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League of Legends Challenges Boosting Service

The newest edition to the League of Legends gaming universe is Challenges. It’s also the newest boosting and coaching service provided by Eloboost24. If you’re looking to take on Challenges to accomplish more than the average player, then our team’s boosting services may be the answer for you.

About Challenges by League of Legends

What are League of Legends Challenges? LoL’s Challenges allow players to achieve unique objectives and enhance the customization opportunities of their profiles. Marked as Challenge Points, a player completes a series of tasks while playing the game. These Challenge Points accumulate from finishing individual objectives on a Challenge Card. These are added up as contributors to your Crystal rank and Challenge-group Capstones.

Challenge Cards build up to a group’s Capstone Challenge. The only way to fully master a Capstone Challenge is to complete all the other challenges within the group. Once the Challenge Points, Capstones, and Categories are added up together, you earn your Crystal rank.

These Challenges have five categories;

  • Collection: Collect cosmetics and engaging with loot.

  • Expertise: Skillfully outmatching your opponents.

  • Imagination: Focuses on game modes and innovative plays.

  • Teamwork & Strategy: Focused on teamplay tactics.

  • Veterancy: Focuses on lifetime stats.

There’s also Legacy, a category that focuses on season-based accomplishments and previous achievements that can no longer be obtained. However, they don’t contribute to your overall Challenge and it won’t level up as a category.

The way Challenge works is by its Token. This is a unique icon that represents a challenge and its current rank. Tokens are at the center of each Challenge Card and are listed by name and what it needs for completion. You can equip up to three tokens, which are displayed on your profile and in the Lobby and Loading screens.

League of Legends: Challenges Boosting Benefits

As a service, Eloboost24 can help you achieve your League of Legends Challenge goals. Their expert team works with you to build those Challenge Points and Capstones as you strive towards specific goals. Maybe these goals include earning Titles, a special name earned by leveling certain challenges to specific tiers. These can be chosen between any of the titles you’ve unlocked.

Maybe you’re striving for either the Master or Grandmaster tier levels. To rank in Grandmaster, you need to be in the top twenty-five percent of players who’ve also achieved this coveted LoL threshold. Maybe you wish to reach Challenger, which features the top five percent of players in the game.

What the EB24 team helps you accomplish with its boosting service is to do more than just achieve your goals. It will help you better understand how LoL’s Challenge works.

Eloboost24’s LoL Challenges Services

LoL Challenges Boosting Breakdown

The breakdown of Eloboost24’s boosting services features the following;

  • Conquerer’s Path: Decimator, Double Decimation, Pentakiller, Bloodthirsty

  • Mastermind’s Route: All-Seeing, Guardian Angel, Flawless, Overwhelming Presence

  • Lone Warrior’s Journey: Solo Carry, Unkillable Demon King, Untouchable, Player Diff

  • Hero’s Odyssey: Wonder Child, Prodigy, Legendary Legend, Lightning Round

  • Unity’s Challenge: Party Crasher, Guardian, Aram Eradication, Lightning Round

Let’s look further into what Eloboost24’s boosting services can do for you. There are misconceptions that it’s a form of cheating. In reality, nothing can be further from the truth. We’re here to debunk the myths about boosting and expose the truth.

Exposing Truths About Boosting

As a service, boosting in games like LoL, including its Challenges feature, shares the same common traits as one motorist helping another motorist get out of a stranded situation. Instead of using cables that go from one vehicle to another to give it the jumpstart it needs, boosters in the gaming industry play the games they were tasked to complete. Contrary to certain beliefs, boosting is not a form of cheating.

The difference between boosting and cheating is like night and day. What cheaters do is exploit whatever weaknesses they can find in a game for their benefit. They do this at the expense of the developers who put the game together, as well as the players. Cheaters are like car thieves. They seize whatever they can get their hands on and destroy it. For them, it’s fun to expose their weaknesses and see how far they can go before getting caught.

As for boosters, instead of exploiting a game’s weakness, they learn how to use its platform legitimately. This means they learn how to adapt according to the game’s mechanics by exercising sound strategy that works. These strategies include understanding how to play like a real champion without resorting to cheating whatsoever.

