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EB24 #3 Boosters Thoughts - Vision and wards: Where to place and why? [PART 2]

(Quick summary was written by one of our boosters, MonkeyKING.)

The blog post will talk about the positioning of wards on the Bot Lane, does it really matter? “I don’t buy wards. I need my items, my support will do it.” - Is this a myth or a fact?

These are the 2 most frequent questions when talking about support and about warding. On this blog post, we will be answering to them and explaining why that's the correct answer and also you will learn where and how to create vision.

"SUPPORT BUY WARDS, I NEED ITEMS!" If such words are said by your AD Carry, you already know that this will be a hard game. Let's start with the fact that on the bot lane, you are playing as 2 against 2 enemies, not as one like on Mid or Top. (Although sometimes it feels like you are playing alone versus 2 on the bot lane...)

Vision in the game can change everything. Imagine, minions are in the middle of the lane, you have to ward literally everywhere if the enemy jungler is in the bush you simply have to wait for him to leave and place a ward until the one you have expires. What was all this waiting for? The Enemy jungler lost time and everyone on your team knows where he is and perhaps your jungler and invade the enemy's jungler or gank the top safely because the enemy jungler won't be there.

When playing on the red side of the map, you have to place vision, that on the first levels/early game is very similar to the blue side team. However, there are a few spots different between the blue and red side.


Illustration [1]: Possible ward places when the lane is even and you are just equal in the bot lane

At first glance, you can see wards in your tri-bush. You must always have a ward in this place! This is very important because, for example, you carried out a fight on your lane and want to step back. Having a ward on this place, you know if you can go back under your tower or you have to run away, next. Another example is the situation in which the opposing team starts to push lightly, having wards on your own tri-bush, you will know if the enemy jungler is waiting to make a tower dive or maybe the enemy team wants to go back. That's why I recommend you to place a control ward in this place or even combinate control + trinket in the same place  (When jungler or even enemy bot destroys your control ward, you don't have to face check because you have the normal ward). However, I do not recommend placing a control ward in the enemy tri-bush if the lane is 50/50, because you will lose the ward very quickly. But the best place to put a control ward it's on the bot lane river bush, your own tri-bush, and the pixel bush. This way as soon as you start pushing your jungler can do the perfect counter gank / lane gank. When the gameplay does not go as you would like. You must react quickly and start placing vision on our lower jungle. Thanks to this, you will prevent the enemy team from further killing you or your jungler. It is very important to remember this! On the attached graphics we have a whole lot of wards in the lower jungle. Also, remember to put wards on the river! Then we see if the enemy jungler takes any buffs. We know when he comes in and when he leaves our jungle. You can kill him, make a dragon, use your opponent's mistakes!


Illustration [2]: Possible ward places when you are winning your lane and you are ahead of the enemy

My favorite stage of the game: when we take the first tower on the bottom lane. We have several scenarios:
a) Swap with the top laner and try to take the top tower,
b) Go as 3 on mid and push to try open the map (not the game),
c) My favorite option: Push bot lane as much as possible until the nexus and snowball through the bot lane.
We will focus on option C). I call this stage of the game "magic 6". We need all of these 6 wards to be safe and without any problems, you can take an inhibitor probably for free. Of course, that is thanks to the magical 6, you'll have excellent vision control. You'll see if someone is coming and trying to kill you and/or your team. With all these wards, you'll be able to escape safe and sound.


Illustration [3]: Possible ward places when you are losing your lane and you are behind compared to the enemy's bot lane.

And now the worst possible scenario for the red team: When you play on the red team and you are losing the lane. You have to control your jungle all the time. How many times has the enemy jungler dived you? How many times has the enemy Zed/Katarina/Talon comes and kill you? Remember this: you are a team which means you play as 5 people. And this vision will help you avoid the familiar scenario when your mid laner does not ping "SS" or when the 0/2 enemy assassin comes to bot and strikes along with the enemy bot lane. He kills you twice on the bot and suddenly the game is over because you can not even farm safely... Having a good vision control on the map will make you know when to help your mid your laner on his lane. And you can easily go through your jungle without worrying if someone is waiting to kill you.

And this is all for this week's blog post, now you can become the master of warding! Don't worry, if you still think there's a lot you need to learn, you can always purchase a Duo Boosting service so we give you the best support to guide you on how to become the best or even a Coaching Session which will turn you on a Diamond+ support player for sure! Don't forget to check our socials and follow us, in case you have any issue and would like to reach us there are many more ways to get in touch with us than only on our live chat. I will leave all the social ways you can reach to us:

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