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EB24 About League of Legends - Tier List for Patch 13.4 Analysis by Vysdow

League of Legends is a game that constantly evolves with frequent patches that introduce new features, balance changes, and champions. One of the most eagerly anticipated aspects of these patches is Tier Lists, which rank champions based on their strength and impact in the current meta. This Tier list was written by me, Vysdow, one of the best boosters inside of EB24 company.

With the release of Patch 13.4, players are eager to know which champions have risen to the top and which have fallen from grace. In this article, we will take a look at the latest patch and analyze the top picks in each role.

Top Lane

In the top lane, bruisers continue to dominate the meta. Darius, Riven, Olaf, and Jax have risen in popularity thanks to their strong laning phases and split push potential. On the other hand, Gangplank remains one of the best top laners of all time due to his relatively decent laning phase, global pressure with his ultimate and his hyper-carry potential late game.

We all have to take into credit that while strong, both Riven and Gangplank are hard champions that require quite a bit of training to master.

S Tier champions are still strong and can take over the game if played properly, especially Camille. With Divine Sunderer still being one of the strongest Mythic items in the game, she excels when playing against tanks/bruisers, while being a menace to the enemy AD Carry later on.

In the A Tier, we see more niche picks like Kled or Wukong which still are really strong.
Kled is a champion that in the right hands can dominate the top lane while helping his team out with his ultimate roams.

Ornn, based on my personal opinion is still one of the best tanks, he has a good laning phase, and great crowd control, and on top of that he supports his team with forged items.


The jungle has seen some significant changes in Patch 13.4, with AP champions and Demonic Embrace users receiving a lot of nerfs. Maokai, who has been a dominant pick for several patches, has received a significant nerf due to all of the changes, which has decreased his popularity. On the other hand, the nerfs targeted at Elise haven’t done much and she still remains a menace in the hands of a good player.

Lee Sin is one of the junglers with the highest skill ceilings in the game,a godly player will dominate rift with him. The recent buffs to his Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike damage helped a bit to push him back to the meta.

Picks that are relatively good but being slept on right now would be Volibear and Wukong. Even after all the nerfs they’ve received they can dominate and take over the game easily. Volibear is a force to be reckoned with and dominates the early game while winning skirmishes against most of the champions. Wukong on the other hand shines after getting his mythic item (Divine Sunderer).

Overall, aggressive junglers with strong early fight potential that prefer to spam ganks are still at the top of the list, while farming junglers with few exceptions remain weaker.

Mid Lane

The mid-lane has seen some interesting changes in the latest patches, especially with the Aurelion Sol rework and Annie changes. While assassin champions like Zed and Talon continue to be forgotten, control mages like Anivia, Orianna, and Aurelion Sol have risen in popularity due to their strong laning phases and team fight potential.

Even after the recent nerfs Anivia and Annie continue to dominate the mid-lane, their crowd control paired with heavy damage lets them take over the game.

Cassiopeia, while having a slightly lower pick rate than the other two shines a brilliant 54% win rate in Diamond 2+ ELO. That is most likely due to the fact that with the current state of items, she can remain tanky and still deal a lot of damage thanks to Rod of Ages, Seraph, and Rylai.

Aurelion Sol is still a strong pick after his last nerf, and although he is not as busted as before he is still a force to be reckoned with as the mid-lane meta is still heavily focused on mages with high damage, crowd control, and roam potential.

AD Carry

In the bot lane, AD Carries continue to play an important role in the meta. Champions like Draven, and Twitch still dominate the game due to their potential to carry the game on their own. While Draven dominates the game early and stomps the game before you can even surrender, Twitch shines in catching enemies off guard and melting through entire teams with his ultimate late game, especially when paired with a support like Lulu.

Xayah is all around a good pick, she has a decent laning phase, scales well, and has a form of CC as well as an escape tool, if you ever don’t know what to pick, just lock in Xayah!

In the S Tier, we can see one impostor among us who’s not technically an AD Carry, Karthus.
For some, he might be a niche pick, but he’s very strong on the bot lane because of his decent laning phase while being one of the best damage dealers late game. Karthus is a good pick especially if your team lacks a source of magic damage.

Samira, although nerfed lately still remains a good pick for stomping SoloQ and she does it best while paired with a support like Nautilus or Leona.

Zeri is a very strong champion in the right hands, even after all the changes she remains at the top of ADC meta because of her movement speed paired with her range, making her very mechanic reliant, she shines the most while paired with enchanters like Lulu or Yuumi.

Caitlyn is one of the biggest lane bullies in the bot lane (except for you, Draven).
Her ability to push the wave quickly, set up traps and push the tower early on with her range is what makes her a very good pick to stomp the game early on. 

Ezreal and Sivir are picks that are almost always playable in the bot lane thanks to their kits.
Sivir, while having the best ability to push the waves from all the AD Carries, also provides a huge movement speed steroid for her team which is crucial in fights and picking off enemies. She also scales incredibly well and melts through the enemy team in later parts of the game.

Ezreal is one of the safest picks to pick as an AD Carry, but can also be played very aggressively in the hands of a mechanically gifted player. Overall a great pick in most of the team comps, he shines in being able to stay safe on his own while his support roams, but can also lash out a lot of damage if played properly when ahead.


The support role has seen some significant changes in Patch 13.4, with several champions receiving buffs and nerfs, especially melee tank supports. While enchanter supports got significantly weaker, playmaking supports like Thresh or Pyke have risen in popularity thanks to the latest buffs.

In the God Tier we can still see Annie being one of the best support picks thanks to her latest Molten Shield and Tibbers changes. Her point-and-click stun paired with her shield having a lot more deflect damage is what makes her almost impossible to lose trades, paired with her burst at level 6 it is very hard to play against her.

Lulu especially when paired with hyper-carry champions like Twitch or Zeri is really annoying to play against. Her ability to poke on the lane with her Glitterlance, paired with Polymorph and her ability to peel the AD Carry is what makes her a very good pick in the current meta.

Looking at S Tier we see more aggressive picks, all three received significant buffs in the latest patches making them stronger. If you’re looking to carry your team to victory while playing support and being the playmaker, those are picks for you!

A Tier has a lot of different picks, the two best picks out of those in my opinion would be Ashe and Karma.

Ashe support is one of those weird picks you don’t really want to lane with as an AD Carry, but on the other hand, you hate playing against her thanks to her absurd amount of low cooldown CC, paired with her early-game ranged poke. She excels at giving your team information on the map with Hawkshot while setting up ganks and plays with her low cooldown global ultimate.

Karma on the other hand is a good pick cause she’s very flexible in what she does.
She can shield and boost the movement speed of her entire team and set up ganks with her long-range root, all that while having a lot of damage and poke on the lane with her Mantra Q.


Patch 13.4 has brought about some significant changes to the League of Legends meta. While some champions have fallen out of favor, others have risen to the top due to their strong laning phases, team fight potential, and overall versatility.

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