Now, does this mean boosters are performing a cheat by helping a player go from ordinary to extraordinary? The answer to that question is no, it does not. Boosters offer players an opportunity to better understand the game so they can enjoy it more. Eloboost24’s team also understands there’s more to life than just gaming.

Boosters Are Helpers, Not Cheaters

Sometimes, competitive players don’t have as much time on their hands as they’d like to play games like LoL and maintain a decent ranking in the top leaderboards. In a way, sometimes boosters behave like substitutes for the most competitive players in the game who need to take a break for whatever reason. Is this considered cheating?

Again, the answer to that is no because the game isn’t being exploited for its weaknesses. All a booster is doing here is lending a helping hand and nothing more. It’s no different than two people sharing the same console where one can play during the daytime and the other plays at night. Both play the same character as one account but do so without resorting to hacks and other dubious methods.

Boosters also help stuck players become unstuck. They offer a service that helps players do more than just boost their performance in a game as competitive as League of Legends, including its Challenges mode. Boosters also boost a player’s enjoyment of such games by helping them better understand how to legitimately play like a champion. If anything, boosters also boost a game’s overall enjoyment for all players involved as they strive for a winning environment that everybody can benefit from.

Eloboost24’s LoL Challenge

By tapping into the Eloboost24 roster of professional boosters and coaches for games like LoL and its Challenges features, you’re also tapping into unlocking your full potential as a winning player. While there are many boosting services for players to choose from, EB24’s reputation speaks for itself on review sites such as Trustpilot. There’s a decade’s worth of positive reviews shared by previous and current clients who’ve used our services.

We offer Challenge Boosting for the following Challenges:

- Decimator
"Get 2 Pentakills in a single game"
Requires 1 token only.

- The Disrespect
"Do at least 2000 damage and destroy the enemy nexus while outnumbered by enemy champions"
Requires 1 token only.

- ARAM Eradication
"Get Pentakills in ARAM"
Requires 1 token only.

- Solo Carry
"Deal 40% or more of your team's damage to champions in ARAM"
Requires 1 token only.

- Unkillable Demon King
"Win games without dying and at least 30% kill participation"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Untouchable/Can't Touch This
"Win ARAM games without being killed by an enemy champion (you can still be executed)"
Requires 2 tokens.

- Double Decimation
"Get two Pentakills in a single ARAM game"
Requires 1 token only.

"Get Pentakills"
Requires 2 tokens.

- All-seeing
"Have over 2 vision score per minute"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Guardian Angel/That Was Close
"Save an ally with a heal or shield"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Flawless/Flawless Victory
"Win Perfect Games, where the opposite team gets no kills, no dragons, no Rift Heralds or Barons, and destroys no turrets"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Player Diff
"Win games queues as Fill, where you play the position you filled into"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Party Crasher/Fashionably Late
"Get takedowns after teleporting into a fight involving 4 or more champions"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Bloodthirsty
"Get First Bloods"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Overwhelming Presence
"As a laner, in a single game, get kills before 10 minutes outside your lane (anyone but your lane opponent)
Requires multiple tokens.

- Legendary Legend
"Become Legendary (8-0 kill streak)"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Prodigy
"Become Legendary (8-0 kill streak) within 15 minutes"
Requires multiple tokens.

- Lightning Round

"Win ARAM games before 13 minutes have passed"
Requires multiple tokens.

- ARAM Legend
"Go Legendary (8-0 kill streak) in ARAM games"
Requires multiple tokens.

Eloboost24’s LoL challenge for you is to do your homework. Check out the reviews before you move forward with a boosting service of any kind. Even contact us to ask questions should you have any.


