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EB24 #3 Boosters Thoughts - Vision and wards: Where to place and why?

(Quick summary was written by one of our boosters, MonkeyKING.) 

The blog post will talk about the positioning of wards on the Bot Lane, does it really matter? “I don’t buy wards. I need my items, my support will do it.” - Is this a myth or a fact?

These are the 2 most frequent questions when talking about support and about warding. On this blog post, we will be answering to them and explaining why that's the correct answer and also you will learn where and how to create vision.

"SUPPORT BUY WARDS, I NEED ITEMS!" If such words are said by your AD Carry, you already know that this will be a hard game. Let's start with the fact that on the bot lane, you are playing as 2 against 2 enemies, not as one like on Mid or Top. (Although sometimes it feels like you are playing alone versus 2 on the bot lane...)

Vision in the game can change everything. Imagine, minions are in the middle of the lane, you have to ward literally everywhere, if the enemy jungler is in the bush you simply have to wait for him to leave and place a ward until the one you have expires. What was all this waiting for? The Enemy jungler lost time and everyone on your team knows where he is and perhaps your jungler and invade the enemy's jungler or gank the top safely because the enemy jungler won't be there.

When you are on the blue side of the map, your goal is to provide vision for your lane and aswell for your team. This is why there should be wards around the map. Vision on the river is very important as it can tell you if the enemy jungler is doing the scuttle crab or if they are doing Dragon.


Illustration [2]: Possible ward places when the lane is even and you are just equal in the bot lane

Depending on how the lane is going, if you getting pushed in or pushing. Maybe you want to place a control ward in your lane. But you should always keep in mind where you should place the ward because otherwise the enemy bot lane or jungler will easily be able to destroy it, and you wasted gold and now don't have more control wards. 

You should always place a ward on the bushes in the lane, especially if you are playing against an engage supports because engage supports usually hide in the bush and try to engage on you from the bushes.

Blue side bot lane has more locations to ward compared to the red side, because of the map structure, which makes you have more bushes in your favor than the opposite team.


Illustration [3]: Possible ward places when you are winning your lane and you are ahead of the enemy

As you are ahead that means you are winning against the enemy's bot lane and probably you are pushing the lane into the enemy's turret. Even when winning, you should always ward because it will protect you from roams from the mid laner or ganks from the jungler when you are overextending (pushing the lane for a big period of time).

Control wards should be placed in the bushes on the enemy's jungle, the normal trinket wards can be placed everywhere like on the image above. These wards will give you enough time to react if someone comes to your lane. The places showed on the image are the best especially when you are already on the second turret of the enemy team and if someone is coming, you have more than time to react and escape.


Illustration [4]: Possible ward places when you are losing your lane and you are behind compared to the enemy's bot lane

As you can see on the image above, we have wards in bot side jungle as well as on the river. You always need to put wards on the river, this way you can see if the enemy's mid laner or jungler is coming to gank you. When you are behind, you don't need to place many control wards because the enemy team can easily destroy them and you won't be able to contest when they are destroying it. That's the reason why we use a trinket ward instead of a control one because it can be more useful and you won't have to waste gold.

When you starting to win the laning phase, you want to have the maximum vision control as possible even in the enemy's jungle. It will help you see if someone is coming (enemy's mid or jungler) to your lane.

And this is all for this week's blog post, stay tuned for next week's blog post, we will talk about the red side of the map and show you where you should and shouldn't place wards so you become a master of ward placing! Don't forget to check our socials and follow us, in case you have any issue and would like to reach us there are many more ways to get in touch with us than only on our live chat. I will leave all the social ways you can reach to us:

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