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b*****l Oct 5, 2021
The service is better than others that I have used and it was great to be able to talk to my booster while we played, I learned a little bit along the way. I really want to try coaching next.
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Gold IV
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Platinum III
T*******9 Mar 6, 2019
Incredible, service, top price and you really know that your money goes to someone who is dedicated and skilled. Thumbs up!
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Iron I
c*****************9 Sep 1, 2022
Good boosting. 100% win rate, really nice booster
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Silver IV
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Silver III
m***************3 Nov 6, 2019
Holy Moly was that fast
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Bronze I
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Gold IV
n******************8 Aug 7, 2021
it's a good booster, nice guy, patient and a very good player.
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Platinum IV
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N********s Sep 15, 2021
Highly satisfied
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Unranked I

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Shield professor

Once upon a time, there was a school that had something different, something special... The school didn't have many students but there was a specific class that has something that many others didn't. Mr. Stanbrough was the teacher of such class and he was also amazed by every student of that class. The class has 4 students. Each student has a specific trait and personality that any other student has.

The class has begun. They started with the introductions. So Mr. Stanbrough introduced himself and each student also made a brief introduction of their name and what they like to do.
The first student was a little girl, she was looked innocent and happy. She heads to near the blackboard and said: - Hello everyone, my name is Sharla. I like to study and pay attention to the classes. I also like to help my colleagues and so, sometimes, I can sit near you and we can study together if you need my assistance! - Sharla went back to her seat and another student went to the blackboard.

It was a boy, he had a serious look on his face. He took his hands out on his pockets and said:
- Hi, my name is Robin. I don't like to study much and I might only help you if you take my help seriously. If I see that you don't want to study or learn with me, I won't help you anymore. If you are focused enough and really wish to get my assistance, I will be helping you every time. In case, there's something missing on your table, you can tell me, I can get you anything you wish. - He went to his seat and started writing a few things in his notebook.

The third student was very confident and happy, he started making dancing moves while going to the blackboard. Once he got there, he said:
- Hey hey, guys! I'm Kevin and I will make your day shine! I get mad sometimes, really mad, perhaps... But I'm a cool guy! If you help me, I can help you and that is all that matters! If you don't help me and I get angry, you won't like to see what can happen, but for sure you won't do that! I am excited to start this new adventure with you!

Kevin started heading to his seat and a robot passes through him and they both did a high five. The robot then goes to the blackboard and types "Ory". After that he says:
- Hi! I am Ory. I wrote it on the blackboard so you know how to spell it. I am a robot but I like to help a lot! I am also Kevin's best friend! We're always together! Well... Not always because sometimes I like to help others too but almost always! Ha Ha Ha - the robot laughs and goes to his seat.

After all the introductions, the class had finally begun. The professor then started writing on the board a few words that kept the students curious and excited. The words were: "Mid lane", "Jungler", "Support" and "AD Carry". The room was silent and no one knew exactly what those words meant, and so the professor asked: "From all these paths, which one will be yours? You will have to choose if you want to join a game called League of Legends."

Everyone was looking at each other, confused with the professor's question. And so, Sharla decided to set up her hand and make the question that everyone had in their minds: "Professor, what is this game? And what do all those paths mean?" The professor then smiled and explained what this game was about and what each role would do. All the students were happier since they knew what this was all about. Once the explanations were done, Mr. Stanbrough asks again: “So now that you know what League of Legends is and its rules, which path will you take?” And each student stood their hand up and replied once after the other:

- I would like to choose Mid lane professor. – Says Sharla.
- As a robot, I will go for support. Ha Ha Ha – Says Ory.
- I want to be near Ory. I choose AD Carry, Mr. Stanbrough! - Says Kevin.
- Well... I don't have any other path than Jungler so... I guess, I choose that one. - finishes Robin.

Everyone had their paths taken and now you could only expect the game to begin. The professor would also join the students on this adventure. He would fill the missing path that he, himself didn't type since that was his chosen path since the beginning. The professor chose the "Top" path. Now with everyone in their place, a new story would start, with 4 students and their professor, on a magical trip they would go.

Afterward, the Professor wrote a few more things on the blackboard, they looked important even though the students didn't understand what they meant. The blackboard looked like this:

  • - Solo/League Boosting
  • - Duo Boosting
  • - Win Boosting
  • - Placement Matches
  • - Normal Matches

Kevin was so confused he couldn't hesitate on asking:

- What are all those names, Professor? They look so weird! Looks like they were some E.T.
- Ha Ha Ha! You're the E.T, Kevin! - says Ory.
- Hey! No, I'm not! - Kevin says.
- Calm down, kids! Yes, they do look weird because you don't know what they mean Kevin. They are quite simple. They are part of our game! - explained Professor.

