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New Placement Matches Policy for LOL, TFT, Valorant

The gaming world is always evolving, and with it, the policies that shape our play. Recently, significant updates have been made to the placement match policies for popular games like League of Legends (LoL), Teamfight Tactics (TFT), and Valorant. Understanding these changes, particularly regarding Matchmaking Rating (MMR) and rank alignment, is crucial for players aiming to maximize their gaming experience.

Last Known Rank Clarification

A key aspect of these updates is the alignment of the account's MMR with the order requirements. For instance, if you're playing on a Diamond account with Master MMR in LoL, you should select Master as your last known rank. This clarification ensures fair and balanced matchmaking in placement matches.

Guaranteed Wins Policy in League of Legends

In LoL, the new policy introduces a system of guaranteed wins for placement matches. The policy stipulates that:

  • For 5 placement matches, players are guaranteed 4 wins (Unranked to Master) and 3 wins (Grandmaster and Challenger).
  • This guarantee scales down with the number of placement matches played, ensuring players have a clear expectation of their potential ranking outcome.

lolfinal.jpg 280.87 KB

Guaranteed Wins Policy in Teamfight Tactics

In TFT, the new policy introduces a system of guaranteed wins for placement matches. The policy stipulates that:

  • For 5 placement matches, players are guaranteed 4 wins (Unranked to Master) and 3 wins (Grandmaster and Challenger).
  • This guarantee scales down with the number of placement matches played, ensuring players have a clear expectation of their potential ranking outcome.

tftfinal.jpg 279.33 KB

Guaranteed Wins Policy in Valorant

Valorant, too, has adopted a similar policy

  • Players can expect 4 guaranteed wins for 5 placement matches in ranks up to Immortal and 3 wins at Radiant.
  • As with LoL and TFT, the number of guaranteed wins adjusts according to the number of placement matches.

valorantfinal.jpg 241.26 KB

Should the guaranteed win count not be met, players will receive wins equal to their losses. However, it's important to note that compensation will not exceed a full division if the total win rate is 50% or above. This safeguard ensures that players are fairly compensated while maintaining the integrity of the ranking system. This guarantee scales down with the number of placement matches played, ensuring players have a clear expectation of their potential ranking outcome.

disclaimer.jpg 564.52 KB


As we embrace these new placement match policies across LoL, TFT, and Valorant, players need to stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly. These changes not only bring a new level of excitement and challenge to the games but also ensure fairness and competitiveness in the ranking system. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, these policies are set to impact your gaming journey significantly. Remember, these updates are designed with your gaming success in mind. By understanding and leveraging them, you can optimize your gameplay and enjoy a more satisfying competitive experience. So, gear up for the new season, keep these changes in mind, and get ready to climb the ranks with confidence and strategy! 🚀🎮🏆


New Placement Matches Policy for LOL, TFT, Valorant
EB24 about League of Legends #4 Itemization, Patch 9.22 - from the Booster perspective
League of Legends

EB24 about League of Legends #4 Itemization, Patch 9.22 - from the Booster perspective

With this new meta, depending on the role and champions, the build may vary and so, we'll summarize the most of it! Continue reading to learn the most out of it!

  • Top lane

Since Renekton, Jax and Jayce are the best top laners for this meta, here's what you should build on them.

For Renekton, you should rush Spear of Shojin and then go for Black Cleaver. The spear of Shojin should be rushed as soon as possible because the item itself is broken. After having these 2 items, you should buy Sterak's Gage or Guardian Angel depending on the game. Other items are situational.

For Jax, buying Trinity Force is better than Spear of Shojin. After those, you can either get Sterak's Gage or a defensive item. I don't really like Titanic Hydra, I would only buy it on a super late-game situation. Other items are situational.

For Jayce, if you are snowballing your lane, you can go Duskblade of Draktharr's first item. If you are not snowballing, then build Black Cleaver, Youmuu's Ghostblade and Edge of Night. Other items are situational.

