EB24 Academy #7 - How to receive money after you sell an account at EB24 Marketplace

In this article, we will be referring to all our sellers, which is the withdrawal of their sales. We will explain the different payment methods we provide and clarify some of the most frequently asked questions about withdrawals that we’ve had since we first started EB24 Marketplace.


Withdrawal: Where to add your information to get paid?

We try our best to make all of our features simple and effective. This same rule applies to withdrawals, which is the place to add your financial information.  It is right on your dashboard on the tab names “Request Withdraw.” [1]

[1] Request Withdraw on the dashboard


Payment Methods and Rules

You will be redirected to the withdrawal section where you have to add your first and last name, along with selecting the first and secondary payment methods. There is also some important information right below it you should read over before proceeding. [2]

[2] Withdraw information on the dashboard

What are the available payment methods?

As seen on the image above we have a couple of payment options that you can select to get your payment which are;

        A. Bank Transfer

For bank transfers, you may select two types; EEA and Worldwide. This payment method is the one most often used. [3]

[3] Bank transfer options on the dashboard.

EEA means European Economic Area, which means that EEA bank transfer is only for countries within the European Union. The Worldwide bank transfer is the option to all other countries that are not in the European Union. You can find more information about these payments in the section below. [4]

[4] Important information about bank transfer payments



        B. Skrill

You can use your Skrill account to get your marketplace payments. Just add your Skrill email. [5]

[5] Skrill option on the dashboard

        C. Webmoney

We only send to Webmoney in USD.  No other currency type can be sent through this method. [6]

[6] Webmoney option on the dashboard

        D. Bitcoin

Currently, Bitcoin is disabled.  Please go with another payment option until further notice. [7]

 [7] Bitcoin option on the dashboard 

        E. Payoneer

Payoneer uses an email system like Skrill, but it needs to be a minimum of 50 EUR in order for us to send payment. [8]

[8] Payoneer option on the dashboard

        F. PayPal

PayPal is an option, but has limitations. First, a form needs to be filled out that will be reviewed by our payroll department.  From there, they determine if you can use this option based on your country’s policies regarding PayPal.  Among the payment methods, PayPal is seen as a last resort for sellers that have no other options to go with. [9]

[9] Paypal option on the dashboard

How often are payments distributed?

The marketplace payments are done once a week, every Thursday.

EB24 Team