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Double the Power. Conquer Together.

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Priority +25%
Ghost duo +25%

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In instances where you receive less than 14 points per game, we reserve the right to transition your League Boosting into Win Boosting

In your personal profile, you can manage your order, chat with your booster, and schedule your boost

During duo boost service, our boosters use a company account with similar MMR to your account for a balanced experience

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21143 Reviews
Booster was really kind, funny and playing with him was great. He teached me a lot of cool tricks with Cassiopeia and I enjoyed time with him. 11/10
P*****0 Oct 9, 2021
Fast service. Kind and very friendly. Responds instantly. Respects the criteria. I had a great experience with this booster. He did the job I requested within the time I needed it done. He was super polite and responded everytime I asked him anything. I r...
a***********3 Jul 17, 2023
Very friendly and professional!:)
m*******************3 Jul 29, 2023
Fairly quick, cheap and effective!
b*******s Jun 9, 2021
Very happy with the work that has been done. Very quick and trustworthy as always. Good tft player liked it!
S******3 Apr 17, 2020
Quick and without any problems
o******************3 Jun 16, 2021
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How it works?

Engaging with Eloboost24 for boosting services streamlines your journey to achieving higher game ranks. Simply follow these steps


Select Your Boost — Choose the type of boost you need, whether it’s for climbing ranks, accumulating wins, or nailing those placement matches. Each service is crafted to support your unique in-game aspirations.


Complete Your Secure Payment — Safely process your payment through our secure gateway. With a variety of trusted payment options, your transaction is safe and easy.


Tailor Your Boost — After your payment, customize your boost. Select from recent, favorite, or featured VIP and Loyalty boosters to align with your specific in-game preferences. Apply this to your choice between roles, champions, or agents.


Track Your Progress — Monitor your boost’s development via our dashboard. Choose to communicate with your booster, arrange sessions, and favor your top booster for future orders to ensure continuity and a personalized experience.


Experience the Results and Aftercare Support — As your boost service concludes, revel in the upgraded gaming experience and achieve your goals. Our commitment extends beyond the boost with aftercare support, ensuring you’re equipped to maintain your new status.

Common questions

FAQs about League of Legends EB24 Boost

  • What is Duo Boosting in League of Legends?

    Duo Boosting is a collaborative service where you pair up with a professional booster to play ranked games together. As a team, you improve your chance to win and climb the ranking ladder.

  • How do I choose a booster for my Duo Boosting session?

    After you complete your payment, you will be able to choose your Duo Boosting partner. You can select from a wide range of available boosters. This includes VIP and Loyalty boosters known for their exceptional skill and reliability. You can also choose a booster saved in your list of favorites. These options ensure you’re matched with the best partner for your playstyle and boosting goals.

  • Is Duo Boosting more effective for climbing LoL ranks?

    Duo Boosting allows for real-time collaboration and strategy. This can sometimes be more effective than playing solo. This is especially true when it comes to communication and teamwork in ranked games.

  • How is the price for Duo Boosting determined?

    The cost of Duo Boosting is based on the initial and desired rank, server, and queue type. Customizations like Premium Duo and Priority options can also affect the price.

  • Can I use Duo Boosting for any rank in LoL?

    Duo Boosting is available for all ranks up to Master, with adjustments in pricing based on the rank and additional services chosen during customization.

  • How do extra options like "Priority Queue" and "Ghost Duo" affect my Duo Boosting service

    "Priority Queue" speeds up the process of finding games. "Ghost Duo" allows for a more discreet boosting experience. Both options add a percentage to the base price of the service.

Meet the

EB24 team

Loyalty Program

ProfessorHave you already heard about our Loyalty Program? Want to get more discounts to buy your Elo Boost? Our EB24 Loyalty Program offers up to a 12% discount. Each time you buy one of our services, you get 1 point for each EUR or USD you spend. Trust me, I’m a very wise Professor! I used a duo Elo boost service as an experiment and it gave me a League of Legends duo boost experience that exceeded my expectations. When duo boosting League of Legends, I worked with my assigned booster so we could achieve the LoL duo boosting results I was looking for.

EB24 Recruiter

RobinSometimes, I feel lost and don’t know which service to purchase but with EB24 Recruiter. I feel much better! EB24 Recruiter is a system that can help you get your desired service. It is fantastic for LoL Boosting! Simply find anyone from management and request their help. They will do the research and provide you with the best option for your EB24 Elo boost duo service. They make sure you’re teamed up with a qualified Elo booster who knows what they’re doing and is willing to work with you as more than just another customer. They treat you like a person that’s also a valuable member of a team because this is exactly what happens when you and your booster start working together. Hey, it takes teamwork to make things happen! Am I right or am I right? C’mon, you know I’m right!