Everyone was quiet and interested to hear what Mr. Stanbrough had to say about those words.

- So these words are simple. Solo/League Boosting means that you will play on the villager that requests you to play on his account. You will play in his place and will provide him what he requested you to do. If he wanted you on a specific rank, you need to play on his account until he reaches that rank, you got it?

Everyone replies with a yes and noted the whole explanation on their notebooks.

- I am assuming that Duo means that the villager comes with us when playing to acquire the same results as if it was solo correct, Professor? They simply want to join and play by themselves but we need to go with them and help them, right? - says Robin.
- Exactly, Robin, that is the meaning of Duo Boosting, you go with the villager and help him get to his desired rank! - says Professor.
- Let's pass to Win Boosting. Win Boosting means that the villager can request a specific number of wins, it doesn't need to be from a specific rank to the other, it can be only 1 game or 2. He decides how many wins he wants. Pay attention that Win Boosting can be done as Solo, which means you do those wins by yourself on the villager's account or it can be Duo, as Robin said, you need to go with the villager and help him get those wins. Everyone understood this so far?
- Yes! - all the students reply.
- Alright, good! Placement Matches has the same specific rule as Win Boosting, it can also be done as Solo or as Duo, the villager is the one who decides that. But the meaning of Placements Matches is different from the Win Boosting. Placements are the first 10 games you play before getting a specific rank on the game. Unlike Win boosting or League/Duo Boosting, where you already are in a specific rank, here you'll play the first 10 games of the villager's account. It has specific rules too that I will explain later, for now, it is very important that you understand the basic meaning of each title, ok?

Everyone shakes their heads as an affirmation. So the Professor continues:

- The last one, Normal Matches. This one can be a bit tricky but I think you will understand. It can also be done as Duo or as Solo, depending on the villager's choice! Normal matches mean that the villager can select which queue you can play on, it can be solo/duo, Flex 5v5 or even normal draft or blind. What differs Normal Matches from Win Boosting is that you don't need to win all games, you simply play the number of games that the villager purchased, alright? If he buys 5 games, you play 5 games and don't need to win all 5 games. You need to understand well the differences between these two, alright? Did you get everything?
- Yes, Professor, we did! - everyone claimed very happily.
- Alright great, some specific rules for each title will be given in the next classes, so you have time to understand and study well which title means. - says Professor. - Be aware that, in the next weeks, after we cover everything about League and Elo Boosting on League. We'll be passing over to a new game! This game uses the same champions as League fo it will be easy for you to understand when we get there! But here's a small preview of what you'll learn and know!

The Professor wrote a couple more things on the board. What was written was:

  • TFT – The new game
  • TFT Boosting
  • TFT Duo Boosting
  • TFT Placements Matches
  • TFT Win Boosting

- All these concepts are basically the same for TFT Boosting as for LoL Boosting so you can start wondering what you'll be able to do in a few weeks! Of course, there'll be also a few TFT coaching, which is something you'll also learn! I hope you get excited about it because it is a lot of fun!

This whole idea of playing League of Legends and doing Elo Boosting, wasn't still fully clear to Sharla and so she asks Mr. Stanbourgh:

- Mr. Stanbourgh, so far, from what I've heard I already love League, it looks awesome but why are you teaching us all this and why do we have to play it?
- Because we fit the market preferences of this game we will be playing. In other words, we are playing this game for a different perspective!

Sharla understood everything right away, but Robin couldn't say the same... He was a bit confused at the beginning but rapidly caught up everything explained by Mr. Stanbourgh. While Kevin and Ory... Well, they were talking to each other and didn't even pay attention to anything!