  • Jungler

As stated on the previous blog post; Ekko and Kha'Zix are the S tier junglers and so here are the items you should build on them:

1. For Ekko: [1]

Illustration [1]: Items for Ekko Jungler

2. For Kha'Zix: [2]

Illustration [2]: Items for Kha'Zix Jungler

  • Mid lane

Usually the build can be similar from champion to champions so here's a scheme on the build you should follow if:

1. Your champion is AP:Luden's Echo, Sorcerer's Shoes, Oblivion Orb, Rabadon's Deathcap, Zhonya's Hourglass, Liandry's Torment, Void Staff

2. Your champion is AD: Duskblade of Draktharr, tiamat, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Edge of Night, Guardian Angel

3. Your champion needs Tear: Tear then build like a normal AP champion.

So let's talk now on why these are the best items. Above was only a small scheme so let's get deep into it!

- AP Champions/Mages:

Mages have a straightforward way of building the first item, that is Luden's Echo. Your crucial item for the early game is the Lost Chapter. 

Lost Chapter gives you 40 AP + 300 mana and upon leveling restores 20% of your maximum mana over 3 seconds which is crucial for you as a midlaner. It allows you to keep your lane pushed out and look for roams or invades with your jungler. 

Generally, you should be looking to complete your boots before upgrading to Luden's echo. Luden's Echo's value is not really high so you don't get the same power spike that you do once you complete Lost Chapter hence, so we can delay its build. 

If you are playing a champion whose main goal it is to burst someone, then the second item that you want is Oblivion Orb, a component of Morellonomicon. As you might have noticed, I specifically said Oblivion Orb and that is because throughout many patches, Morellonomicon's value has been reduced to the point where it is not worth finishing it anymore unless you are playing against a team with a lot of healing. What makes Oblivion Orb so good is its easy build path and cheap access to flat magic penetration which has a higher value than % magic penetration due to the lack of tanks that build pure defensive stats in the current meta. 

If you are just a normal mage looking to dish out damage consistently, you should be getting Liandry's Torment. Your next item will be situational. If you are doing well, you might consider Rabadon's Deathcap. It gives a huge boost to your damage output. You can also go for Banshee's Veil. It keeps you safe against the first enemy CC or Zhonya's Hourglass to help you survive enemy burst by going into stasis. 

You should stick with this build path for the majority of the time, unless you are playing a tear champion like Ryze or Cassiopeia, who want to build Seraph’s Embrace first instead of Luden’s Echo. Then you need to continue building like other ap champions. 

Sorcerer's shoes are the boots that you are going to be buying most of the time, unless you are playing vs a full AD team where Ninja Tabi prevails, or against a team with a lot of CC, and in this case, Mercury Treads are the best item for you.

- AD Champions/Assassins:

Assassins have a pretty standardized build as well. The AD ones want to go Tiamat first if they don't have enough wave clear to match the enemy, otherwise your first item should be Duskblade of Draktharr or Youmuu's Ghostblade if you are lacking mobility. 

Your second item should be the opposite of your first one. So, if you went Duskblade of Draktharr, you should get Youmuu's Ghostblade and vice versa.

Your third item should be a defensive one. If you are playing against a heavy magic damage team, then building Maw of Malmortius is the way to go, otherwise Guardian Angel is a no brainer. 

For the fourth item, you can go with Edge of Night and at the end, you finish building Tiamat into Ravenous Hydra in case you had it. If not, get one more defensive item or Black Cleaver. 

The boots you can buy are Boots of Mobility, Ninja Tabi or Mercury Treads. You should choose which one fits you the best the same way you choose for AP champions. 

If you are doing fine and feel like the enemy doesn't have enough AD to justify buying Ninja Tabi, or not enough CC to make you buy Mercury Treads, then you should get Boots of Mobility that will let you be everywhere on the map.

AP assassins like Akali and Katarina want to get for Hextech Gunblade as their first item. For the second item, you complete Sorcerer's Shoes. Then Oblivion Orb as the third and Zhonya's Hourglass as the fourth item. Rabadon's Deathcap is your next go-to item. And you finish the build with one more defensive item like Banshee's Veil or Void Staff if the enemy has a lot of magic resist.

  • AD Carry

For AD Carry, the builds are very standard for the majority of the ADC's available on this meta. Stormrazor or Manamune for Kai'Sa, Essence Reaver and Rapid Fire Cannon for Xayah. After that, the builds are similar and situational! Lucian also gets Essence Reaver but goes first with a Blade of the Ruined King. 