VIP & Loyalty Booster

SharlaHave you assigned your order to a VIP or a Loyalty Booster yet? VIP Boosters are the best boosters on our EB24 Boosting team to do D2+ orders. So, if you have a Master order, assign it to one of them to get the best duoq boosting service. If you have an order below D2 then one of our Loyalty Boosters will be the best fit for you. Assign your order to one of them now! If you’re looking for a Lol boost duo deal, going VIP or using the Loyalty Booster service would be the best way to go about it. This ensures you get the best bang for your buck when it comes to services like League of Legends duo queue boosting, duo queue boost, and other Lol boosting duo services. It’s about what you want and how you can make the most out of your investment.

Schedule Bar

KevinTo get the best duo service, communication is KEY. And that is why you can schedule with your booster at any time on your Schedule Bar. This Schedule Bar is on your dashboard, near the direct chat with the booster. With this tool, your duo service is a lot easier since you can match schedules with the professional booster and get your LoL boosting finished in no time. You should try it! I did when I went for duo boost LoL mode. My request was "duoboost lol" when I placed my order and I was more than happy with the results I got! When we did the duo boost League of Legends as a team, the results were fantastic! I learned so much when we did league duo boosting as my partner also coached me on how to make the most out of the League of Legends duo boosting agreement we had in place. I’m a much better player now than I was before duo boosting LoL. If you want a good League duo boost, go with EB24. You won’t be disappointed!


OryI love providing the best duo Lol boost service to all our customers! But, many of them are afraid to buy because they don’t want to be disappointed. But now we have reviews from the 5 years we’ve been in service! Each time I show my reviews to customers, they get excited and use our services! Check our Trustpilot page and see for yourself. Go over the testimonials of customers who’ve used the LoL duo queue boost and the Elo boost duo queue as part of the services they sought for. Not only were they happy with the first time they used EB24 but kept coming back for more, often becoming VIPs and taking advantage of the Loyalty Booster initiative we have in place. We strongly believe in teamwork. This means our boosters don’t treat you like customers. They treat you like a valuable teammate as they work with you to achieve exactly what you paid for and more.
Why EB24 is

the Best Place to Buy Boosting

Climb to the Top

Is it your goal with League of Legends (LoL) to climb to the top as an elite player? If you’re striving to propel your LoL gaming experience to new heights, let Eloboost24 help you achieve your goals. We are specialists in Elo Boosting who offer exceptional service.

Whether it’s taking on the toughest ranks or simply enhancing your playing skills, our EB24 team will provide top-notch LoL Elo Boost services. Go ahead, embrace the power of Eloboost, and witness ideal improvements in your gaming journey.

Trusted Partner in LoL Boosting

At EB24, we are not just about providing a service; we’re about crafting a personalized gaming experience. With our comprehensive LoL Boosting services, you get more than just a rank increase. Our skilled boosters, adept in all nuances of Elo Boosting LoL, ensure that your journey through the ranks is smooth, efficient, and tailored to your unique style. Eloboost24 is more than a service; it’s a gateway to unlocking your full potential in League of Legends.

Customized to Meet Your Unique Needs

At EB24, we are not just about providing a service as a trusted partner in LoL boosting. We’re also about creating a personalized gaming experience. With our comprehensive LoL Boosting services, you get more than just increased rankings.

EB24’s boosters are highly experienced experts in all nuances of Elo Boosting LoL. We help you ensure that your journey through the ranks is perfectly tailored to your unique style. You will find Eloboost24 is more than a service. It’s a gateway to unlocking your full potential in League of Legends.

For that customized LoL boosting experience as you chase after your individual gaming goals, choose Eloboost24. Our Elo boost services offer lots of variety and personalizing options. This includes solo and duo boosts.

A Legacy Boosting Excellence
Eloboost24 has built a legacy in the LoL gaming community and beyond. We are underscored by our commitment to excellence in Elo Boosting services. With a solid track record of nearly ten years with a plethora of positive Trustpilot reviews, we’ve established ourselves as a leader in LoL Boosting and coaching services. Our dedication to your gaming success and account security is backed by reliable VPN protection. This makes EB24 the ultimate choice for all your Elo Boosting needs.
Premier LoL Boosting Services

At Eloboost24, we’re not just experts in LoL boosting. We’re avid gamers who are passionate about elevating each player’s experience. Our comprehensive range of Elo Boosting services includes Elo Boost LoL to specialized coaching. These services are designed to cater to every aspect of your League of Legends needs.

If you’re looking to climb the ranks swiftly with our LoL Boost services or enhance your strategic play, our team at EB24 is committed to delivering results for that ultimate League of Legends experience.

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