League of Legends Challenges Boosting Service
Advantages of Elo Boosting
General League of Legends

Advantages of Elo Boosting

Advantages of elo boosting

A lot of League of Legends players are very skeptic when it comes to employing the services of an ELO booster. This is quite understandable as anything in life that yields progress also comes along with risks. However, the advantages of ELO boosting are numerous and if properly and well done would pose little or no risk to the account of the customer. Outlined below are some of the advantages of ELO boosting:

1. Affordable pricing: There is a popular saying that quality isn’t cheap. Well, this may not be the case with ELO boosting services as most boosting companies have affordable rates that would suit the needs of all kinds of clients. A lot of ELO boosting services have sprung up in recent times so getting a professional ELO booster to work for you has become easy as these companies have become competitive even to their pricing. When the services rendered by most ELO boosting companies are compared with the perks and advantages that the customer has to enjoy if he/she patronizes the ELO the boosting company, the odds are very much in favor of the customers as they get a whole lot more value when compared to what they pay these boosting companies to raise their MMR. A lot of league of legends players feel that it costs so much to employ the services of a booster. But this isn’t true. A lot of popular elo boosting companies like boosters offer elo boosting services at reasonable and friendly rates so a lot of people can jump on the opportunity to employ the services of boosters without stress and discomfort.

2. ELO boosting is a quick and sure way to raise your MMR: Employing the services of an ELO booster is a sure and quick way to raise your matchmaking rating in no time as ELO boosters are highly ranked and can get customers good results in no time.

3. You can easily show off to your competitors and friends how much you have climbed up the LOL ladder.

4. When the services of a booster are employed, the customer can rest easy as most ELO boosting companies do not take more than 20 minutes to respond and start the process of boosting.

5. Some ELO boosters can boost one division in a day.

6. Most ELO boosters are professionals that have been ranked from Diamond 5 and also possess challenger ranks. This means that customers are guaranteed to get premium results as the ELO boosters are usually ranked higher than other players and possess the expertise required to achieve the results that the clients require.

7. When you employ the services of an ELO booster, you have easy access to them and can always chat and communicate with them in order to know the progress of your order. Professional ELO boosters are accountable individuals that can easily calm situations down and do what it takes to please a customer or client. Your order progress can easily be tracked and you can pause and un-pause your order if you so desire.

8. Employing the services of a professional booster is definitely going to be worth your money as a lot of orders have been completed successfully over the years with close to no issues with accounts getting banned and what not so results are assured.

9. Speed of growth: It’s a known fact that climbing up the ladder when playing league of legends is not a very easy task. Frustration can creep in if players are not patient enough. This is common when playing with other players as you all may not be in sync and they may fail to understand your patterns and methods. Working with boosters is an assured way of climbing ranks faster than playing with other regular players. Working with boosters ensures that customers have full access to progress and customers can easily interact with boosters through chats. Your account can also be highly customized to suit the customers need.

10. Bragging rights and respect: Making use of boosting services to raise MMR and rank quickly definitely earns you bragging rights. People ranging from friends and other acquaintances find your account more attractive as you grow and increase your rank. A lot of people begin to look up to you and your teammates respect you even more and it helps to enable you to build a
reputation within the gaming ecosystem.

11. ELO boosting is safe and a secure: Employing the services of an ELO booster is a very safe and reliable method of rising quickly among the league of legends ranks. Previously, the only way to quickly move up the ranks was when a different player logged into your account. That process was quite risky as there was a huge probability that it was going to get noticed and the user would get banned. This, however, is not the case with elo boosting as your account details do not need to be revealed. This method of raising MMR is geared towards a safer and more reliable means of climbing up the ranks. The risk of manipulation and account banning is minimized and the customers go home happy while building trust with the ELO boosters.

12. ELO boosting is Reliable: Initially, when starting out using the services of ELO boosters, you may feel skeptical and not sure about the entire process. This is normal as ELO boosters expect this from customers. When customers start noticing the immediate results, they lose all their fear and become very trusting. Professional ELO boosters understand the value of what the customer has paid so they strive to achieve awesome results that leave the customer happy. Some ELO boosting services also provide the option of reimbursement if accounts are affected. Professional ELO boosting companies can be trusted and customers are usually left feeling very happy with themselves as the results can be overwhelming sometimes.

If done right, Elo boosting can be a very powerful tool to help you easily climb up the Elo ladder.