The boosts for ADC's may also vary depending on the enemy team but considering that the enemy team isn't heavy on AD or CC, then you should buy the typical Berserker's Greaves.

  • Support

On Support, since the main predominant role is engage tank, the main items you should be getting is: Boosts of Mobility, Remnant of the Aspect, Zeke's Convergence, Knight's Vow, Locket of the Iron Solari and Redemption. The order of these items will vary on the enemy team and on your own team composition! 

Here are all the items for the most broken champions on this meta and patch! We hope you liked it and we want to thank the boosters that helped us with such information, their names will be below so in case you want to buy a Boosting service or a Coaching service, you can always give them your order and we can guarantee that you won't be disappointed!


Top – Celebrimbor

Jungle - Starkingg

Mid – Justfizzics

ADC & Support - NAryan 


We hope to see you again with more content and guides provided by our boosters! Take a look into our social media for more League, TFT (and more!) related content!

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EB24 about League of Legends #3 Current meta, Patch 9.22 - from the Booster perspective
League of Legends

EB24 about League of Legends #3 Current meta, Patch 9.22 - from the Booster perspective

With so many changes that come with this new patch 9.22, we've decided to gather our best boosters to provide you some inside information from their perspective about this meta, here are the results of their opinions for each role!

  • Top Lane

Top lane is the longest lane in the game, so that makes it very vulnerable to ganks. To be honest, it's very hard to avoid ganks when you're playing top lane. In the early game, if the enemy jungle starts red (they usually do it because of the Krugs clear) and the enemy top laner is on the red team, this means that the enemy's red will be on the top side of the map.

When that happens, you should just push the lane and ward the tri bush if the pixel top brush is warded. If not, placing a ward on the river would be a better choice. 

If the enemy's red is on the bot side of the map, you can just ward the edge of the blue. Junglers are usually aiming for Krugs so being on the red team is better for you when playing top.

But what happens after that?”

After being sure that you are safe from the enemy jungle, now you can focus on your non-stop trades because the enemy jungler won't be on the top lane for at least 4 minutes. 

You should always try to push and get the healing plant that is on the river. This plant makes your laning phase much easier. Also, ward the enemy's Gromp after fully pushing the top lane. At this point in the meta, I don't suggest roaming since Top lane has been relying on pushing and trading while not get ganked. 

Which champions are the best on Top lane now?”

Renekton and Jax is my number one picks right now. 

Renekton never loses the lane except against Jayce. Also, because his trades are simple and he is over buffed. Jax is also overpowered with Shojin and has an OK laning phase. 

My tier 2 pick is Jayce because he counters most of the ranged champs and can build Kleptomancy. His scaling is OK and still, he is the most lane dominant top laner in the game.

  • Jungler

For jungler, the best champions at the moment are Ekko and Kha'zix

Ekko is very OP in every way and his kit is perfect to be a jungler right now. His only weakness is the early game's clear speed. Here are the best runes for him. [1]

Illustration [1]: Runes for Ekko Jungler

Kha'Zix is stepping up because of his R and W, those abilities evolved are the description of OPness. 6-second stealth and +%80 slow are not acceptable in any other way. His weakness is his early game, other than that he has 0 weaknesses. He is also the rare case of a scaling jungler. Here are the runes we think you should do. [2]

Illustration [2]: Runes for Kha'Zix Jungler

But there are more champions that we think are in a very good spot now, they're: Shyvanna and Dr. Mundo

We'll also, leave you below, what in our boosters opinion, is the tier list for the best Junglers. [3]

Illustration [3]: Tier list for Junglers

  • Mid Lane

The patch 9.22 didn't bring us a lot of changes in the current meta for mid. There were only a few adjustments that made a few champions more balanced like Kayle and Nautilus.

On solo queue, the meta has been quite consistent since a couple of patches ago. The most important thing about the lane is roaming and making pressure on the map. 

To do so, your pick has to be quick at pushing and needs to have some ability that helps you gank other lanes or invade the enemy jungle. That is why we usually chose champions with one target focus/burst such as Malzahar, Syndra or Fizz. The quicker you push the lane and give your jungler/bot lane some advantage in the map, the more benefits you get.

