EB24 Academy #5 - How to manage a service?

  • Direct Chat
  • Ability to Pause Service
  • Game Scheduling
  • Reporting Booster/Coach
  • Requesting New Booster/Coach

In this article, we are going to show you how to manage the service. The customer area has built-in functions, allowing you to manage your service from one place.

“How can I manage my service and contact my booster/coach/seller?”

As we work to provide the best service to our customers and boosters, we want to give you all the options possible for you to get the best service. Along with these features, we offer one of the most important, which is communication.

Through communication, you can always talk with your booster/coach. Or, if need be, the seller should buy an account directly from our own marketplace.  This is done from your dashboard. [1] 

[1] Direct chat on the dashboard (the name of the customer was hidden for his privacy)

In this chat section, you can verify who your booster/coach/seller is and if they’re online. Along with it, you will also have our EB24 summoner’s code and two extra features, which are “tip booster” and “poke booster”. [2]

[2] Extra features on direct chat.

        A.Tip Booster

This feature will redirect you to the booster’s profile page so you can select the amount you want to tip them, should you feel they deserve it after working with you.

        B. Poke Booster

The poke feature is used for when you’re online and ready to play, but the booster is offline.  Through this method, you can poke the booster and they’ll receive notification on the website, as well as on Discord.  Once they receive it, they will reach out to you. [3]

[3] Demonstration of the notification sent to the booster.

“How can I pause my service?”

We provide a pausing feature that allows you to pause your service should you need to do this. Normally, this is used when you want to play normal mode with your friends, but the booster is playing on your account for you. [4]

[4] Pausing button on the dashboard 

When clicking on the pause button, the booster will receive a notification to leave your account as soon as possible and they won’t be able to log in until you resume your service.[5]

[5] Notification that is given to the booster after the pause request is asked.

The Importance of Scheduling

Below the direct chat, there is also a schedule bar available. This section is crucial for duo boosting and coaching services as it allows you to schedule with your booster/coach your available times to play. [6]

[6] Schedule bar section 

The time zones present on the schedule bar is set to your own and it will automatically adjust the time zone differences between you and the booster/coach.  This way, you two should have a smooth scheduling experience.  How the scheduling process works is based on the color that is presented for each person and when they can play.  See the chart below?  The information is pretty straightforward. [7] Here is what each color represents;

[7] Color explanation related to schedule functions.

Purple means the hours selected by you.

Black means the hours selected by the booster/coach.

Green means the hours that match between you and the booster/coach.

Gray means there hasn’t been any selections made at all.

Reporting System: How and when to report a booster?

To provide the best service we need rules to ensure everybody gives and receives the best experience possible.   When you feel like your booster isn’t providing you this, then you have the right to report this issue, as illustrated on the button below.  You also have the option to pause the boosting service and request a new one. [8]

[8] Report button on the dashboard.

When reporting a booster, you need to specify why you’re doing this.  We take this seriously, so the most detailed information you can provide the better.  Should you need to report a booster, these will be the reasons that will show up while you’re filing a report;

  • Poor performance
  • Inappropriate Behavior
  • Abusing Tip System
  • Offering Private Service
  • No Shows at Meetings
  • Other (Specify)

After selecting one of these listed reasons, you’ll be asked to add additional information so management can evaluate the situation more effectively. It is highly recommended to attach files and screenshots, if possible, to prove your case.  Hard, indisputable evidence makes it impossible for the booster to get out of wrongdoing that’s been proven. [9]

[9] Report feature demonstration.

We are very strict with our rules.  This means we will evaluate each booster based on their performance, as well as any ratings that has been in that person’s favor or against.   When a booster or coach looks to provide their services, they need to prove themselves that they’re qualified enough to do so.  Evaluations and tests are performed upon these boosters by our own booster veterans so that their credibility can be verified.

Requesting a New Booster

The Request New Booster button is used when you feel you need to... [10]

  • Find a booster whose schedule matches yours
  • Find a booster that can perform better
  • Replace an inactive booster with an active one

[10] Request New booster button on the dashboard

Once you’ve made your request, you will need to fill out a form to explain why you’ve made your decision.  You also need to provide information about the boosting service you’ve received so far, along with your current LP, rank, number of wins and losses, and if any game was played at all.

Providing this information will make it easier for management to deal with your concern so that you can be paired up with a new booster that better suits your needs as quickly as possible. [11]

[11] Request New booster feature demonstration

The booster will also be notified via Discord that you requested someone else. [12]

[12] Notification sent to the booster when a customer requests a new booster.