake, the opposing jungle will have a harder time getting back into the game.

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

A blog post about these changes was written by me,
Tinyy, one of the best elo boosters from EB24.

League of Legends continues to evolve with upcoming skins and chromas, providing visual variety and customization options for players to enjoy. Stay tuned for the latest releases to enhance your in-game experience.

League of Legends has recently undergone significant changes that have affected the gameplay experience. If you're struggling to improve your skills or reach your desired rank, consider the services offered by Eloboost24. We help with boosting LOL accounts, so you can quickly increase your in-game ranking, mastery level in LOL, and skills while enjoying a safe and satisfying gaming experience. We've received over 5,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot, and our service is trusted by players worldwide. Click on the links below to learn more about our Lol Boosting services


How to Counter Popular Agent Abilities in Valorant
Gaming News Valorant

How to Counter Popular Agent Abilities in Valorant

Valoran offers a diverse roster of agents, each having unique abilities that can turn around a battle. To be successful it is crucial to understand how to counter popular agent abilities. In this article, we will explore strategies to counter some of the most commonly used agent abilities in Valorant.

Sova's Recon Bolt and Shock Dart:

Sova's abilities provide valuable map control and information gathering for the enemy team. To counter Sova's Recon Bolt, be aware of common recon spots and avoid them when possible. If you are revealed, quickly reposition to throw off the enemy team's plans. When it comes to Shock Darts, listen for audio cues and anticipate their trajectory to avoid taking damage. Additionally, utilizing smoke or blocking line of sight can reduce the effectiveness of Sova's abilities.

image5.png 1.07 MB

Cypher's Tripwires and Spycam:

Cypher excels in gathering intelligence and disrupting enemy movements. To counter Cypher's Tripwires, use agents with abilities that can destroy or disable them, such as Jett's Updraft or Raze's Blast Packs. When dealing with Cypher's Spycam, actively scan the area for its presence and destroy it whenever possible to limit the enemy team's vision.

image3.png 2.52 MB

Viper's Toxic Screen and Snake Bite:

Viper's abilities can create barriers and zone control. When countering Viper's Toxic Screen, consider using smokes or flashes to deny her vision and neutralize the effectiveness of her wall. Additionally, listening for audio cues can help you figure out the exact location of her wall and navigate around it. To counter Viper's Snake Bite, avoid standing in the poison pools to minimize the damage taken.

image1.png 550.09 KB

Brimstone's Incendiary and Sky Smoke:

Brimstone's abilities are focused on area denial and controlling sightlines. When facing Brimstone's Incendiary, be patient and wait for the fire to finish before moving. Moving through the fire will most likely result in a quick death. Alternatively, consider using agents like Jett to quickly dash through the fire to catch the enemy team off guard.

image2.png 363.16 KB

Phoenix's Curveball and Hot Hands:

Phoenix's abilities are designed for aggressive play and area denial. To counter Phoenix's Curveball, coordinate with a teammate, one playing anti-flash and the other advancing. Maintaining a safe distance and predicting his throws can also help you avoid being caught off guard. When dealing with Phoenix's Hot Hands, keep an eye out for the flames on the ground and promptly move away from the affected area to avoid taking damage.

image4.png 209.47 KB


Counteracting popular agent abilities in Valorant requires knowledge, adaptability, and effective communication. Understanding how to neutralize these abilities can shift the balance of power in your favor. By countering Sova's recon tools, disabling Cypher's traps, adapting to Viper's toxic control, and outmaneuvering Brimstone's area denial you can negate the impact of popular agent abilities and gain advantage. Remember, practice and teamwork are key to mastering these counters and achieving success in the game.


Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon - Mecha Combat Excellence
Gaming News

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon - Mecha Combat Excellence

On August 25, 2023, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon was released as a mecha-based vehicular combat game.  The development team was FromSoftware while the publisher was Bandai Namco Entertainment.  This was the first entry in the Armored Core series since 2013’s Armored Core: Verdict Day.

Upon its release, Armored Core VI: Fire of Rubicon sold over 1.3 million Window-version copies and became the highest-selling entry of the series.  The focus of this latest chapter to the Armored Core series hasn’t changed.  Players are to assume the role of expert pilots who control mechanical warriors known as Armored Cores.

What Armored Core VI offers is a very flexible modification platform for players to work with as they design their mech warriors.  The idea is to come up with the ultimate Armored Core that will come out on top after its been sent to combat.  What Armored Core VI does is pick up where Armored Core: Verdict Day left off.


armor2.png 2.91 MB

As an objective, the player is assigned to complete a series of missions.  In-game currency is awarded to players who complete them successfully.  Unlike previous Armored Core games, this one doesn’t have a debt system.  Should a player fail a task, they won’t lose any in-game currency because of it.  This allows players to harp away at the same mission as often as necessary without worrying about going in the hole.

Armored Core VI’s storyline is futuristic as humanity struggles as an interstellar civilization.  There is Rubicon 3, a frontier planet that featured Coral as an energy source and data conduit.  It was also key to the advancement for humans to advance with technology.  It wasn’t until disaster struck that the Fires of Rubicon begins as the base to a storyline that pits corporate greed against a human population that’s striving to save what’s left of humanity.  

In the game, the player operates as C4-621, an augmented human who fights as the pilot of an Armored Core on the promise of a new life.  Early in the game, the hero character becomes “Raven” after coming across and stealing the license of a dead mercenary.  In addition to the objective mode, there is also an arena mode where one player can take on another player to see who’s Armored Core is the best in what’s otherwise known as a PVP match.

According to Reviewers

armor1.png 439.46 KB

For the most part, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon has mostly received positive reviews by gaming critics.  Among everyday gamers, the vast majority are in agreement this was a game well worth the wait.  It was a ten year gap between Amored Core: Verdict Day and Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon.

As favorable as the reviews were, one common complaint was a storyline that felt like it fell short as a futuristic one.  The campaign has five chapters that is played almost entirely over radio conversations and briefings.  While in combat, it was difficult to understand the chatter.  Furthermore, the hero character didn’t seem to have any depth to it.  Among gamers who enjoy an engaging storyline, this is just as important as the gameplay itself.

Good storylines played out by great characters is what makes a game truly memorable.  This was lacking in Armored Core VI so it did turn off fans and critics who were expecting more depth when it came to playing the campaign.  However, among gamers who paid more attention to gameplay and couldn’t care less about the storyline, they found this latest chapter to the Armored Core series fantastic.

In the End…

Overall, the reviews have been positive.  As usual, not everybody will be on the same page when it comes to what works for them and what doesn’t.  Mechanically speaking, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon is a great game.  The arena mode is probably the biggest highlight as players go up against each other to see who has the best mech warrior.  For them, it’s more fun to go up against an unpredictable player than a computer generated one.In the end, it comes down to preferences.  As a gamer who loves a good storyline told by dynamic characters, I found the campaign mode of Armored Core VI somewhat boring.  However, the gameplay was a different experience as I did enjoy that.  As for arena mode, it works for players who have a competitive edge to see if they’re the best Armored Core pilot in the game.