Guide Step-by-Step on how to get Elo Boost for League of Legends

Guide Step-by-Step on how to get Elo Boost for League of Legends

The registered trademark of the Riot Game, Inc. is the League of Legends (LOL). The fandoms of the game are enthusiastic for playing the matches and are crazy for the wins on the battlefield. The ELO LOL boosting process gave innovation to the players who get bored for playing into the same ranks. The players who cannot upgrade the LOL system ranks were tired and were looking for innovations in the game. The ELO LOL boosting process made it easier and simpler for the players to improve and enhance the performances on the battlefield. The matches with professional players give exposure to the junior players to learn the real tactics of match winnings. The internet is full of online service providers who are willing to provide legit, safe, and secure services to the customers to build strong customer relationship. The procedure for buying the ELO LOL Booster comprise of the following simple steps:

1. First of all, you have to choose your service provider. You must select a reliable service provider on the internet. The reliable service providers can give you the surety to secure your accounts; otherwise, you could lose your account if you trust unreliable service provider. Always go through the terms and conditions of the company to better get the idea of the company security countermeasures to protect your privacy from hacking. The customer policies and the marketing strategies of the companies reveal how much they are conscious of safeguarding the confidentiality of the customers.

2. The next step includes the selection of the Booster pack. Once you have selected the online provider and read the term and conditions, you must choose the booster pack. The booster pack varies from company to company, and the price depends on the booster pack you are purchasing. The ranked win boosting, League boosting, etc. are the booster packs
available for the players to buy. You must select the current state and the desired state to buy the booster pack.

3. You should fill the information carefully to reduce the chances of inserting the wrong information. However, in case if you fill the incorrect information and click the purchase button, then you have the facility of tracking your order back. The companies provide the back order tracking facilities to the customers that allow them to resell the booster packs if they change their minds.

4. Once you have pressed the purchase button, you can be the guest for the company or the returning customer. If the services of the company have satisfied you so far, then you must register your account with the company to get discounts and rewards as the returning customer.

5. The purchase action redirects you towards the payment tracking step. There was a time when companies offer few payment methods to the customers, but now companies provide a variety of payment methods to the customers. PayPal, VISA, Pioneer, etc. are available for the customers to make their transactions for purchasing the booster packs.

6. After payment confirmation, you will receive a message for your order delivery, and your ELO BOOSTER will get access to your account to ensure the victory for you.

The internet is full of the stuff related to the guidance of the ELO LOL boosting purchase. Before buying the services, make sure that you have joined hands with a reliable and trustworthy service provider. Do not rush in deciding because any wrong decision can put your account at stake. The ELO LOL BOOSTING process is enjoyable and exciting so stop thinking about it, go and grab the service.


EB24 Tips #4 - How you should select a Coach to your Service? Elite Coach, Recruiter - How to use functionality of the service

EB24 Tips #4 - How you should select a Coach to your Service? Elite Coach, Recruiter - How to use functionality of the service

Throughout our EB24 Tips saga, we've been teaching you a lot of things, from adjusting your settings in-game to how to use our schedule bar when purchasing a duo boosting service or coaching. Today the saga continues and we'll taunt you everything about our coaching services so you can make a good purchase that will make you improve on League of Legends. So let's get started!

  • How do I know which coaching session is the best for me?

You can look around on our coaching tab and check the prices by yourself if you already know exactly what do you want and need. But for those who are still confused or don't know what to choose, you can ask help on our Live chat and you will receive help from an EB24 recruiter, they are from our management and will listen to all your requirements and needs and will then provide you the best option(s) so you can get the best coaching session possible!

  • What is I know already what I want and need help deciding which coach select?

If you want to select a specific coach, you need to make a small research on our boosters tab because our boosters are also coaches. [1] So, what exactly you need to do is simple, once you are on the list, you should use our filter box [2] and select the rank you want the coach to be and also the rank you want to learn, this way you will see a list of all the boosters that main the role you asked and are the rank you selected. If you also want to get one of the most active coaches, you can also select on the section where it says “Special” and select the option “Elite Coach”. [3] 

Illustration [1]: Boosters tab on the Homepage.

Illustration [2]: Filter box on the boosters tab.