Mid is the shortest lane on the map, so the ward coverage is very important. The best wards you can place are at the “pixel” bush and a deep pink ward that can give you information about the enemy jungler.

From my perspective, this is the tier list for mid lane. [4]

Illustration [4]: Tier list for Mid Lane

  • AD Carry

Riot has been buffing ADC's since a few patches ago. But of course, if you saw Worlds, you can tell which are the best ADC's for this meta! If you didn't, I can tell you right now, they are Xayah and Kai'Sa!

As the meta has changed and forced players to roam more instead of farming and scaling, bot dive based on the mid/jungle priority is very important now. Especially when this bot dive leads to a dragon, tower plates and even lane swapping with the top laner. 

ADC’s are now having a crucial commission for burst damage and mobility. As you all know, burst damage is for killing one target fast while diving, and mobility for evading those dives. Unfortunately, there are not many champions who are suitable for both, which obligate us to play only Xayah and Kai'Sa.

One might say “But Ezreal and Tristana also have the best mobility!”. Yes, they both got a fair enough skill to run away from dives or ganks, but they’re way out of the meta now. For Ezreal, Riot had recently nerfed enormous amount of cooldown on his E. He only starts getting stronger after building Tear and Shean, and his early win rate is 36%! 

As I mentioned, the game nowadays is faster due to snowballs from dragons and tower plates and because of that, you must have very strong support and jungle to pick Ezreal. Very similarly, Tristana’s attack range increases based on level. And since the games are so fast, you might even lose the game before you have actually reached your power spike. Unlike those two and other ADC's, Kai'Sa and Xayah have everything that is on the meta. 

But, even tho the game is so fast, I want to introduce 4 more ADC's that are decent as well. They are Lucian, MissFortune, Ashe, and Heimerdinger.

They're all showing incredible stats now, Lucian with a 50% win rate and 55% for Miss fortune. (The stats are based on Platinum or higher). Ashe had a 58% win rate last patch, and it has decreased to 53% now but it's still OP. 

Also, Heimerdinger itself is in an S+ tier, and he’s average win rate is 54%. Therefore, I would like to show you the tier list for ADC. [5]

Illustration [5]: Tier list for ADC's

I placed Xayah and Kai'Sa on S-tier since they're showing incredible stats in Master and Challenger with a 58% win rate, but when it comes to Platinum, their win rate drops to 49%.

  • Support

Even though Nautilus and Blitzcrank got nerfed, they're still OP. According to the stats in Platinum or higher, both Nautilus and Blitzcrank has a 52.7% win rate. As I mentioned above while talking about ADC's, the support needs to be a good fit for this dive meta. So you should go for a tanky champion with hard CC. Leona has a 53% average win rate, so I would like to say that not only Nautilus and BLitzcrank are OP, but Leona as well. 

Since they're all diving champions, this means that champions who can prevent a dive are also on the rise. These champions are Morgana, Janna and Shaco.

But personally, I recommend support players to ban Morgana and just pick Nautilus, Blitzcrank or Leona. This is because Shaco’s pick rate is under 1% and playing Janna professionally is really hard due to her Skill-cap. If you want to grind and win, you should be the one making the plays, not the one picking Lulu and pressing W E behind the ADC while he's getting hooked. 

To help you know which champion to pick, I'm leaving below a list of a few good duo bot combinations that, in my opinion, are the best for this meta according to their stats:

1. Blitz and Xayah

Even though, Xayah's average win rate decreased a bit on this patch, this combination with Blitzcrank helps her increase it a bit more.

2. Leona and Jinx

With the good CC combinations, the average win rate of this bot duo is 56%.

3. Bard and Ezreal

It is most likely that Ezreal will be farming and Bard roaming, which maximizes the effectiveness of both champions. Their average win rate is 55%.

4. Ashe and Leona

Well... The enemy champion will not move until he's dead if play this combination right. The average win rate is 57%.

5. Miss fortune and Nautilus

This combination is a big S-tier! The average win rate is 59%

And this is all! We've selected the best information so every role is covered and everyone can grind and win as much as possible! Keep following us on our social media below and make sure you buy a Boosting service or a Coaching one and assign it to the boosters that made this blog post possible! Here are their names:


Top – Celebrimbor

Jungle - Starkingg

Mid – Justfizzics

ADC & Support - NAryan 


All boosters would be pleased to make your dream come true or even teach you more about the meta so you can climb up all by yourself! 

