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EB24Picks - What are the best champions to Elo boost? - Part 4

    EB24Picks became more popular as long as each part was being released and we know that we said that Part 3 was the final one but since we had so much demand and enthusiasm with all the parts, we've decided to create the part 4 which is really the last part of this saga! We've had Kha'Zix, Twitch, and Jax and now we have a female character that is played on the mid lane, she was reworked a few months ago. She's an assassin with very sharp knives... Do you know who it is? It's Katarina! This final week of EB24Picks will end with Katarina, the sinister blade.

     Katarina's win rate isn't the best at the moment but she is considered an S+ on the tier list for the best mid lane at the moment. She is in a pretty good spot now and of course, if you are good with her and know her combos and potential, you can totally have a lot of impacts and climb the ladder extremely fast. The best ability to level up at level 1 is Q to poke and try to farm with a bit of range in case you are vs a ranged opponent. You should follow the skill order below. [1]

Illustration [1]: Skill order

     As Katarina, the best starting items is a Long Sword and 3 Health Potions so this way you have some sustain and can start building your first item which is Hextech Gunblade. A few players prefer to start with Dark Seal too instead of the Long Sword, it's a matter of preference, even though Long Sword is the most popular starting build and the most efficient in case you want to have more impact in the early game and in lane. The build that is more efficient if you use Electrocute on Katarina is:

Hextech Gunblade > Sorcerer's Shoes > Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff > Zhonyas

    But this order can be changed depending on the enemy's team, for example, in case they have a lot of CC, maybe the best choice is to do Zhonyas earlier in the game and not as the last item or if they don't have that much regeneration, maybe do Void or Rabandon's before Morello. As we know, Katarina can't handle CC so the best way to win a team fight is to wait for the opposite team to use all their abilities that might cancel your ultimate or stun you for a long period of time and then engage when they have used everything on your team.

 Since she is such a strong champion, there's a high chance that you, as Katarina on mid, will be camped a lot by the enemy's jungler so you don't get fed and don't have any impact in the game so what you should always do is try to push as fast as possible and try to roam to the lane that is being pushed more so you can get a few kills and start having more impact in the game. Once you start having 2-3 kills, there's when the snowball starts and you have way more pressure and impact in the game when you can simply roam to top or bot or even help your jungler in case he invades the enemy's jungler. 

     When fighting, you should always remember to use your Hextech Gunblade's active which so they get even more damage from the active and are slowed so you can ulti on them and they can't run away that easily in case they can't CC you. You should always try to auto between your abilities so you can maximize even more the damage you're doing. Katarina is on her spike in the mid-game, because even if you perhaps got ganked and fell behind, you only need a team fight that is well oriented and gives you a few kills to start snowballing.

     And here's the end of the full saga of EB24Picks, let's recap: Katarina is the best in the mid game and needs to always wait for all CC to be used to engage into the enemy team. You should roam as much as possible to try and get pressure on the map since you'll most probably get camped in the lane. You can't forget to use your Hextech and to be aware of their team's CC. Want to learn even more and become the best Katarina in your region? You can buy some hours of coaching and we will grant you a great coach that will help you how to be a true Katarina main, if want to buy coaching for only Katarina, you need to select her on the specific champions. To buy coaching you need to click here! Or perhaps you want to duo boost and need a mid laner booster to help you get on your desired rank? You can buy your duo boost here and then contact us on our live chat or on our Discord server and we will provide you the best Katarina main we have in our boosting team to help you reach the top of the ladder!