Illustration [2]: List filtered with Rank Challenger, role Jungler and special Elite Coach.

Once you see the list updated, you should look up into the booster's main champions, so you know which one has the same or the similar champion pool as you have, they will most likely be the best for your coach since they are also main of your champion pool.

  • What is an Elite Coach?

An Elite Coach is the booster that provides a lot of coaching sessions and has the best results/reviews. This means this booster is already experienced in teaching and coaching!

  • I already saw which coach I want, how do I assign my session to him?

You have 2 ways to assign your session to your desired coach:

- ask directly on the live chat to get your coaching assigned to the specific coach after you make your purchase,

- assign directly to him after you make your purchase, on the option to select a booster.

  • How do I communicate with my coach?

As always, you should first register on our website before making your purchase and even if you didn't register, you will receive the login information for a guest account created by the system once you purchase your session. You need to reach your dashboard and on the coaching tab, you will have there a direct chat with your coach.

  • Where do I schedule with my coach?

You schedule with your coach on your dashboard, below the direct chat with him, you have there the schedule bar where you can schedule and set a time where you and the coach can start the session!

Hope you enjoyed another EB24Tips and that you've learned how you can get your coaching session andfulfilll all your wishes. As always, you can reach us everywhere, we are online 24/7 on our live chat and you still have all of our social media to reach us! Make sure to follow us on: 

Instagram | Facebook Page | Twitter | Facebook Group | Discord Server


Elo Booster salary, earn by playing? Is it possible?
General Valorant Teamfight Tactics League of Legends

Elo Booster salary, earn by playing? Is it possible?

ELO LOL Booster feature is just not for the players to purchase and enhance the ranking system of LOL accounts. However, the ELO LOL boosters provide the opportunity to the professional players to become the ELO BOOSTER and earn money. ELO BOOSTERS make thousands of dollars by just collaborating with the customers so a player with a high gaming skill in League of Legends can become an ELO BOOSTER.

All you need is to be smart in choosing your gaming strategies to win the games because you can even beat the professional players with your low ranks if you have ebullient skills on the battlefield. The service providers collaborate with the professional and skilled players to provide ELO LOL boosting services to the customers. The players in the market are seeking the opportunities of ELO boosters to earn money because League of Legends game is a hub of the zealous and ebullient players. To become an ELO booster, you must have the professional skills to fight with the enemy team on the battlefield. The boosting process allows skilled players to log in on the customer's account and play on his/her behalf and improve the ELO boosting ranks or levels. Some players hesitate to negotiate on ELO BOOSTING process because it is quite risky to give access to someone to climb into your account and play on your behalf. For instance, if you are playing as a silver player, then the booster will cost you much to enhance your level from silver to platinum or gold rankings. The boosters generate handsome salaries by performing the LOL activities on the battlefield and do what they desire to do while playing games. Students are playing as ELO BOOSTERS as a part-time job and are earning a decent income per month to carry out expenses. The ELO BOOSTERS get an earning % for each service they provide and there are boosters that tend to earn up 2000 USD per month. The figure is just an estimated amount that a player can earn on average per month but the winning for zealous players who invest their time and efforts in playing games is beyond the limits. The figure to earn money in the field of League of Legends is beyond the imaginations of the fresher who think of making money by playing as an ELO BOOSTER. The players who have experience in this field openly share their experience with others and reveal that playing LOL is not just a game; it is about sharing their feelings. If you are passionate about playing LOL games, then you must think of making money by bringing your passions on the rational path and deciding to be an ELO BOOSTER. The ELO BOOSTERS need to efface the confusions of the customers that ELO BOOSTING is a safe, legit, and secure service to avail. However, if you have high skills to beat the enemy team on the battlefield, then the age is not to waste the skills and passions. Hard work pays off, and that’s right if you are willing to bring your efforts to the battlefield to make more and more money. The League of Legends is the best platform for skilled players to earn money and to use the skills to make money. ELO BOOSTING has some disadvantages as well because if you are willing to play as ELO BOOSTER, then you should be trustworthy and you should follow the terms and conditions to avoid the violations.