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EB24 about Teamfight Tactics #5 - The ultimate guide for patch 9.22 - Game Strategies, Best Compositions, Itemization and more!
Teamfight Tactics

EB24 about Teamfight Tactics #5 - The ultimate guide for patch 9.22 - Game Strategies, Best Compositions, Itemization and more!

Teamfight Tactics just got its new "season" with the Set 2 released. A bunch of new champions, traits, and origins were added into the game, on this blog post we'll be talking about the most important changes done from set 1 to set 2 and how can you abuse the meta on this new season of TFT! So let's start right now.

Biggest changes in the game

  • The terrain

The terrain will change every game (you can see right away which element the game will have by looking in the middle of the carousel right when it starts). This gives the respective bonus to a random tile at the start of the game and a second one right after the PVE golem round. It will behave like an actual item given at the start of the round, which means you can't place champions with 3 items there. 

There are 4 types of tiles that the terrain can start with: 

 - Ocean (gives +30 starting mana), 

 - Infernal (gives +30% attack speed bonus), 

 - Cloud (gives +20% dodge chance), 

- Mountain (gives +30 Permanent HP at the start of each round).
This system will affect the gameplay and how to position units on the map, some comps are better than others depending on the terrain. We'll be talking about it later in this blog post!

  • Lack of heavy carry champions

 The days where we build a protective comp for one carry (think of 6 brawlers + jinx) are over. On this set, there are no proper hyper carries, the only ones that exist are melee, and the value of defensive items such as trap claw has diminished. 

The team should now have more sources of damage and this leads us to the next important change.

  • No more huge power spikes 

 Since you don't need to look for that 2-stars hyper carry that used to be the heart of the comp. The consequences are that you can’t rely on hitting an upgraded unit to make your comp work, but you should be solid whether you get it or not.

  • No ultra-core items 

 The needs of a Giant Slayer or a Dragon Claw is not a thing anymore, after the nerfs on these two items (and as we stated before the removal of hyper carries), there is a better balance and you can be less “greedy”, by not waiting for the right item to fuse them with.

  • Small conclusion

 The new theme could be “anything works“, as long as it's well thought and not completely out of place, you can make use of any item you get.



Best comps, champions and items tier


Remarkable champions:

  • Tier 1

 - Vladimir: Reveals his true strength on 3-stars, being very annoying with his healings in a mage comp, 


- Diana: Simply overpowered to be a tier 1 unit, shield and damage allows her to carry the early game, 


 - Maokai: Can be used until level ~8 as a frontline thanks to the woodland buff, 


- Zyra: Is a very strong early game unit. She doesn't scale well tho, since her damage will split among all the enemy units. 


  • Tier 2

- Rek'sai: High true damage on her ult. Can be used together with the predator trait to perform interesting one-shots. When being 3-stars, she hurts enough to be kept in the late-game too, 


- Malzahar: Does fine damage early game, and his traits are both very good, 


 - Varus:High damage, strong in the late-game, 


- Volibear: Solid option, since he will never waste his ult on low HP targets;


  • Tier 3

- Mundo: Big frontline, even high damage if he reaches 3-stars, 


- Sivir: Able to apply her on-hit items on anyone, she has the potential to literally prevent the enemy team from doing anything, 


- Kindred:Has a very low amount of mana for a good damage ability, tho she can deal a lot. Also, she is also good when going for utility with healing reduction, 


 - Nocturne: With good items (Infinity Edge and Crit Chance items) he can kill anyone while healing himself, 


- Qiyana:Her type changes accordingly to the terrain, you need to keep her in mind while building your comp. She's also a fine unit with a quite good amount of damage on her spell.


  • Tier 4

- Olaf: One of the few hyper carries the set 2 offers, with a berserk comp and glacial buff, he's able to kill the enemy team, healing himself preventing any kind of CC on him, 


 - Kha'zix: His ability allows him to quickly kill targets, but most of his power comes from the low amount of mana required (and the one refunded), 


- Yorick: He is the core of any light team since his ghouls are able to proc and receive the light buff as well. He doesn't require any specific item. 