After all the explanations, Mr. Stanbourgh resumed the incoming subjects that the class will be learning throughout the year. Sadly, Sharla didn't have the opportunity to learn a few of those subjects and so the professor scheduled a class for each missing subject. This way, Sharla would be able to learn the missing parts and be on the same path of learning like everyone else. The class was about to end and so everyone left besides Sharla and Mr. Stanbourgh. Sharla kept sitting on her place while the professor would explain to her when she will be having the next subjects that she needs. He said:

- According to your class schedule, I will have to coach you more about League. Yes, League of Legends coaching or LoL coaching, you can call it as you prefer it. You're missing a few subjects that we need to cover up for the next classes. - He pointed at the blackboard while explaining.
- Alright, professor, when do we start this LoL coaching? - She asked.
- The week is ending... Tomorrow I will be showing you our school and what you can find on it. On the day after I'll start with a few subjects but nothing to worry about. Next week should be perfect to start. In a week you'll learn everything and be ready to study with your classmates! - Sharla and the professor left since the class was over.

A new day began. It's time to get into the class. Everyone was already sitting on their sits, waiting patiently for Mr. Stanbourgh to arrive. A few minutes passed and the professor entered the room and greeted everyone.

- Good morning, students! - he said.
- Good morning, Mr. Stanbourgh! - everyone replied at the same time.
- So today, as we talked yesterday, we will have a small guided tour to our school. I will show you everyone and where you can find all you need while being here. So please, stand up and follow me.

Everyone stood up and went behind the professor. The school had a lot of halls so it could be a bit confusing at first but with time, students would get used to it. In the first hall, there was a board full of papers with different colors, shapes, and types of letters with a big title saying “League of Legends accounts – The EB24 Marketplace!”

- Here is the board of our requests for League of Legends accounts. This board has those who want to sell or buy a LoL account. For example, if you want a specific LoL account, you grab a piece of paper, write what you need and want and paste it here. You need to fill any type of information on how you can be reached, otherwise you can't be helped or help. This board should be very good for you Robin, as you said in your introduction, you can get anything to anyone. - the professor laughs. - you can get rewards for each request you take and of course, if you request anything in here, you need to also provide a reward to the person that helps you!
- I will start checking all the requested and see if I can do any of them! - Robin starts checking each paper.

Everyone else simply waited for the professor to move to the next hall. After a while, Robin was already set to go and so they moved to the next hall. This one had a structure with a computer on it where the students could verify their grades and points.

- Here you can verify everything about you. We use this computer mostly, to verify your grades and if you are a good student and aren't missing any class. Those who are an exemplar and come to every class and have great grades receive badges.
- What are those badges, professor? - Sharla asked.
- These badges will accumulate points and level up, each time you reach a certain number. By accumulating points, you need to be an exemplary student!
- I will be the best one on this list! - says Kevin, very confident.

Everyone looked at him and laughed, even Ory. Kevin was a bit confused about why everyone was laughing but the professor had to continue the tour.

On the third hall, there was a big board with a huge list of names.

- Here you can find our students' names list! If you look closely, you'll probably find your name already on it!

The 4 students started looking up on the list and everyone found their names already one it.

- How can the names be already here? - asked Ory
- We update this list right before the school starts, this way each student can look up where do they belong and what exactly they will have.

Mr. Stanbourgh continued to the next hall. There were multiple boards on the walls, full of photos of different sizes.

- Here is our school's gallery. You can find all the projects that our students have been doing throughout these years! Your works will also be here once you finish any type of project!

All the students looked amazed and determined to be on those walls one day.

Walking a bit further to the next hall and Kevin was already feeling tired and bored.

- Professor, I'm tired already... When will this tour be over?
- Don't worry, Kevin. It's just this hall and one more. After those, we're done!

Everyone continued to the 4th hall where was the Library, near to the library's door, was a big board with notes on it.

- Here is the library but on this board, you can find some notes related to subjects that are looked up the most in our library. This board is always updated so if you don't like reading and prefer to have some quick notes, you can search on this board and see if the subject you want to learn is here.
- I don't like to read, professor. It's so boring and let's be honest... who doesn't like to have the job done and only need to read these resumes? - says Kevin.
- You surely don't Kevin, even if you tried, you wouldn't pay attention to the book. Ha Ha Ha – Ory laughs making everyone else laugh as well.
- Hey! That's not true! I... I can do it if I want! - says Kevin a bit mad.

Ory hugs his friend and says he was just joking. Both friends are already together!

Heading to the final hall.

- Here we are, the last hall! This one is the opinions hall. Its walls are full of all the opinions given to this school and its students! We've collected them since the beginning so we can honor our students and those who got help from them. You can look around and leave after, I declare the class over. See you tomorrow! - says Mr. Stanbourgh while shaking his hand as a goodbye sign. All students also said goodbye and checked the walls for a while and then left as a group. Each one took their path once they left school, saying goodbye to each other.