  • Tier 5

- Master Yi: Another hyper carry available, (obviously) needs to be 2-stars, defensive items are usually better than offensive ones since he gets a lot of extra damage from his ability and trait (shadow), 


- Singed:One of the best units, quickly spreading the poison trait on anyone, reducing healings with a morello. He is also able to mess with enemies positions and focus since he keeps walking and cant be Cc'd. 


- Nami:Good supportive unit, her ability always hits most of the enemies, applying CC and buffing your team. 


- Zed: The weirdest champion among them all, yet has the potential to be the strongest. He's not good by himself but his ability creates a clone with the same items, making him extremely items-reliant (Guardian Angel, Redemption, Zapper) 


Items tier


  • Weaker-than-before

- Guardian Angel: Since there isn't any champion able to apply damage and CC during the revive time, like Kennen/Morgana/Swain before, this item is less valuable, 


- Trap Claw and Rapid Fire Cannon: The lack of a ranged hyper carry makes both of these items less important than before, 


- Dragon's Claw and Giant Slayer: Both of them got nerfed with the set 2, but are still decent items,

- Spatula items: They are weaker since they don't provide doubled stats anymore. The best ones are the Mage Hat, Inferno Cinder, and Talisman. 

  • Good items

- Deathblade, 

- Hand of Justice, 

- Thief's Gloves, 

- Zephyr.


  • Very strong 

- Iceborn: The best item so far, providing great utility and tankiness, 


 - Morello: Great item to reduce healings, can be kept on Neeko or Syndra in the early game,


- Seraph or Shojin: Both of them are really good with the increased number of AD/AP casters. Seraph can make Kha'Zix ults without any delay and nearly the same happens on kindred, 



 First carousel priority

BF Sword/Glove/Tear > Spatula/ Recurved Bow > others


Playstyles and comps


  • Snowballing

 Similar to set 1, you try to snowball right away by winning as much as possible, getting extra gold from wins and winning streaks. Try to do as many 2-stars champions as possible and place any upgraded unit on the buffed tile. Remember to level up before the first PVP round and after the carousel. 

Priority traits: Woodlands and Predators, but keep in mind that level and 2-stars champions are more important than traits.

Early game typical good comps:


 After golems, you have to start building your team based on what you have collected so far. 2 rounds after golems, you will get LVL6 and spend all your money until you have a powerful comp.

Good midgame traits: 

 - Shadow, 

 - Assassins, 

 - Berserk. 

 - 3 Mages are doable but not recommended.




 Once you feel like you can win most of the rounds you can save a bit, getting LVL7 after wolves and spending again your money. Hit a good comp since now synergies are more important, and you should be close to the ideal late-game full comp. After reaching a decent team, the best would be getting to raptors with 50 golds so you can LVL up and try to complete your comp.


Best late-game compositions: 

 - Poison + Glacial + Berserk, 

 - Shadows, 

 - Summoners.

 But also some comps like 6 Mages with mage hat or 6 Infernals with Cinder can eventually work well.

To win the game you probably need 3-stars champions that tier 2-3, the best ones among them are probably Mundo, Kindred, and Azir.

  • The Hyper Rolling strategy

This playstyle is riskier but has a higher chance to bring you the 1st place. Differently from set 1, tier 1 units are pretty strong when they reach 3-stars, but it means losing some HP in the early game. Never buy exp before reaching LVL5 and save as much as you can to hype roll after golems. Afterward, you want to start saving money to get levels later on. 


 The best Hyper Rolling comps are Lights and Predators.


 The conclusion is that set 2 has a lot of more viable comps and synergies, without anything being extremely stronger than another. All you have to do is to adapt and be creative... but not too much! I hope you enjoyed this guide and good luck in the arena!

This blog post was brought to you by one of our TFT boosters that have been doing amazing work! His name is Shelob and he will be very pleased to be your TFT booster or coach! You can assign your order to him, whether it is TFT boosting or TFT coaching, he will do it right away! Don't forget to follow us on our social media below and stay tuned for more content! 

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The EB24 Team Story - Learn more about the EB24 World

The EB24 Team Story - Learn more about the EB24 World

Once upon a time, there was a school that had something different, something special... The school didn't have many students but there was a specific class that has something that many others didn't. Mr. Stanbrough was the teacher of such class and he was also amazed by every student of that class. The class has 4 students. Each student has a specific trait and a personality that any other student has.

The class has begun. They started with the introductions. So Mr. Stanbrough introduced himself and each student also made a brief introduction of their name and what they like to do.

The first student was a little girl, she was looked innocent and happy. She heads to near the blackboard and said:

- Hello everyone, my name is Sharla. I like to study and pay attention to the classes. I also like to help my colleagues and so, sometimes, I can sit near you and we can study together if you need my assistance! - Sharla went back to her seat and another student went to the blackboard.

It was a boy, he had a serious look on his face. He took his hands out on his pockets and said:

- Hi, my name is Robin. I don't like to study much and I might only help you if you take my help seriously. If I see that you don't want to study or learn with me, I won't help you anymore. If you are focused enough and really wish to get my assistance, I will be helping you every time. In case, there's something missing on your table, you can tell me, I can get you anything you wish. - He went to his seat and started writing a few things in his notebook.

The third student was very confident and happy, he started making dancing moves while going to the blackboard. Once he got there, he said:

- Hey hey, guys! I'm Kevin and I will make your day shine! I get mad sometimes, really mad, perhaps... But I'm a cool guy! If you help me, I can help you and that is all that matters! If you don't help me and I get angry, you won't like to see what can happen, but for sure you won't do that! I am excited to start this new adventure with you!

Kevin started heading to his seat and a robot passes through him and they both did a high five. The robot then goes to the blackboard and types “Ory”. After that he says:

- Hi! I am Ory. I wrote it on the blackboard so you know how to spell it. I am a robot but I like to help a lot! I am also Kevin's best friend! We're always together! Well... Not always because sometimes I like to help others too but almost always! Ha Ha Ha - the robot laughs and goes to his seat.

After all the introductions, the class had finally begun. The professor then started writing on the board a few words that kept the students curious and excited. The words were: “Mid lane”, “Jungler”, “Support” and “AD Carry”. The room was silent and no one knew exactly what those words meant, and so the professor asked: “From all these paths, which one will be yours? You will have to choose if you want to join the game.”

Everyone was looking at each other, confused with the professor's question. And so, Sharla decided to set up her hand and make the question that everyone had in their minds: “Professor, what is this game? And what do all those paths mean?” The professor then smiled and explained what this game was about and what each role would do. All the students were happier since they knew what this was all about. Once the explanations were done, Mr. Stanbrough asks again: “So now that you know the game and the rules, which path will you take?” And each student stood their hand up and replied once after the other:

- I would like to choose Mid lane professor. – Says Sharla.

- As a robot, I will go for support. Ha Ha Ha – Says Ory.

- I want to be near Ory. I choose AD Carry, Mr. Stanbrough! - Says Kevin.

- Well... I don't have any other path than Jungler so... I guess, I choose that one. - finishes Robin.

Everyone had their paths taken and now you could only expect the game to begin. The professor would also join the students on this adventure. He would fill the missing path that he, himself didn't type since that was his chosen path since the beginning. The professor chose the “Top” path. Now with everyone in their place, a new story would start, with 4 students and their professor, on a magical trip they would go.

This whole idea of "game", still wasn't fully clear to Sharla and so she asks Mr. Stanbourgh:

- Mr. Stanbourgh, I love this game, it looks awesome but why are you teaching us all this and why do we have to play it?

- Because we fit the market preferences of this game we will be playing. In other words, we are playing this game for a different perspective!

Sharla understood everything right away, but Robin couldn't say the same... He was a bit confused at the beginning but rapidly caught up everything explained by Mr. Stanbourgh. While Kevin and Ory... Well, they were talking to each other and didn't even pay attention to anything!

After all the explanations, Mr. Stanbourgh resumed the incoming subjects that the class will be learning throughout the year. Sadly, Sharla didn't have the opportunity to learn a few of those subjects and so the professor scheduled a class for each missing subject. This way, Sharla would be able to learn the missing parts and be on the same path of learning like everyone else. The class was about to end and so everyone left besides Sharla and Mr. Stanbourgh. Sharla kept sitting on her place while the professor would explain to her when she will be having the next subjects that she needs. He said:

- According to your class schedule, this will have to be the schedule for our private lessons according to those missing subjects you need. - He pointed at the blackboard while explaining.

- Alright, professor, when do we start these classes? - She asked.

- The week is ending... I will be showing you our school and what you can find on it, tomorrow and the day after I'll start with a few subjects but nothing to worry about. Next week should be perfect to start. In a week you'll learn everything and be ready to study with your classmates! - Sharla and the professor left since the class was over.

A new day began. It's time to get into the class. Everyone was already sitting on their sits, waiting patiently for Mr. Stanbourgh to arrive. A few minutes passed and the professor entered the room and greeted everyone.

- Good morning, students! - he said.

- Good morning, Mr. Stanbourgh! - everyone replied at the same time.

- So today, as we talked yesterday, we will have a small guided tour to our school. I will show you everyone and where you can find all you need while being here. So please, stand up and follow me.

Everyone stood up and went behind the professor. The school had a lot of halls so it could be a bit confusing at first but with time, students would get used to it. In the first hall, there was a board full of papers with different colors, shapes, and types of letters.

- He is the board of our requests. This board has those who want to sell or buy something. For example, if you want a specific item, you grab a piece of paper, write what you need and want and paste it here. You need to fill any type of information on how you can be reached, otherwise you can't be helped or help. This board should be very good for you Robin, as you said in your introduction, you can get anything to anyone. - the professor laughs. - you can get rewards for each request you take and of course, if you request anything in here, you need to also provide a reward to the person that helps you!

- I will start checking all the requested and see if I can do any of them! - Robin starts checking each paper.

Everyone else simply waited for the professor to move to the next hall. After a while, Robin was already set to go and so they moved to the next hall. This one had a structure with a computer on it where the students could verify their grades and points.

- Here you can verify everything about you. We use this computer mostly, to verify your grades and if you are a good student and aren't missing any class. Those who are an exemplar and come to every class and have great grades receive badges.

- What are those badges, professor? - Sharla asked.

- These badges will accumulate points and level up, each time you reach a certain number. By accumulating points, you need to be an exemplary student!

- I will be the best one on this list! - says Kevin, very confident.

Everyone looked at him and laughed, even Ory. Kevin was a bit confused about why everyone was laughing but the professor had to continue the tour.

On the third hall, there was a big board with a huge list of names.

- Here you can find our students' names list! If you look closely, you'll probably find your name already on it!

The 4 students started looking up on the list and everyone found their names already one it.

- How can the names be already here? - asked Ory

- We update this list right before the school starts, this way each student can look up where do they belong and what exactly they will have.

Mr. Stanbourgh continued to the next hall. There were multiple boards on the walls, full of photos of different sizes.

- Here is our school's gallery. You can find all the projects that our students have been doing throughout these years! Your works will also be here once you finish any type of project!

All the students looked amazed and determined to be on those walls one day.

Walking a bit further to the next hall and Kevin was already feeling tired and bored.

- Professor, I'm tired already... When will this tour be over?

- Don't worry, Kevin. It's just this hall and one more. After those, we're done!

Everyone continued to the 4th hall where was the Library, near to the library's door, was a big board with notes on it.

- Here is the library but on this board, you can find some notes related to subjects that are looked up the most in our library. This board is always updated so if you don't like reading and prefer to have some quick notes, you can search on this board and see if the subject you want to learn is here.

- I don't like to read, professor. It's so boring and let's be honest... who doesn't like to have the job done and only need to read these resumes? - says Kevin.

- You surely don't Kevin, even if you tried, you wouldn't pay attention to the book. Ha Ha Ha – Ory laughs making everyone else laugh as well.

- Hey! That's not true! I... I can do it if I want! - says Kevin a bit mad.

Ory hugs his friend and says he was just joking. Both friends are already together!

Heading to the final hall.

- Here we are, the last hall! This one is the opinions hall. Its walls are full of all the opinions given to this school and its students! We've collected them since the beginning so we can honor our students and those who got help from them. You can look around and leave after, I declare the class over. See you tomorrow! - says Mr. Stanbourgh while shaking his hand as a goodbye sign.

All students also said goodbye and checked the walls for a while and then left as a group. Each one took their path once they left school, saying goodbye to each other.